Sunday, 28 March 2010

Week Off

I finally have week off from work.  Will blog about everything when I come back from my trip.  Wait for the Japanese buffet, new workmates and beach trip with friends.  :)
Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Happy Bday Luke!

Dear Boy P,

Sorry I wasn't able to celebrate this special day with you.  I am happy that  you are back in England to celebrate it with your family and friends.  Have a lovely day dear boyfriend.  Since it's your bday, don't worry about me taking the piss out of you.  Love you lots!


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Persian Square

After a long week at work, I like to treat myself to a good meal.  Last night, I met up with my friend Egg whom I haven't seen in years!  She was single last time I saw her.  Now she is married and got a 1 year old boy.  Time flies!  She sent me a facebook wall msg and told me that she is gonna take me to a good Persian Resto next time we saw each other.  I trusted her, after all she is half Persian.  :P 

On our way to the Resto, she told me that it was Eid.  I asked, how often does people celebrate that.  She said, she can't remember but according to the Muslim Calendar, it was the New Years.  The place was packed with Iranians.  I haven't seen so much Iranians in my life and I didn't know that there are Iranians in my country.  To where I live, I only see Filos or the occassional White person.  We couldn't find any seats.  Most of the tables were booked.  There were only 2 available tables that night and we had to sit outside.  Plus during that night, each person has a minimum purchase of P600.  With P1200, we were able to have, two drinks, Mirza Ghasemi and Pita, Kabab Barg and Rice and Sheesha.

Mirza Ghasemi.  Eaten with Pita bread.  Very good.  :)
Kabab Barg.  I asked what Kabab means.  She said, anything grilled, like a barbeque.  This is by far the most tasty kabab that I had.  The beef was very very soft.  The spices married together beautifully.  This is a must try.
We only manage to finish half the portion of this rice.  I guess, talking made us full.  :P

It was good catching up with friends.  I wish to see most of my friends before I go on my assignment. 

It's a Sunday today, half past 3 and I'm still in bed.  Talk about being productive!  LOL!
Friday, 19 March 2010


Tried drawing using Corel software yesterday.  My drawing reminds me of the cheap cut-out paper dolls that I used to buy for a peso when I was in grade school.  Hopefully, I get better in this software as I really need it for my work.  Good thing Miss Kendi and Chekka helped me to use the software.  I have lots of questions I tell you.  I love learning!  :)  I didn't like the pain on my right arm though.  Think I might have grown an abnormal muscle.  LOL!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Idol and Me in Jatujak

Jatujak pronounced as Chatuchak.

Once in a while, I like to treat myself to a nice meal.  Once in a while is like once a week on my time line.  :P  I was planning to go to a Little Thai Restaurant in the Block yesterday but when I asked my friends if they want to join, only one of them said yes.  Everyone has prior engagement as it was salary day.  We get our salaries twice a month by the way - on the 15th and the end of the month.

My regular readers know how much I am dying to eat Somtam again.  Thai restaurant is not common in a fastfood/chinese food infested country.  Although I love to eat on both, I have to eat on a new restaurant from time to time. 

Ain't the place mat cute?  I am loving purple at the moment.  I've been using purple fabrics since I started work.
Our Meal.
Alex had Thai Iced Coffee(P70) while I had Thai Iced Tea(P78)l didn't finish
mine.  Very rare for a fatty like me. It was a litre big!  I love the taste of the tea.  Not so sweet unlike what I used to have on the streets of Pattaya.  They use pure condensed milk there.
Roast Duck Curry(P280).  It was okay.  Too creamy for me.  It over powers the taste of the duck.  I usually love duck but this one is so mediocre in taste.  Serves 1-2 people.
The mighty Somtam(P125).  Thank you Lord for this Somtam.  Now I can sleep well thiking that I can satisfy my Somtam cravings!  Dear boyfriend, you just need to perfect the somtam recipe now. 

Where should I eat next???
Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alice Meets Persia

Almost had an accident today.  As I was riding the FX on my way to the shopping centre, the hood of the FX opened and covered the windshield.  The driver was driving fast then.  Thank God it was a Sunday and the Clottey VS Pacquiao match was on.  I think everyone was in shocked.  I only heard a soft "shit" from back seat.  Not all vehicles in the Philippines are road worthy.  "Shitmobile" as dear boyfriend describe it.  Hope they make a law about this soon and help the bad Manila traffic.

"It is impossible!  Only when you think it is."  Love this line from the film.

I saw Alice in Wonderland as planned.  I really wish that I saw the film in 3D.  I don't understand why people didn't like the film.  I loved everything about it.  I especially like the costumes.  The crazier, the more creative, the better it is for me.  It makes me wanna wish that I am artistic enough to do costume designs.  Maybe one day.  :D

Been planning to go to Persia Grill for ages and was disappointed with the food.

Loved the interior.  Makes me wanna go to Morocco.
Didn't like the fact that some of the seat covers are stained.
Loved the fact that you can have a sisha party with friends.  I didn't check how much though.  Thought something like this will click in the metro.  I was wrong.  Noone was using sisha.

As it was my first time in the restaurant, I asked the waitress for their speciality.  She recommended Chelo Combination.  It's a plate of biryani rice with grilled beef and chicken marinated with persian herbs and spices and with grilled tomato as a side dish.  I was disappointed the minute they put the food on my table.  Can you see how horrible the plating of the food is?  I had to dig through the rice to see the actual meat.  The chicken is too salty for my liking.  Both the beef and chicken are very tender though.  Nothing else could I say about the food.  If that's their speciality, how come it doesn't taste special to me?  Maybe that's the reason why the food is affordable.  My meal together with my Strawberry Yogurt Shake and tip came to 300 pesos.  I don't think I will go again next time.  I'll try Jatutak for some somtam.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I also went to Trinoma to get myself a new lunchbox.  Last Thursday, I forgot to take my lunchbox home and found it to be bitten to death by a rat.  Yes, there is a rat somewhere at work.  I actually saw one with my very own eyes last Friday.  I hope work will do something about it. 

Tomorrow is another work day.  I hope I do well as my previous weeks at work.  I will blog about work on my next post.  Bet you guys missed me!  I miss blabbing too.  I will try to blog more once I adjusted to the work life. 

Love Never Dies

Has anyone watched Love Never Dies?  I really wish I am in the UK right now so I can see the Phantom of the Opera sequel.  I read mixed reviews.  I don't really care.  I just love watching west end shows.  I like the drama, the costumes and the set design.  I once told everyone that I would be okay having a gay kid as long as he do costume design as good as Wicked.  I don't think dear boyfriend will be happy with this statement.  :P

My Weekends

Since working, I was left with little time to myself. My normal routine consists of waking up at 5:30(or 6:00 when I'm tired), working til 6:30PM, 1 hour telly time, skyping with dear boyfriend and sleeping.  I like to keep my Sundays free so I can do my laundry and do my usual girly things.  Back in the UK, I used to watch films weekly with my family.  In the Philippines, most of my friends are dating and preferred to watch films with their partners.  I wanted to see Alice in Wonderland and been planning since the day it came out.  Today, I'll make sure I see it, that's after laundry, food shopping and cleaning up my room.  :P 

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I feel so blessed

I always believed in,if it's meant to be, things will be easy cause God will find a way.

Just a bit of good news to everyone.  My boss spoke with me today and told me that I am going to HK for a 2 month assignment.  Everyone knows how much I wanted to succeed in this field and how much I love HK.  I hope I do well.  Pray for me. 
Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mark's Leaving Party

Leaving is something normal to where I work.  Since working there, I've attended 2 leaving dos and knew 2 more people who left work.  Guess that's the reason why we have young crowd there.  Whatever the reason for these people leaving, I am happy that I get to know them.  Here are photos from last night, from our usual place.  :)



This is my usual Thursday Group.  Finally we have a photo together.
In this photo:  Moi, Chekka, Miss Kendi, Cyrus and George.
Mark(the guy in gray polo shirt) is the one leaving.



Photo with our IDOL!  Everyone calls him Idol at work.  I still don't know why.  I didn't even bother to ask. :P
Maynard(head of the artists at work), Eric and Alexis.  I didn't know who Alexis is until last night.  The only thing that I know is that, he works at the office.
Ryan and Eric.
Ryan and April.
Idol sings Buble.  He can't dance though.  This is our photo trying to make him dance, IN TUNE! 

Last night I discovered that everyone can sing in our group.  I can't sing myself and sang only 1 song.  They said I sounded okay but I beg to differ.  I say it depends on the Karaoke Machine and the Microphone.  I am really happy to belong in this group and to have known such genuine and nice people.  Next, Lubang Island for Holy Week.  Can't wait!
Monday, 1 March 2010

2 Wakes and 2 celebrations

Had a very eventful week.  I didn't know how I managed to work for 60 hours despite my very busy work and social life. 

I am known to be a double booker.  I've said this before, I don't want to miss a thing.  Last Monday, I went to my workmate's leaving drinks then to my friend's dad's wake.  He died of heart attack. 

I did my usual 10 hour work day on Tuesday and Wednesday functioning properly.  Although I go out on weekdays, I see to it that I go to work on time and do everything that is assigned to me.  I've always been this way.  Back in Uni, I review my lessons before I go out with friends.  I remember once when I went to a rock concert with my cousins, I studied before the concert and after when we got home then straight to my Uni for my test.  I didn't know where I got the energy then.  :P

Friday, I got a phone call from Xavier informing me of Leo's death.  Saturday, I went out to see my friend Trisha in Greenbelt.  I work in Caloocan so travelling from Caloocan to Makati takes ages.  We went to a Spanish Restaurant called Tapella.  Good food, good company and good Sangria.  Reminds me of my Spain Trip with my friends.  Oh, how I wish I can travel in Europe again.  Someday.  :)

Sunday, I travelled for at least 8 hours to go to Leo's wake.  I nearly cried after Erwin told everyone that, "he really is dead".  It is good to see friends and speak with them but you can't change the fact that we lost someone we cared about.  He was gone too soon.  He was full of life.  We lost one of our Pantene girls according to Erwin.  

Photos from Monday:
Kat, Miss Kendi and DC.
Mark, Moi and Cheska.
 Kat, Cheska, Miss Kendi, Moi, DC, Arn and Ryan.

Photos from Thursday.  I like being an idiot!

My Thursday Group:
Ice, George, Ate Nela
Miss Kendi, Cheska and Cyrus.




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