Thursday, 30 September 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

It rained just before our class ended.  This is what 15 minutes of heavy rain did.  Deja Vu on my UST days.  What's up with Spanish managed schools and flooding?  :P  WELLIES Alert!

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Instituto Cervantes

Because I want to learn from the best, I enrolled in Instituto Cervantes to learn Spanish.  I am currently on Level 2.  I am happy with my progress so far as I can read, write and understand basic Spanish.  In fact, yesterday, we were asked to do a day to day activity in paragraph form.  I hope I do well.  :)

When I enrolled to Instituto, I was surprised on how the place looked like.  It was a proper school.  It got it own library where you can rent out DVDs and books, clean toilets, a small swimming pool, a small canteen and a small tennis court although I have no idea who uses those facilities.  If you remember darlings, I studied in Fashion Institute of the Philippines and I didn't like the informal, kinda like workshop setting of the school plus the tuition fee's expensive too.  In Instituto, I pay 1/3 per Level compared to what I paid in FIP and the curriculum is up to the Spanish Government standards.  Now, that's what I call proper education!  :)

The pool that I was talking about.
Our current classroom.  

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Monday, 27 September 2010

what's up with the sandals???

Jesus H. Christ* I can't believe that my dear sister has unearth this photo!  I cringe seeing the asian sandals** with socks that the Grand Palace has provided me.  Totally ruined the boho chic that I was trying to achieve then.

*Reference to Holden Caufield - Catcher in the Rye.
**Any chunky sandals that asians wear on their trip.  This was later replaced by crocs.  Double cringe!

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This is not happening...

I can't believe that I did this.  *geek-geek-geek*

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ginger Kid with soft curls

My dear sister is turning 21 this year.  Sad I won't make it on time to her bday.  :(  I had to say my sis, you've gone prettier the last time I saw you.  I hope you make lots and lots of friends in Uni and you go out as much as you can in London.   Wait for my visit in a month's time.  I miss you my sis!  

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Nintendo DS Addiction

I used to be very addicted(and attached) to my Nintendo DS when I first bought it.  I even brought it to work to play against my two lunchmates, both geeks.  I was the reigning brain training queen then.  LOL!

I lost my Nintendo DS charger when I went back to the Philippines.  I didn't touch my DS for more than a year.  I bought my Nintendo DS Charger last week and I didn't stop playing since.  I've only finished few games in my life, mostly rhythm games.  I am not a proper gamer but I get very addicted to playing games.  I am currently spending time with Dr. Jones(Indiana Jones Lego Version), to Mystery Case Files and to some other games.  I don't wanna play Retro Gamer for now as it is too cute I know I will def get addicted.  Hahaha!

Below are some photos to prove how addicted I was in 2007.  I used to bring my DS everywhere I go and the little kids of my mum's friends used to beat me up.  Not my proudest moment.  :P

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Friday, 24 September 2010

Pipino? Pipino! Pipino.

I went to Toney & Jackey to have my fringe cut.  Yeah, Toney & Jackey is my go to hair salon.  I almost always get what I want apart from yesterday.  The hairdresser didn't even ask how long I want my fringe to be.  I wanted to channel Nicole Richie but she gave me Korea Novela instead.  Good thing I have a very good facial bones.  Kapal!  Next time, I have to keep in mind that Korean Salons gives Korean hair cuts.  I just need to grow this out before I see dear boyfriend.  He died laughing seeing me last night.  I don't care.  I love the way I look.  :P

2 things that look hates in 1 photo - straight short fringe with permed hair and peace sign.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Charice's Glee Season 2 Appearance

Charice is so bongga!  She is on the season opener of Glee.  I hope this reason alone will make my mum watch Glee.  Watch her appearance here.  I am a proud Pinoy! :)

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Instituto Cervantes: Level 1

When I first enrolled to my Spanish Class my family and friends' reactions were, "Why", "Is that a work requirement", "Are you leaving for Spain soon" and "Are you living in Spain".  The answer is a BIG NO.  I've always wanted to learn another language.  When I was in school, my brother and I used to leaf through my mum's Japanese Phrasebook.  My mum used to work for Japanese Nationals and I think they might have given them the book.  In Uni, my friend Trisha and I wanted to enrol in Spanish but we didn't get around into doing it.  Back in the UK, my sister enrolled in a Spanish class but she quit after 2 levels.  Shame cause she only needed one then.  I don't know if she still understands Spanish.  I hope she does.

I find Spanish surprisingly easy.  Aside from words being similar to mine, my profesora Sandra was a very good teacher.  She draws, she is patient and she is a very fun teacher.  She is not intimidating at all.  Since finishing level 1 yesterday, I just wanna share my funny experiences at Instituto Cervantes.

We started with 14 students in the class.  I originally enrolled in the afternoon class and my class got cancelled so I asked to be transferred to the morning session.  I have 2 classmates who didn't show up on the first two sessions.  Riza showed up on day 3.  She is dating a Mexican Engineer.  She was supposed to have a Spanish Language background but when surprisingly, she doesn't know anything at all.  She got a text from her boyfriend during our break saying, "Mi Esposa, Mi Corazon" and she had zero understanding of the text.  Mind you, these are all understandable if you speak a fluent Filo.  On the 5th session, she was told that she can't continue with the class and repeat level 1 as she can't cope up with anything.  She didn't know what "Como te llamas?" is then.  I DIE!

The person who showed up on the 4th day was Geoffry.  I have never spoken with him directly but I was told that he used to go to Instituto but with his laziness, he got a failing grade due to absences.  Instituto Cervantes is very strict with absences which is good.  Reminds me of my Uni days at UST.

I would never forget Joselito.  He used to work in Carribean Countries and is currently working in Barcelona's Casino and he can't speak a proper Spanish sentence.  It is ridiculous right?  I didn't know how he survived.  I went to Spain too and I was able to understand people but if I actually live in a Spanish speaking country, I am pretty sure that I am gonna learn the language.  My uncle moved to Italy and after 3 months, he was able to communicate with people in Italian.  I just don't understand Joselito.  He is the most eager person to get the certificate but he wouldn't put work into it.  He would go to the class early but unprepared.  He would copy everythinggggg from us without asking how we were able to arrive with the answer.  I tell you, I never encountered difficulty until the 9th meeting as I didn't understand the instruction.  Joselito was almost dropped out of the class but he promised Sandra that he's gonna work harder.  He did show up early 'til the last day but when he still can't make sentences.  

I made few friends in this course.  It is fun meeting like minded people.  I mean, you wouldn't go to a specialised class unless you are really interested right?  Right.  

I am starting my level 2 class tomorrow.  Sandra informed us that she won't be teaching that class.  Gutted.  I hope a another filo teaches the class.  I am scared of Spanish profesor/a.  

I hope I do well.  Buenas Swerte to me.

My Instituto Cervantes Library Card.  Expect Spanish DVD Marathon over the weekend.  

Monday, 20 September 2010


I didn't realise that there are a lot of creepy people in Manila.  Today, I went to watch Sa'yo Lamang in SM because I don't wanna be stuck at home doing nothing.  I was 5 minutes late but I didn't care as it is easy to figure out filo films.  

While inside the cinema, I heard someone moving noisily so I looked his way.

Guy:  Oh my, it's cold.  He then moved a seat closer to me.

Guy:  When did the film start?

Me:  About 10 minutes ago.

Guy:  Did I miss anything?

Me:  No.  I was clearly pissed at this time as I don't like being disturbed when I watch a film.

Guy:  I just happened to watch the film because I got nothing to do.

The guy kept on mumbling but I am clearly not interested with whatever he is saying.

Guy:  Do you like anything?  I am going to get FAFCORN(popcorn, the guy have PF syndrome.)  

Me:  No.

Guy:  Please save my seat

Me:  Okay.  Then left as soon as he was out of my sight.

What a CREEP!!!

Tony and Jackey's 2010 Promo

Q:  Anonymous asks...
may promo ba ngaun sept- dec?

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Old School Pictures

Grabbed these photos from my cousins' facebook accounts. 

My brod sitting in the middle and my sister in Pink T-shirt.
I am behind the kid who's looking straight at the cake.  I wasn't looking at the camera.
I am on the left most with shoulders exposed.  Fringe Power!
My sis in blue dress, I was sitting beside her and my lola(grandmother) and my brod sitting in front with high socks.  LOL!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Topshop Wisteria Wedge

I really love this Topshop Wisteria Wedge.  It reminds me so much of the Givenchy Wedge Spring 2010 Collection.  I found something similar in Taipei but I passed on it.  REGRETS!  REGRETS!

Friday, 17 September 2010

On My Way Home

I was on my way home when:

Guy:  Hi!  Excuse, are you from UP?
Me:  No.
Guy:  You look familiar kasi.  Is your sister from UP?
Me:  Did you mean UE?
Guy:  No, UP.
Me:  No.  
Guy:  Which school did you graduate from?
Me:  UST.
Guy:  Do you mind if I speak with you?
Me:  I am in a hurry.
Guy:  What's the hurry?  It's  a Friday.
Me:  I need to cook.  

Then I dashed off.

I didn't make this up.  He actually spoke with me in English.  I am not comfortable speaking with Filos in English as I prefer my own language but whatever.  :P  I found the secret to letting people down softly, white lies.  LOL!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

UK Visa Approved

This visa gave me sleepless nights, Thank God my application got approved.  :P  I gave dear boyfriend a heart attack with my visa result.  I told him that I got refused and he asked me the reason why so I fabricated something.  When I finally hear the angry tone followed by f*ck, I told him that I was only joking.  He said that at the back of his mind, he knows that I am lying.  I don't know why I keep on doing this to him but it's fun seeing his reaction.  I am that mean.  

See you all in the UK next month.  :)

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My Spanish Notes

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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

short straight hair

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Sooo Cute

How cute are we?

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Monday, 13 September 2010

design LINE sculpting mud VS Gatsby Styling Wax

I had a perm because  I want a wash and wear hair.  In the first month of my perm, I refrain from using any styling products 'cause I don't want to spend any more money on my hair.  Yes, I am that stingy.  Few months ago, I found a design LINE sculpting mud that my sister used to use when she had her perm.  The product did wonders on my hair.  It held my curls for the whole day and it is NOT GREASY at all!  It doesn't give a "wet look" on my hair too.  When it run out, I looked for a cheap alternative with the same effect.  The Gatsby Styling Wax Light and Natural held my hair for a day but it didn't give me the body that I want.  I actually lost most of my curls cause the product is heavy on my hair.  It is cheap.  It doesn't feel greasy but it gave the "wet look" that I hate.  Any suggestions darlings??  It has to be less than 500PHP cheap.  Thanks!

UK Visa Application

I've submitted my visa application today.  I got all the requirements apart from the "evidence of suitable accommodation".  I thought the invitation letter is enough, turns out I either have to bring a land title or a tenancy agreement.  Also today, they started the Online Visa Application thing.  I sh*t myself when I saw that.  Good thing, the person handling my paper is nice enough to consider my paper application.  I have 3-5 working days for my visa result.  Hope everything goes well.

I struggled in finding the direction to VFS.  I asked my dad but he couldn't help me.  Here's the direction to VFS by MRT.

From North Station, I got off from the Magallanes Station then I took a DPC Ext Jeep from Save More.  For people coming from the Taft Station, get off at the Magallanes Station then take a jeep.  Jeeps are available across the South Gate Mall.  Eco Bldg is next to Solid House.  If you are still unsure, you can always tell the driver to drop you off.  

Girl Bonding with Lorraine

Ukay-Ukay or Hukay-Hukay in Tagalog literally means, DIGGING THROUGH.  It is called Thrift Shopping in the UK.  When I was in Uni, I used to go almost every week, from Rotonda to Munoz to Cubao.  I've been to all.  7 years ago, you have to dig through the piles and piles of clothes.  Now, they've arrange everything from shoes, to accessories, to skirts, to dresses and t-shirts.  

From the Ukay-Ukay, we went to the shops and dinner.  Lorraine and I were seated with the view of everyone.  You know what happens next - we saw a lot!  FUN!!!

We couldn't take a good photo of us.  This is the best picture!
I am using a honey coloured lens now.  It reminds me of the Cullen Family after hunting.  KILL ME!

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Saturday, 11 September 2010

UK Visa Application Form

As a Filipina Citizen, I need to apply for visa to most of the countries that I want to travel to.  This is the reason why dear boyfriend and I travelled to Taiwan instead of China as we originally planned.  While I was going through the application form, I came across this question:

My passport is stamped everywhere!  I travelled like crazy in the past two years(exhausting my savings in the process).  I told dear boyfriend my dilemma when I was trying to fill up my form and he suggested that I put month and year instead of the day, month,year that I originally was doing.  My interview's on Monday.  Please pray that I get my visa approved.  I know you all miss me.  :)

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The Posh Totty

My sister with her Newly Purchased Neverfull Damier Canvas.

I am nothing like my sister.  We are very dissimilar in so many ways apart from our love of designer handbags.  Everything that I like, she disapproves and vice versa.  It's like being with Luke all over again.  LOL!  My sister and I would always fight growing up.  Now she has grown(if this is the right word, she is barely 5 feet tall) into a sophisticated lady.  She have a very expensive taste.  More expensive than I do.  She just recently purchased a Damier Canvas LV Neverfull.  I am so envious.  Few years back, prior to recession when Neverfull bags are £100 cheaper, I wanted to buy one instead, I got a YSL Medium Majorelle.  Twice more than an LV and heavier!  Anyway, my sis, I hope you take care of your bag properly and I hope the patina age well.  You know the state my Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 is in.  

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Friday, 10 September 2010

H&M X Lanvin - Dream Come True

Never in my wildest dream that something like this will happen...

I am a massive massive fan of Alber Elbaz.  I can't wait to see the full collection.  Dear Papa Jesus, let me get my UK Visa approved.  I passed on H&M X CDG and H&M X Jimmy Choo.  I hope he makes cheap version of the Amalia bag.  I can't contain my excitement any longer!!!  

Cooking Mama

I've always wanted to learn how to cook.  In my father's side of the family, everyone can cook.  My dad, my uncles and even the guy that my aunt is married to are good cooks.  Growing up, I dreamt of having a partner that can cook good food.  Babe, you can still train and make my dream come true.  LOL!

I wanted to cook chopseuy initially but I don't know how to choose the best chicken.  I told Lorraine that I will cook sopas instead and she told me to use corned beef in place of chicken and liver.  My cooking turned out surprisingly well.  I made a separate blog for my cooking so I can keep an online diary of my progress and my recipes.

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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mister Beardo

Hello Mister Beardo!
I miss you!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Talentadong Pinoy X SM Skydome

This is another jologs moment for me.  I go to my Spanish class in the morning and I got nothing to do in the afternoons.  Yesterday, while I was in SM North, I stumbled upon a long queue.  I got curious so I asked what it was - the taping for Talentadong Pinoy.  I gotta be honest here, I heard of the show but I've never seen an episode.  Later, when we were comfortably sitting in the dome, I told the lady next to me that I haven't seen any episodes of Talentadong Pinoy and I would like to know how the show goes.  She looked at me disgusted.  Hahaha!  

The taping took forever!  We were admitted inside just after 2PM but it didn't start until half past 3.  The taping ended at half past 5.  It was worth the experience still but I won't go again.  For anyone who is interested to watch the Talentadong Pinoy Tapings on Skydome, you can catch them on the 14th, 21st, 22nd and 27th of September.  :)

Shalala!  :P

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Monday, 6 September 2010

Insanity Workout

Has anyone of you lovelies heard of the Insanity Workout?  My cousin introduced me to it last night.  I didn't know that it was that insane until I tried it just now.  I tried their fitness test and I only lasted for 6 minutes.  6 minutes and I ended up sweating like crazy.  Even the lady who was following the video who looked very fit couldn't catch her breath.  Babe, maybe this is the answer to our gunt.  I want this!  

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pasta with Chorizo and Olives

I am very much challenged in the kitchen.  Sure I can fry but even frying sunny side up gives me difficulty.  It was only last year when my friend Doris showed me how to do it that I learnt the secret.  Back in the UK, I tried my hands on cooking but my interest seems to be going on and off.  One minute I am enjoying it, the next minute I am craving for my usual fast food.  I tried to recreate famous Chinese takeaways out of necessity and I have succeeded.  The problem is, I forgot how to do it now.  

I was ill the past few days and still am now.  I needed my comfort food so I decided to cook a pasta dish for breakfast.  I went to the supermarket last night and bought chorizo de bilbao, the only chorizo that is available in the supermarket to my disappointment, onion and garlic.

My procedure was muy facil(Very Easy in Spanish.  I'll be injecting Span words and phrases in my blog so sue me.)  I cooked the Chorizo de Bilbao in low heat then I slowly added the garlic and onions while continuously sauteing the ingredients.  Once everything was cooked, I add in the olives and pepper to taste.  I use what I had in my fridge.  My cooking was average but it's enough to satisfy my cravings.  :)

This was my finished product.  I was very hungry then.  I took one shot and ate everything up.  PIG!

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First Day at Instituto Cervantes

As many of you know, I've already started my Spanish Lessons at Instituto Cervantes.  I am on level 1.  Yesterday, I heard that there are 28 levels to finish the course.  If I decided to pursue, it will take me more than a year to finish everything.  

I like change and I like meeting people.  I used to be very intimidated when I meet people for the first time but as I grow older, I learn to be confident in my own skin and handle myself in different situation.  

My class in Instituto Cervantes is nothing liked I've expected.  I expect everything to be spoon fed to us but their style is different.  Our profesora is a young Filipina called Sandra.  She is very visual and her drawings helped me remember everything quickly.  She makes the class fun too with her activities.  On our first day, she spoke nothing but Spanish and she let us figure out what she was talking about.  Everyday we were tested on listening, comprehension and writing.  I loved every minute of it.   

This is how my notes looked like.

After my first day, I met up with my friend Xavier.  We had lunch together.  I told him that I noticed that Rizal Park(or Luneta) is in the area and I would like to go.  It only took as less than 15 minutes to reach the Park.  It wasn't as beautiful as I remembered it to be.  I am extremely disappointed that the National Park is not well maintained.  They also have pigeon houses everywhere too!  It smells!  Ewwwww!

When I was younger, my family(minus my sister) had our photo taken here.  I think it was a must for families to have photo taken in Rizal Park then.

One of 4 pigeon houses that I saw.

After my lunch and Rizal Park date with Xavier, I saw a Filo film called Mamarazzi.  It was hillarity from the start.  I haven't laughed so hard in a filo film in a long time.  John Lapuz and Eugene Domingo's team up was amazing!

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