Friday, 30 October 2009

Credit Card Locked

Sorry for the lack of blog updates. We just had our DSL up and running the other day and I couldn't be arsed to write anything. My brain isn't functioning well. I was ill last week. I couldn't even move out of bed and I actually camped on our ground floor so I have access to everyyything - toilet, water and food. I only have coughs and colds at the moment.
I will blog about Thailand tom, I promise. I gotta update this page. Anyway, speaking of Thailand. I was trying to book a ticket online today when my credit card was locked. Mastercard has this new thing where they ask for a secure password when you do transactions online and I was trying to reset mine. I forgot my password for the nth time! I couldn't figure out what to write on the postcode section. To be honest, in my years of living in the Philippines, I never use the postal system. Yes, you are reading it right. I tried 1116 (cause google told me that that's the right post code). After several tries, they locked my account and I have to do an overseas call to unlock it. I don't want to pay overseas call so I called HSBC Philippines and they couldn't help me at all. I asked them if they could possibly connect me to HSBC abroad. So frustrating. I will deal with this later.
Guess where I am going this time??? :)
Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Thailand Day 4: Tiffany's

I like musical. I like anything cultural. Tiffany's is a combination of both.

Tiffany's is a variety show with "ladyboy" actresses. Last night, they mimed(they didn't sing) songs from China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and India. During the show, I told Luke that I don't think they are gonna sing any of the songs from my country cause they don't expect Filo visitors. Well, I was right. I think the difference with our normal variety show on telly and Tiffany's is that, they have very pretty ladyboys. I swear, if I was born a man and I am that pretty then I will turn ladyboy too. I can't stop saying, oh, she is pretty and was smiling the whole time. For 800 THB, you can sit in front and see everything in detail. They have okay stage set but quite good for Asia. Bearing in mind that I saw quite a lot of West End shows back in England.

Who looks more like a girl? Yes, sHE is. :P
This is Luke's ladyboy love. Hahaha! I took photo with her and after the shot sHE said: 40 baht please.

We saw filos that night and asked them to take photos of us. They made 2 shots and they weren't that good. They were supposed to take photo with the word Tiffany's in the background. I instructed them but it didn't come out right. If my sister was with us, we will def have millions of photos until we have perfected the shot. That's how filos roll. :P

After the show, Luke took me to a nice Thai Restaurant near his place. We had the option to sit on the floor or chair so I took the floor to make Luke suffer. He said he is pretty flexible.

The hungry "sexy man". Hahaha!
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Big C

Today, I found out that my cousin Krishna got cancer. She is only 25 years old. It saddens me to know that women as young and strong as her can get the horrible, horrible disease. Please pray for her safe surgery and recovery.

My heart goes to you Krishna. I am deeply shocked and sadden by the news. Let us know if you need anything. You must BEAT this. We still have more girly bondings to come.

Taken in Eastwood 2006. Lorraine, Krishna, Me and Ruzelle.

Lantern Parade 2006.

Mac Graphic Garden Palette

Before I left the UK, I purchase this MAC Graphic Garden Palette. Spend an hour youtube-ing how to blend the colours on but I can't find a link that actually helps. :( Guess I have to spend more time practising instead of watching youtube tutorials. HELP!

Photo courtesy of

Thailand Day 3: A very Thai experience

I did two things which I haven't done before: Thai Massage and Muay Thai.

Thai Massage:

I have so many things which I didn't do when I first went to Thailand in 2005. Going to a Thai massage is one of them. My mum shared a car with Tito Charlie then. We were all working on weekdays so we only have the weekend to ourselves. On weekends, either we go on trips, see a film(my mum 's fave past time) or go shopping. It was very very relaxing. I am not a freak planner then so I didn't complain much. The less I know, the less I complain. :P

Thai massage is nothing that I've imagined. They used so much stretching and body weights during this massage. At one point, I was scared that I was literally gonna shit myself. During the massage, I felt like taking a dump and adding pressure on that area didn't help either. It would be a nightmare if I pooped on the massage bed. Hahaha! The massage was good, it only cost 200 baht for an hour.

Muay Thai:

Everyone that knows me, know that I like bone breaking action films. So it is no surprise that I can sit all night enjoying endless rounds of violence. I meant, kicking and punching. It was good apart from not getting any reactions from Luke. Guess you can't really expect a guy to scream during fights.

BTW, we paid 1500 baht each for this. We left at the 10th fight and they still have few fights left.

During the ceremonial dance.

The actual fight.

After each round, they give the fighter a massage and stretch their muscles.

They pour water to them too. Luke told me that it's a way of cooling them down. I had no idea. I've never worked out that hard in my entire life.

Thailand Day 2: Flooding

I love rain. I love long drives(as long as I am not the one driving). Combining the two is a crazy idea. But you know me, I love crazy ideas. It was a raining Sunday afternoon. Me and Luke doesn't want to be stuck at home so he suggested that we should go for a drive. I agreed. We ended up stuck in traffic for 2 hours instead. It was good, 2 hours of taking the piss out of him and 2 hours of toilet hopping for me. I have a weak bladder. I have to pee every 30 minutes or so. These are the photos from Pattaya flooding:

Mini River. Very strong Current.

People trying to cross the flood. Leptospirosis alert!

Despite the flood. Most bars and diners are still open. Business is Business.

Thailand Day 1: Pattaya at Night

It was only day 1 and I had the most memorable experience in Pattaya.

Luke and I met up with his friends, Greg, Michelle and Greame, for dinner. We went to Mantra. I can only describe the place as a Mafia Only Zone. :P Imagine high ceiling with drapes coming out from them, dark interior, red lights, spacious room, dining room separated with high carved doors. It screams mafia to me!

After dinner, they tour me to Pattaya. When I say tour, I mean, "meat" tour. We went to 3 go go bars that night. I didn't realise that people actually put effort into go go bars. Every bar that we went to was different. First one got a pole dancers with jacuzzi dancers. They have lady boy dance(wholesome) performances as well. The second bar was full of mirrors - on the walls and in the table. Vaginal Reflection was their speciality there. LOL. And on the last one, we went to Stairway to Heaven. It wasn't as hardcore as the name implies. You can only see topless girls, girls who have see through lace cover ups without any underwear on and performances which include topless dancers, girls being hit by a soft pvc pipe and girl to girl performances. Graeme suggested X zone afterwards but Old Man Luke didn't like the idea. I stay at his place, he is the boss. :P We got home at 1:30 and we, rather I, woke up at 12noon the next day. :)
Saturday, 10 October 2009

In Terminal 2

I had yet again, another sleepless night. I met up with my friend Trisha last night for a quick chat and dinner and got home by 12midnight. I plan to pack quickly and sleep but couldn't. Spend the whole night praying that my sleep will soon come and when it finally came, it was time for me to wake up again. FML.

I left my place at 6AM but my flight isn't until 10:30AM. Traffic in Manila is horrible so you have to expect the worst. The more prepared you are, the better. It was a quick travel I tell you. It only took us less than 45 minutes from our subdivision to NAIA Terminal 2.

I forgot how I hated travelling from Philippine Airports. This is how their system works:

1. Scan bag.
2. Pay Airport tax. I don't know why they don't include this on the air fare. I am assuming that it is one of the government's job generating scheme. They have at least 5 people on the airport tax section acting very unprofessional. Everyone was chatting while I was being served. One is actually eating her breakfast! How unprofessional can you get! I mean, this must be the Philippine norm but they should at least make an effort and change it.
3. Check-in bag. I was served by the worst ground stewardess ever. I don't expect them to be all smiles everytime but the one that served me isn't hospitable at all. C'mon! Service environment people!
4. Pay Immgration Charge(for using the airport). This is another stupid money making scheme of the government. They should just included this in the bill.
5. Immigration.

I was told that they have a free wifi at the airport. OMG! Free wifi with very low connection. I can't even browse any website. They shouldn't advertise free wifi next time.

People, next time you go to my country, have your money ready. You have to pay at 2370pesos (at least £33) for airport charges. Make sure you had breakfast too. They only have 1 restaurant there. Duty free is limited as well. It is as big as our Reading flat. This terminal definitely needs improvement!
Friday, 9 October 2009

Off to Thailand

I will be off to Thailand from the 10th of October to the 18th. Can't wait to see you sexy! Promise to make up. I've been a sh*tty friend lately.

October 7 - PIG OUT DAY

Nothing beats boredom and depression than spending time with the people that you love. I had 2 dates that day. First, with Divine, my elementary friend. We met up at 2:30PM and I couldn't stop eating junk since. We went to Jolibee for our first fastfood fix. I had two meals then, palabok and burger steak. We then went to KFC where I had rice and chicken, had a Frosty from Wendy's and off to Red Ribbon for dessert. I don't know where I put all the food. Must be from not eating much since we haven't got a fridge yet. It is so good to see my friend. We talk so much about what's keeping us busy, her boyfriend, her health condition(she have a rare lymphantic condition. She needs HOUSE!) and the flood. Everyone seems to be talking about the flood these days. It left everyone traumatised. Even I who haven't experienced it first hand has a say about it. Second date was with my friends, Anthon and Don. We went to Gilligan's Island. I've known this guys since Uni. Anthon used to date my cousin but we still kept in touch after the break up. I felt lost during our conversations as he got different sets of friends from mine. He invited me to go to Cubao X with them but my eyes are killing me. I've been wearing the contact lens the whole day. I was happy to see these people and hope to see them again when I return from Thailand. :)

Attack of the Mixed Platter. Yes, I still have the "space" for another meal.
BTW,that's my Randy Ortiz for Plains and Prints top. I wore a Lancome Rouge Lipstick and Dior Black Liner for a dramatic effect. Love it!

Devouring the food. We filos are rice eaters so expect rice everytime we eat. Of course we don't eat rice with pasta. That's stupid.

Classic Group Pic. Don in Yellow and Anthon in Striped Jacket. In his defense, it was cold in the restaurant. He is sporting a full sleeved tatto now but he didn't show me. NEXT TIME!
Thursday, 8 October 2009


Today, I found out that my mum is reading my blog. FML.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What's Next?

It's 5AM here and I am still awake...

I am feeling lost at the moment...

In the past months, I have been trying to make myself healthy. Personality wise, I can honestly say that I am better in that department. I have set my standards and boundaries. I know people who I will trust and treasure. Health wise, I haven't done any exercise since I came back apart from cleaning my room and sorting stuffs at home(after the flood, there are so much to sort out. We experienced 6 feet deep flood. We lost all the things on the ground floor). I am now back to smoking. It's bad but it relaxes me. Career wise, I am a total mess. Yesterday, I tried searching for jobs online. I haven't submitted any CV's yet but I am looking into jobs. There are few that interest me but I don't know which one to apply for. I am overwhelmed. I don't know what I want although I have an idea what I want to do. I've been looking into different unrelated fields. I looked into Hotel Management - I like the challenge of everyday task, Tourism - I really love to travel and to organise, the list is endless. I was told by friends that I should apply for all jobs and have a feel to it. If I liked it then I should stick to it. It's difficult when you don't feel the pressure to work. The parentals don't pressure me into working. I hate that I am lost. I hate feeling like a total mess. I need my centre. I need to sort this soon.

What's next???
Monday, 5 October 2009

How I met your boyfriends - Eli

Eli - Lorraine's boyfriend

Lorraine and I lives 5 minutes apart so it is only normal to meet her as soon as I got home. I spent the whole night talking with Lorraine and told her about my self help book wisdoms so everytime I say one now, she say: it's written. :P

I met Eli on my second day. Because of the flooding, I had a hard time opening my door lock(and couldn't open it) so I spend the whole day on my cousin's place without showering. Yes, SMELLY. Yikes. Eli arrived a little after lunch and I woke up just after lunch. He saw me in my most unflattering state. So much for making a good impression. :P I asked him to help me with the door and with a click, he was able to open it. Effortlessly.

I needed to buy basic home stuffs - rice cooker, stove and groceries - and they gladly went with me. My brother's place is so manly. He only have a shampoo, a bar of soap with brand I hate and a toothpaste at the toilet! It is too basic! Anyway, at the shopping centre, I had a little incident. Eli was replaying the scene and taking the piss out of me the whole night. We all went drinking afterwards. I was drank after 4 shots of vodka. Unbelievable!

My thoughts on Eli:

He is a very funny guy. I think he is mature and he tells her what she wants to hear. He is someone who is verbal. He made her cheesy. Made her feel contented. She is very happy. That is what's important. :)

Buhbye England

The filipinos got me good. I never expected a proper programme from them. I thought that we are just gonna have dinner and drinks but I was wrong. I really felt extra special that day and I will miss everyone for sure. :(

If there's one thing that represents my personality, it has to be a megaphone. Their unanimous vote. :P

I got so much presents that night. Melay gave me Mac and Max Factor make up. She knows that I am building a make up set. Others gave me flowers, chocolates, framed photos and a digital photo frame. Thanks Everyone! I won't forget all the kindness that you have shown me.

Melay gave me her, It's just a date book. I just finished reading it. Yes, I have been to the self help phase. It is good to have some extra help sometimes. BTW, I was crying through out the whole programme.

Ailema and the Megaphone. :)




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