Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tequilla Block Out

I didn't think that blocking out when you get drunk is possible until it happened to me.
I used to think that people only use the block out excuse to get away with their naughtiness. People simply doesn't want to take responsibility on their stupidity.Justify FullI was wrong. I experienced the block out first hand. Here is the tale of the girl who wanted to have a good time with her girlfriend before flying back home:


I met up with my friend Doris last Sunday for a Tequilla Night. We got a 500ml bottle of Tequilla thinking that we can handle it. She can, I CAN'T. As I remember, it only took us 2 hours to finish the whole bottle. On the first 30 minutes, we called Donna and we were half way thru the bottle then. I can feel the alcohol kicking my system, I felt tipsy but happy. I can only remember 3 things during that night, I drunk call Luke twice and Kent, Doris would take me to roll from her bed to the floor and I threw up. Luke picked up my drunk calls and Kent didn't. Thank God! Her bed is at least 3 feet high. I remember falling 5 times.


Doris said:
1. I drunk call Luke and Kent. So confirmed.
2. I spoke with Luke and I told him that I am drunk and "we are gonna TOGETHER in two weeks time". Please confirm sexy.
3. We rolled 8 times. She said that we were counting.
4. We drunk call Donna. Confirmed. I listened to her voice mail.
5. Doris was spanking me and was giving me wedgies while speaking with Luke.
6. I threw up. Confirmed. Saw the residue the next day. Eeww! BUT she told me that I didn't succeed the first time that I grabbed the door handle. I fell on the floor and wasn't able to go straight to the toilet. I remember walking straight and was pleased with myself for being independent.

Half my memory was gone that night. It was the most fun drinking night we both had. :P
Now, I have a big problem. I think I might have UTI from drinking. I have trouble peeing. My lower abdomen hurts everytime I go and it burns! I need to lay off on the drinking for now and drink more water. I will def see a doctor once back home. So much things to sort out. Me and my dear brother are gonna go furniture shopping to replace all the things that we lost in the flood. ATM, we haven't got telly, DVD player, he lost his video cam and Laptop, we don't have a cooking stove, washing machine and fridge. All the essentials. We even lost both our graduation pictures and year books. Hopefully, we can both request for a replacement. This thing sucks but at least all is safe. Let's continue on praying for our family's safety.
Sunday, 27 September 2009

PROJECT AILEMA: Lomography and Make Up

I am definitely spending more than I can afford at the moment. In the past 6 months of being unemployed(by choice), I spent 90% of my savings on my European Trips, shopping, night outs with friends and now, my hobbies. Sounds irresponsible? Maybe. But whatever makes me happy. If I die today, at least I know that I died happy. Definitely living in my own bubble. LOL! I only have enough money left for my Language Class and my Thailand Trip. AFRAID of my credit card bill.

Went to London and Purchase these:

Diana+ 35mm Back

Films that I can cross process for saturated effect.

Inglot Travel Pack Brushes. Damn Mac brushes are expensive! I can't afford the individual brushes that they sell! I am committed to learn how to put make up on so I am building my own make up kit.

Inglot Eye M3 Eyeshadow.


Met up with Cooking Master Kent. He made Japanese Curry this time and he still can't get over the fact that I can't cook. He believes that as a Filo, I carry the maid genes and I should be able to cook and do household stuffs. I got beaten up with the Wii again. My arms hurts like hell now!

Philippine Flood 2009

I always find myself complaining about the UK weather. We should be lucky and thankful for the cold and dark weather. I am sure everything has heard of the recent Philippine Flooding. Our apartment is 6 feet deep, Trisha's family spend the whole night in the second floor of their place and her sister was stranted in UST.

Let's Pray for the people who lost everything in the flood. :(

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Pig Out Day

What an amazing Friday I had!

My friends Doris, Darlene and Donna(yes all D's!) surprised me with a fantastic carvery for lunch, all from scratch except for the Yorkshire Pudding. Here's how they made me stay at home for my only free day.

I got a call from Doris, she said that she emailed her ex. Knowing how vulnerable she is after the break up, I agreed for her to come and visit me at home(despite the rubbish everywhere!). After 3 hours, she hasn't showed up. She said she can't leave her classes yet and is waiting for the perfect timing. They know me too well. I am known for not thinking nor questioning people no matter how dodgy the situation is. Among the 4 of us, I ask less. I simply am not good with confrontrations despite my strong aura. Anyway, so they arrived with food with them. I haven't showered yet so I told them that I am gonna go to the shower first while they were cooking. They wouldn't let me help them btw. Thanks girls! After 2 hours of slaving in the kitchen, the food was ready and the surprised was revealed. They made a photo collage of us and gave me a printout. So cute! I was touched but didn't cry cause I just cried reading Chicken Soup. LOL! I was stuffed at the end of the lunch but I have to make space for dinner.

I met up with Kent for dinner. As usual, he made dinner and thought me how to cook. I swear to God,if I spend more time with this guy I'll end up like an Iron Chef. This guy knows his cooking. He cooked mussels, I made the salad(no more like cut one leaf as he showed me how to do the rest) and I am surprised how simple ingredients can make something so tasty. We talk after dinner and played Wii til 3AM. I won 3 rounds and lost all games to him. I need to practice more on my Big Brain Academy skills. My brain is rusty!!!

Thanks Everyone for making my Friday extra special! :)
Friday, 25 September 2009

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Been there, done that.

I promise to love again and to only give my heart to someone who is worth my time and who knows my worth.

"LOVE IS AN ACTION" , "Love is a enlarging experience, not a narrowing one" and Love does not make excuses for his/her bad behaviours.

Let's choose wisely girls and not settle for less. :)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Las Iguanas Leaving Dinner

I met up with my friends - Phil, Jen (aka P&J), Bhavini (aka Petal), Doja and Yan at Las Iguanas for my leaving dinner last night. I hate leaving dinner and "leaving" in general. It reminds me of the days when my dear mum comes back from her work abroad(after almost a year) then go back to work again after a month's holiday. This is one of the reasons why I can't stand long distance relationships as it enables me to relive my sad childhood. Anyway, seeing them is bittersweet. This may be the last time that I am gonna see them all but I am happy to have met such wonderful people. I am gonna keep all the memories I had with them. They made my UK stay bearable. I remember the days when I joined McDonald's out of desperation. I was working for 6 months in FW then but I can't seem to make friends. Good thing I met Mario and one thing led to another. I am very thankful to the Lord for giving me friends that I can always count on. Oh God, I am gonna cry now. Me leaving the UK is finally sinking in. I am feeling very sad when I woke up this morning. I am not ready to go back yet but this is the step that I have to take. :(
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Randy Ortiz for Plains & Prints

Wow! I am amazed! I didn't know that Local Brands do Collaborations with Local designers. As you all noticed, I am a big colour block fan. I like everything with bold colours and strong details. I was browsing thru STYLEBIBLE today when I came across this article. I want!!! Claudine


Day 3: Disney Land

We went to the happiest place on Earth for our last day. It was both me and my dear sister's first time. Although the direction to Disney Land is pretty straight forward, we still got on the wrong train. Good thing the guy can speak English or we were doomed! :P A very successful day for my dear sister. She got into 4 rides. Mind you, Disney Rides are designed for kids. She especially enjoyed the Peter Pan ride and cried over the Pirates of the Carribean cause they made 2 drops. It was embarrassing but I love how my mum pushed my sister to take the rides and conquer her fears. I love the every hour performances on Disney Land. Me and my dear brother grew up watching the Disney Channel to train our ears in English so it was nice to hear all their songs during the hourly intervals. I won't grow up. My Peter Pan Syndrome is coming back.
Happy on the Happiest Place on Earth
Pretzel Stand. So cute!!!

Alice In Wonderland, me thinks.

Mum in Animatique.

My money shot! :) I think I look more like a mouse now instead of a duck.

Awwww. Love is in the Air!

"Why does it always rain on me?"

My Besties - Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

I love this shot. Dear Mum knows how to make faces.
Please take note of the Mama Mia shirt. Mum is like a walking west end promo on this trip. On the first day, she wore the Billy Elliot shirt. Have I blogged about Mama Mia? We went to see it last Thu so that makes 11/12 west end shows on my belt. A lot of money spent too. LOL!

Taking the Disney Train. 4 stops, 30 minutes and almost an hour waiting time. We could have walked but we chose to take this train.

This is how the front of the train looks like.

Me and Dear Sister. Which Disney Character is she? HELP!

Me and Dear Mummy. We matched!

Dear Mum and her Disney Magical Hat. :) It lights up!!!

Day 2: City Tour

Although I have so many entries this month, I am actually lazy in trying to put effort in what I wrote. This is another lazy entry from me.

While having breakfast in our Hotel(we stayed in Holiday Inn Express), we stumbled upon guests who gave us Tour Bus Tickets. We are a family who don't normally use tour bus on trips so this is definitely a first for us. He explained how it worked in slowwww English assuming that we don't speak the language. It annoyed the hell out of my mum and she started talking in English which in turn annoyed me and my dear sister. Hahaha! Don't worry, it didn't ruin our day. On the contrary, it gave us something to talk about. We left just before lunch to explore the city.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Stupid Photo in Jardin du Luxembourg

Formal Photo in Jardin du Luxembourg. On my opinion, it is best to visit the Jardin on Autumn. It simply is very romantic. I love the fact that the leaves just turn to brownish red kinda like taking photo in Sepia. I love how everyone seems so relaxed under the autumn sun. This memory is something I won't forget.

We went to Notre Dame but we didn't go in. Massive queue outside! I love the cafes near Notre Dame. It reminds me of the cafes in Barcelona outside the Sagrada Familia Church. I also took my Diana F+ for a spin that day. We were blessed with amazing weather despite the shower forecast. Thank you Papa Jesus!

Dress from Zara, Sandals from Topshop and LV bag

This was taken in Louvre. This is the best Museum that I've been in. I like how they arrange the paintings and loved the statues on the first floor. BTW, I've been to the Museums in London and the Vatican Museum which houses the most expensive sculptures, murals and paintings. I really love the feel to this place. I wonder why mum thought that we won't like the place. Hmmm...

I wouldn't grow up. Scratch that, I refuse to grow up! I like taking stupid photos still.

Feliciano Ladies with our babies. I really love my Diana. Guess no expensive handbags for me for now.

See how pretty the museum is. Notice how they arranged the paintings.

Art immitating life? Dear Sister is my real life punching bag growing up.

I'd rather be blurred. :P
I love the St. John the Baptist painting more. Very reminiscent of Mona Lisa.

Taken just outside the museum. We were lucky that we didn't have to queue very long to buy tickets. There aren't much people that day compared to Christmas 07. Guess that's what credit crunch will do to people. :P

Outside the Opera. I saw a girl getting pissed cause we took time taking photos. Well, this is a tourist spot and you can't get a solo picture unless you ask someone to close the place B*tch. She was throwing tantrums in Spanish. Although I can't understand the language, I can tell from her expression.

Sacré Coeur. Mum made sure that we went to this place. I saw this in Paris Je T'aime film. Warning: Do not use the side winding stairs as the smell will kill you. I have to hold my breathe while walking up. It is better to take the straight steps on the left. You can take the lift but your laziness will cost you!

Oh, we took the Red Tour bus at the end which took us to everywhere in Paris - Notre Dame, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées. It was Sunday then so most of the shops are closed. I get to see the LV store from a far. Scared that I might buy something if I go in. Since I was with grannies(aka Dear Mum and Dear Sister) we went home at 8PM. They were both tired. Case closed.

Day 1: Paris by Night

Paris is very memorable for me. France is the first European Country I've been to. We weren't prepared on the first time that we went and we didn't see the city properly. So on this trip, I took control - I made sure that we visited every inch of the city. Just kidding! We made sure that we see all the spots, filo style minus photo sessions. :)

We couldn't take a good photo of Eiffel. Jealous of Trisha's amazing Paris photos. I hope dear sister will invest time in learning the DSLR. I, on the other hand went back to film.

We also went to Moulin Rouge that night but we didn't see the show. As all of you know, I am very much addicted to anything cultural. Next time I go to Paris, I'll def see this show.

Anything exciting about the photo? DRIES VAN NOTEN designed the costume for this show. I fell on the stairs of the Metro looking at this photo. I now have a bruisy and scratched left knee.

For our last stop, we went to Pigalle which is the Red Light District of Paris. It wasn't as wild as I think it was. I didn't see strippers lining up on the streets. On the contrary, I saw couples and group of youngsters queue for a club. I can't help but wonder if we were on the right place.

A very exciting news people. I READ THAT HERMES IS OPENING IN MANILA! OMG! Definitely a reason why I NEED TO WORK!!!


Diana F+ Frustrations Part 2

Rmember my post regarding my frustrations about my Diana F+? I got more. The more I want something, I harder I have to work on it. :( I went to snappy shots to collect my photos, they said 3 days processing and they are gonna give me a ring as soon as my photos arrive. My conversation with the assistant went like this:

Me: Hi! Is(show the stub/receipt) this ready for collection?
Assistant: Let me check. We are gonna give you a ring when they are ready. Right now, Royal Mail is on strike.
Me: Roughly, when do you think the mail are arriving cause I am leaving the country for good next week?
Assistant: I have no idea. It is beyond our control.

How can I know that I am taking the right photos if I can't even see the result? It is so frustrating. To cheer myself up, I went to Carnaby Street to buy my Diana F+ back but it was out of stock! I should have called beforehand but their website isn't helpful. Their contact number isn't posted online. Guess I have to go again this week. :(

Legally Blonde

I risked looking like a geek by posting this video. Who cares, this is my blog! *evil stare on you* Everyone knows that I am not a big gadget person but I have to go with the changing time. This is my first laptop, not quite the Vivienne Tam HP Mini that I want but this will do. I like how the colour pops and how eye catching it is. Beware of the thieves I know. LOL!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I stuggle in making myself fab on girly night outs. Aside from feeling the need to make my own clothes when I come back home and learning a new language, I wanna learn how to put make up on too. I think I know the basics, I can put foundation on with my hand(not with a brush), I can put on mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and a bit of blush. Eye make up is something I can't do. I found this website, fashion face very very helpful. I just need to invest on set of brushes and make up slowly. Right now, I only have sample lipgloss from Nars, Lancome and Dior and a Dior Kohl pencil. I borrow all my make up from my dear sister. She owns the most expensive make up from Dior, Chanel, Nars and Estee Lauder. Only the best for her. :)

Girls, will you buy over the counter make up or invest on expensive ones like my dear sister?
Friday, 18 September 2009

The Popsicle Trick

Interesting. But has anyone tried this? Afraid for my baby.

Diana F+ Frustrations

I woke up very tired today but excited. Today is the day to test my Diana F+. :) I left home, took the instruction manual book with me and went straight to the photo shops to buy coloured 120 rolls but guess what, I had difficulty! Difficulty in the first world(I am afraid to what's gonna happen on the 3rd world now)! I only find one shop selling the film and they are f-ing expensive. A 16 shot roll costs £6! Processing the film is another issue, it costs 13 quid with 3 days waiting time. So much for my test shots. I won't be able to see any of them before Paris. Working out the cost, buying a Diana Back + is cheaper and less frustrating. Diana Back + costs around 60-70 quid.

Me still loves Diana F+.

Diana F+

I am totally geeking out at the moment.

I went to Carnaby Street to purchase a Diana Mini but got a Diana F+ instead. My lomo of choice is out of stock. Before the purchase, I went to Topshop to clear my head but it didn't work so I went back to the shop again. :P I was tempted to get the
instant diana back + as well. Good thing I resisted. I know Father Christmas is sending me one soon. LOL! I got one Coloured and B&W film to play with but unfortunately and this always happen, I turn the advanced wheel the wrong way. How stupid can I get right? I am so sleepy now but can't sleep out of excitement. is underconstruction. Does anyone know any helpful sites?
Thursday, 17 September 2009



  • Being a better version of myself
  • Reaching my full potential

Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want but I won't stop until I explored all my options and used up all my hidden skills. I am very much interested in the Spanish Language and Pattern Making so tonight I enquired at Instituto Cervantes, LaSalle College International and SOFA. Fingers crossed that we(Trisha et Moi) are not late for the enrolment. :)

I am taking Film Photography as a hobby and very much excited with the Diana Mini and its half frame feature. Hopefully they have it on stock so I can test it out in Paris. As for swimming, I think I am feeling confident with the water. Thanks Coach!


I got emails from both SOFA and Instituto Cervantes. Spanish Classes starts on the 21st of November and unfortunately, pattern making and sewing will start on the 3rd of October. It is an 8 week session but if I enrol now, I will miss the 10th and 17th session. If I wanna do something, I wanna commit fully so I think I just have to let that one go for now. Hope they have more classes soon.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Diana Mini

I have been lusting over this lomo since I saw the feature on tonguechic. With 2 more weeks left in the UK, I have to have this lomo as a present to myself. I should have bought one when I stumbled on stores in Amsterdam and Madrid but I didn't. Tsk tsk. Carnaby Street here I come!

Diana Mini


Had a fantastic day yesterday! Met up with two of my girl friends for coffee and cocktails on 2 separate occassions. Oh, I am gonna miss my girls. Less than 2 weeks now. :(

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Happy Bday Kent

Poor Kent was stuck with me on his bday. You have the best Indian Impersonation ever! Your jokes are stuck in my head! Happy Birthday with no presents! :)
Monday, 14 September 2009

Pamper Me

I just want to share some of my Pamper Me Fabulous Thursday Products. I am so blessed to be living with 2 people who would try anything to make themselves pretty - Dear Mummy and Dear Sister. Everytime we are out and about, we would end up in Boots, Body Shop and Lush. Loving and Taking Care of ourselves is a serious business in my family. :P These are the products that I am loving at the moment:
L-R: Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask. Nirvana Spa Body Smoother. Both products leave skin soft and smooth. Lush bath bomb.

Dior and Estee Lauder Nail Varnish. I am no professional when it comes to applying nail varnish, on the contrary, I struggle to apply an even coat. So it was a joy to discover that both brands make good brushes. It doesn't make your finger nails yellow as well. I tried cheap ones and the yellow stain that you got from using it is horrible! BTW, these varnishes are owned by my dear sister.

Dior Vernis Products. L-R: 840, 467, 210, 156 and 108.
I particularly like Vernis 840. I wasn't actually allowed to use it cause my sister is saving it for whatever occassion but we have a spare bottle at home. Yey!

L-R: Red Wine, Sweat Pea and White Petal. Kawaii!

That's a coat of sweet pea shade for you. Soooo sweet. If you want to look formal, I recommend, Red Wine. It gives an air of sophistication. I'm being serious here.

BBC Proms

Me and Mum went to the BBC Proms last Saturday. My dear sister was supposed to go with me but she got work on that day so she bailed out. Guess, it's a blessing in disguise cause I get to spend some quality time with my mum. :) I was expecting Proms to be a formal event filled with classical songs but we were on the wrong venue. Hyde Park is more relaxed than Royal Albert Hall. No wonder it's okay to bring food and to dress casually. Katherine Jenkins, Escala and Barry Manilow performed that night. I love it when he sang I can't smile without you followed by Copacabana. Going home from London to Reading took 2 hours cause only one lane is working. I was very tired the next day and slept most of the afternoon to recover.

Nuggets and Chips.

Tempura and Chips. Both tasteless and oily. I don't know why we bother buying.

Gates open at 4PM but we were faced with a massive queue when we got there at 4:30PM. Good thing that it wasn't slow. It took us 10-15 minutes to get in. They had 40,000 attendants on that day.

I thought we were going to the Royal Albert Hall but we were not posh enough. LOL!

We saw this gay couple and took picture of them before the event started. We were surrounded by freaks that night. We saw one couple who couldn't stop inserting his hand on his gf's jeans and playing with her ass.

Me and Mum's "best" photo together. I didn't get much sleep the previous night thus, 1 kilo of eyebags.

The queue for the ladies is epic! I applaud these girls for changing the gents signs to ladies.

Mum with fireworks on the background before we left the event.




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