Friday, 6 November 2009

PLDT and Meralco Rantings

First off, Meralco and PLDT are the two major companies in the Philippines. Meralco supplies electricity to most if not whole of Metro Manila. PLDT on the other hand is the biggest supplier of landline. I wasn't supposed to blog about my country's negativities but I felt that it was too much today.


Before I came back from England, my brother had our BayanTel DSL disconnected since he can't find the time to have the landline repaired. He waited for me so we can switch to another landline provide, PLDT this time. They offer faster internet connection, in his opinion, over BayanTel. I went to the PLDT centre immediately and I was told to wait for 2 weeks until they can install the new PLDT landline and DSL. On the first week, I left for Thailand and as soon as I came back, I received a call from PLDT regarding our PLDT and DSL installation. The person told me that they are gonna inform me when they are installing everything. The next day, I received 2 separate msgs, first asking me to confirm my personal details which I promptly respond to and another text telling me to call a certain number. I was exchanging text with the person for sometime when I got annoyed. I told him to be professional, give me a ring cause PLDT is the landline supplier. It is ridiculous that they install landline when they can't give you a ring. Actually, few days prior to installation, they inform me thru text(after the call) with text lingo that they are installing the landline and DSL. It was annoying cause the day they installed the landline and DSL finally, they weren't able to connect the DSL and I had to ask my dear brother to give PLDT a ring so they can fix the problem. After 2 days, we had our DSL connected.


We paid our bills monthly and promptly. We were raised to be good citizens and to be scared of debts - or maybe just me. I hate to have any delayed payments. I was told that it wasn't good for my credit ratings but I don't care. I like to pay everything on time. It stresses me to have bills piling up. Even now that I am not working, I am proud to say that I still pay my credit card on time(read: depleting savings).

Today, while having a shower, Meralco had our electricity disconnected. At first I was in denial, I was thinking, maybe the circuit breaker isn't working properly. I learn about circuit breaker back in the UK. Whenever the lights get busted, I had to check the circuit breaker. I texted my cousin Lorraine regarding the power cut. She said, maybe you got disconnected cause we have our electricity running here. Actually, I can hear my neighbours' telly but I was in denial still. I tried calling Meralco but their lines are busy so I went to the neighbour and checked their bill so I can give Meralco a ring on a different number. When I was speaking with the customer service agent, I asked them what the problem was. I was told that we had to pay 12.48 pesos(that's 20p in the UK) cause I have payment in arrears. I had to settle it before they can reconnect my electricity. I told her that we paid on time and asked her why they didn't bill us the 12.48 in the first place. It was ridiculous to pay 12.48 plus 33 reconnection fee cause they didn't bill us the remaining 12.48. After lunch, I immediately went to Trinoma to meet someone, paid my other house bills and went to the Meralco Branch nearest(so I think) to our place. I went there and told the customer service guy about the problem. He advised me to call the our Branch cause our place is not under them. I understood him. He even dialled the my Meralco branch and listened to my rantings. I had the worst customer experience ever. I told her that we paid our bills on time and if it's possible to reconnect the line since the computer says it's active. She asked me questions about my meter if it is still there or if it is still inverted. I told her that I have no idea cause I wasn't at home. She said to ask my neighbour to check. I told her that I don't know their number. I don't have any close relations to my neighbour, I just moved back and I spend most of my time at my cousin's. I told her that I can ask my cousin but she told me that she doesn't know how to check it. I asked her how will I know if the meter is inverted and she said sarcastically that the numbers are inverted as well. We went for minutes like this. She said she can't help me and I am not cooperating. She even said, are you done now? You aren't listening. I told her to stop being horrible and rude to me. I suggested that she should send both the meter guy and the guy who can fix the wire. She wants to send the specific person. At the end, she did but warned me that she can't guarantee that we can have our electricity back so I asked for her name and ID number and told her that I am expecting my electricity back by today. She should know where to place herself. It is her job for F*cks sake!





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