Sunday, 31 October 2010

Going Somewhere

Hiya Darlings!

Dear boyfriend and I are going to a short trip to Devon to see his relatives, a quick trip to the Eden Project and finally to Plymouth to see his sister.  

I am still contemplating on bringing my lappy.

I will miss you all!

Miss Ailema

A present from Luke's fam.  :)

Jetlag Gone

I finally got my jetlag out of my system.  

Had a very busy day yesterday.  I asked dear boyfriend to take me to Wokingham Town Centre.  As you all know lovelies, I am currently staying at dear boyfriend's family home in Wokingham.  He lives near the town centre so might as well see it right?  It was a small not so busy town.  Not even on  a sunny Saturday.  

We went to Reading for lunch to meet my mum's.  She made 3 filo dishes.  Luke especially liked the Adobo and Ginataang Crabs.  I am very surprised that my mum can cook.  I always tell everyone that she can't.  My bad mum!

Since we were going to a fancy dress that night across my mum's flat, I asked my friends to get changed at mine's.  Donna had 2 options, 80s and school girl.  School girl suited her better.  None of us know how to put make up on other than the usual eyeliner, lipstick and mascara.  We wanted to look better this time so we tried to put eyeshadow on.  Donna's was a total failure, she erased hers like 3 times, twice my fault.  LOL!  Darlene dressed like a school girl too.  As for me, rockabilly but told everyone that I dressed as Katy Perry as noone can tell what I came dressed as.  

 Wokingham Town Centre.
The flower that Luke gave my mum.
Luke relaxing after a nice meal.  He is very much attached with his HTC Desire HD.
 Rockabilly minus the cleavage.
 Make up success!

And some random fancy dress photos:

Dear boyfriend didn't come with us.  He went out with his mates.  He had fun until after the last hour when their group got into a fight.  Imagine my horror when I saw him.  Almost sent him to hell.  

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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lomo Pics Today

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Friday, 29 October 2010


I went on a film date with dear boyfriend.  We were supposed to go to his friend's bday celebration after but his friend texted him the wrong info.  We ended up at my mum's who didn't tell me that she is having the filo community over.  Take note, filo community.  She got the whole church choir at their flat last night.  :P

Boyfie enjoying his sinigang dinner.  

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

The 11th Month

I wanted to stay in and cuddle yesterday until I realised that it was the 27th of the month.  Since dear boyfriend and I are in a LDR(that's long distance relationship for you :P), it is rare for us to be together on our monthsary.  I didn't explain how monthsary works with my boyfriend, I trained him to think that the 27th is special to me.  You see girls, guys can be trained, like dogs.  You just have to use all your tricks.  Hope he doesn't kill me when he reads this.

We left his place without any plans.  He said he wanted to go to Reading.  I thought Reading means Oracle but it means garage to him.  He said, he'll take me to Windsor instead.  I told dear boyfriend that I shopped at Windsor before and I know exactly where Zara is.  He knows how much I love Zara.  He hates the idea of going to New Look, Zara, H&M and Topshop which exactly what we did.  Hahahahahaha!  Before leaving, we dropped by his dad's workplace.  His dad works for a tobacco company, he was surrounded by tobacco when we arrive as he was shipping samples yesterday.  From Windsor, we went to Ruislip to visit his Nan. Banks' relatives are so nice!  Speaking with them is very easy.  From his Nan, we went to Scott(one of boyfie's best mates) who happens to live close to his Nan.  My boyfriend is lucky to be surrounded with good quality people.  They are all polite and nice.  I am lucky to have met these people.  :)

I love Autumn!!!
At shakeaway.

 I wanted a photo of me and dear boyfriend together.  Bad quality I know.  This was taken at New Look.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Bicester Village

Despite the rain, dear boyfriend took me to Bicester Village today.  Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without an Ailema drama.  Everything was going smoothly until my hand got caught with my stupid umbrella.  Then I walked out and went back cause I felt ridiculous.  It didn't end there of course, when I go mental, I get mental.  It lasted more than 5 minutes this time though.  I even asked him to take me home to my mum's after BV.  Only after croissant and BLT that I was able to function like a normal adult again.  Thank God dear boyfriend is a very patient and sensible person.  He knows that I will get around and realise my craziness soon.  Oh God I love him.  :)

 Taken after BLT and Croissant. :P
 My new baby.  Thanks to my lover.  xxx

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


 I am such a fatty.  
 I had roast at 5AM.
Nando's for lunch.  I had 2 since I got here!
Coffee at 3PM.

We went to Reading yesterday to have his dad's BMW serviced.  Let me tell you a funny story about BMW's.  When I told my sister that Luke is driving one she said she wanted to try it.  Since we won't be able to afford one, the thought of riding was good enough for her.  It's like me going around Selfridges and touching the latest bags and shoes.  Hopefully I will be able to touch a crocodile Birkin in the future.   Hahahaha!  Back to the story, got nothing planned yesterday so we ended up going around shops which finally ended to a Topshop lipstick purchase.  Good colour, bad quality.  Unliking the £30 off Topshop Wisteria Wedge and dreaming about the £25 New Look Wedge.  I am gonna be seriously over baggage.  Sooo much good shoe selection in the UK!!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Wigged Out

My boyfriend is okay with me having friends separate from his.  He just let's me enjoy my UK Holiday and supports me with whatever I want to do.  This is one of the reasons why I love him.

We got nothing planned yesterday so I asked if I can meet up with my friend Donna.  She is one of my closest UK friends.  We've known each other since 2006.  She knows my deepest, darkest secrets and I can tell her anything without her judging me.  She is the kind of friend that I go to if I need an honest opinion.  I am lucky to have her as a friend.

Since fancy dress party is just a week away, we decided to go around shops for some fancy dress shopping.  We are not going all out fancy here, we just wanna look sexy but still in character.  I got rockabilly in mind(as if I have the body for it) and Donna have her eyes on Gossip Girl.  I told her sexy secretary will do or a strict teacher.  Shoot, this sounds so porno.  I better stop now.  :P  

Shopping in the UK is nice.  You get lots of bargains and good selection.  We spent 3 hours going round shops and gossiping before we went for a snack at pret for some more gossiping.  We dropped by Darlene on the way and saw my other friend, Maria.  Reading is such a small town and you get to see most people on weekends.  I am really happy to be back.  

Donna and I at Pret.  She works there so we get most things half the price.
The stupid hair piece.  I want to take it home.

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Sunday, 24 October 2010


 I tried my Diana Instant Back today and got blank photos back.  It pissed me off instantly.  My dear boyfriend pointed out that it was on pinhole.  Amateur mistake!!

I wasted 5 films.  Arghhhhh!
Dear boyfriend and I watched our Thorpe Park Video together for the first time.  :P

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Sam's First Birthday!

Hi Darlings!  I am back in the cold UK weather now.  My flight was okay, I was able to sleep 10 hours on the airplane and woke up with aches and pains everywhere.  

I finally met my boyfriend's parents, separately.  They are both very nice.  It makes me smile seeing my boyfriend with his dad cause they look so much alike.  I told him that I had a glimpse of the future.  Hahaha! I also spoke with his mum later that day who offered me wine.  She asked if I ate pork too.  I said I am a Muslim but took the joke back immediately.  I said I am a Catholic and she was happy about a Catholic girl dating her son.  She asked if I go to church too.  I do but I haven't been in a month.  

I took my boyfriend on a filo gathering.  He told my mum that he was overwhelmed.  My boyfriend is a bit shy around people.  I am a bit too to be honest.  :P  My sister was happy to see me.  She said I look like Summer.  You know, the 500 days of Summer Girl.  That's how much they miss me.  They stop being mean to me.  My mum also said that my weight was okay.  Wow!  That was a big deal since my mum can't stop talking about my fatness.  My sister took the piss out of Luke that night.  He asked if being mean is a Feliciano girls thing.  Yes, it is love.

All in all, it was a good first day for me.  I saw my family  and friends and met my boyfriend's family.  I am meeting Donna today and leaving the boyfriend alone with his games and 48 inch telly.  :P  I am happy to be back!!!  

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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tetris Le Film

I love the game but I don't know what to say about the film.  What do you think darlings???

Flight Glitch


I am still alive.  I just don't have anything to blog about.  I've been alternating shopping with packing.  I didn't realise the difficulty of packing for Autumn.  I don't have enough "nice" autumn clothes.

The other day, I went to Etihad to sort my flight ticket.  Dear boyfriend purchased it with his credit card and I was supposed to bring the credit card copy, his passport copy and a letter from him at the airport for card verification before they can check me in.  Being paranoid that I am, I went to Etihad.  When I got there, I was told that I need the actual card.  There is no way that they are gonna allow to lift the suspension on my ticket without it.  I asked if my boyfriend can verify the card in the Etihad office but the 2 nearest offices are in Brisbane and Sydney, he is flying in Perth.  When dear boyfriend called, I told him the whole story.  He went ballistic and cancelled my flights.  Later that night, with sweaty shaky hands, we booked the ticket with Cathay with my CARD.  

My flight is at 8PM tom night.  I'll be landing in the morning.  See you all UK peeps. 

After F21 shopping.  :)

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Spanish Fiesta

As many of you know, I am sucker for the performing arts.  Remember when I took my friend Doris to the FREE Yamato Taiko Drumming Performance back in July?  We queued up for hours but we didn't care.  

I studied 2 levels of Spanish at Instituto Cervantes and during my stay there, I signed up for email event subscription.  Last Wednesday, I received an email alert regarding the free Flamenco Performance.  As an admirer of the performing arts, I couldn't pass on on this.  If you would ask me, it was okay.  Shoot me but I like the classical performance.  I like the drama, the classic outfit and the red lips.  When I think of Flamenco, I think of Carmen Performance that I saw in Madrid.  Although Concha Jareño is one of the best Flamenco dancers of her generation, a good entertainer and dancer, I didn't like her modern take into it.  I like the classic Flamenco attitude.  Wala yung taray na hinahanap ko.  Period.

One thing I didn't like about Filos, if it's free, they wouldn't sit through the whole show if they didn't like what they see.  They will leave in the middle of the performance.  Kainis!  All in all, it was a fun night and I wouldn't mind going again especially if it's free.  :P

This is what I wore that night:

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Oh Stella

November is no doubt, a designer collaboration month.  There's Lanvin for H&M and Valentino for Gap.  If that's not enough, Target in Australia is having Stella Mc Cartney.  KILL ME!  Trifecta of fashion in one month.  Who would resist these timeless pieces?  I really wish I am in Australia now.  This is soooooo good to pass on.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Spanish Language

When I was taking Spanish Lessons in Instituto Cervantes, I used to borrow at least 5 DVDs weekly.  It was heaven for me.  2 things I like combined - World Cinema and Subtitled films.  They don't have the best selections there, some were not subtitled, other films are plain boring but I enjoyed it just the same.  

Here are some of my film picks.  As if I am the authority to these things.  LOL!

1.  Sin Noticias de Dios( No News from God).  If you want to see Gabriel Garcia Bernal in perfect Aussie or Kiwi accent, watch this.  He is hot still and my number 1 Spanish Speaking actor.  Maybe he's the reason why I am studying Spanish, so I can communicate with him in the future.  Chos!!!

2.  Nocturna(Night).  The Peter Pan syndrome in me.  It takes me back to my Ghibli film days.  I got most of the Ghibli films by the way.  Yikes.

3.  Estrellas de la Linea.  A documentary about Argentinian Prostitutes who made a football team.  This film broke my heart.  

4.  Lola.  I love Flamenco and it's good to know that they made a film about a flamenco dancer.  I love the performing arts.  If I have the talent for it, I would have been a dancer by now.  :P  I loved every minute of the Flamenco Performance that I saw in Madrid.  Soooo amazing!!!

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Eat Pray Love

As you all know, I went through the self-help phase when my ex broke up with me.  I was definitely shattered beyond repair.  I have to pick myself up slowly each day, it was definitely a very hard process that I don't want to go through ever again.  You better not break my heart Luke Banks or I'll kill you.  Just kidding!

I was very excited when I heard that Eat Pray Love was turned into a film.  I get teary-eyed whenever I see the trailer.  It's like everything is coming in a full circle.  Eat Pray Love opened last week and I didn't see it until yesterday.  I have to say, I am terribly disappointed.  The film is not what I've expected it to be.  They cut the other person from the film, they jump from one country to the next without smooth transition.  It was terrible I wish I didn't see the film.

Happy 10-10-10 Tenten!!!

I know you told me to stop calling you Tenten but I can't help it.  
Sorry this birthday greeting is late.  I was supposed to sing in Happy Birthday in Spanish but I can't find the right place to record the video.  I can't do it at home you know.  :P

Feliz Compleaños mi hermana!  Saludes y Muchos Dineros!  LOL!

Let's travel when I see you.  Luke and I are planning to go to the Snow Dome is Milton Keynes.  Come with us and be our photographer.  Hahahaha!

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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Filo Designed Clothes for Less

I met up with my friend Joanna from Uni today.  I haven't seen her since I got back last year.  The last time I saw her was almost 2 years ago I think.  She said that she is planning on getting married next year.  Congratulations!  :)  

I also got robbed today.  While waiting for Joanna, I headed to the nearest Kashieca store to browse for the new Randy Ortiz collection.  To be honest, they all look horrible on the hanger but once you put them on, you'll be surprised how amazing the clothes fit.  My tip is, try on as much as styles as possible.  A tip that I didn't take as I got lucky with the Lucy 1 style.  :P  We also went to the shops to burn the food that we ate.  While browsing at SM Cubao(yeah I know, what was I doing there???), I found the Kate Torralba for Paper Dolls collection on sale.  I got the dress for 750 PHP which was originally priced for 2,499.75PHP.  Massive Bargain! 

Yo y mi amiga Joanna.
Dress:  HK  /  Shoes:  Zara  /  Bag:  Coach
The LUCY 1 Dress.  This is how you supposed to wear it but I found 2 more ways to use it.
As a asymmetrical/ sleeveless dress.
With asymmetrical with one sleeve.
I really love the draping.  I should enrol to draping class next.
The bargain KT X PD maxi dress.  It fits amazing!!!

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