Monday, 23 February 2009

Post Valentine's Party

Classic Group Picture

Me and my Mother Dear. Bad Angle of her arm. Sorry mum!

Me and Brother Jun.

The Feliciano Girls. Yup, that's a bruise right there on my right leg! :P

Ate Macy(she did both our make up) Me and Melay, my friend.


Yesterday I took extra time on preparing for the party, not that I am excited about it, its just that I have a lot of time to kill. :P I did the usual, I put hotoil on my hair, I put mud pack on my face, I trim my toe nails and clean my toes. Nothing says party perfect than a set of clean toes. It might have took me two hours to do everything including drying my hair. I left home and went straight to my friend's place who gladly volunteered to do my make up. It took her an hour to do it. I didn't imagine that putting make up on takes that long. On my usual days, I normally put eyeliner on and vaseline on my lips. Yes, I am low maintenance. Makes you think that I am not a girl. Hahaha! I promise to put effort on my looks next time.


It took us 2 hours driving from London to Reading. It doesn't usually take that long but our driver doesn't drive on Motorway(bad experience he got) and he couldn't find where the Hotel is exactly. His wife is no help in the directions either. We finally arrived and realise that we don't have our tickets with us. Luckily, we know the seller of the tickets and they let us in. The food is scarce at the party. We only have fried rice, Noodle(cheap rip off of pancit) and two Filo dishes and for desert, citron tart and fruits. Very expensive for £35! The music is no good either. They had underdressed Filo band who sings in Bicolano(did I say that it was organised by the Bicol Association?), English and Tagalog. I hated most song selections! I couldn't understand Bicolano for one and their Tagalog songs are dated! When it's finally time to dance, I can say that we finally had fun. We manipulated the DJ with songs that we like. Hahaha! My two friends got drunk which entertained us the whole night and we took loads and loads of photos. Good company is essential! :)
I booked the Belgium Trip in May for my Bday. Finally my Euro Tour is coming true. :)
Saturday, 21 February 2009

Friday Film Date - Confessions of a Shopaholic


The girly dates started with coffee at Starbucks. We talk for a bit while waiting for the film to start. I mostly talk and they listen. Hahaha! My sister doesn't talk much so I just took the piss out of her. I am a MEANIE I know.


It is such a good film to watch with girlfriends. It got all the elements of a girly film - comedy, love story, clothes and accessories. :P It wasn't as fun as the book though. I felt that the film is a bit slow and it deviates from the original story of the book. The clothes aren't as amazing as it should and so are the accessories. I've expected more and it didn't deliver. That's just me so decide for yourselves.


Or should I say Pasta Hut? Ehehe! Pizza Hut announced its name change a while back and they hadn't do anything on the signs yet. Credit Crunch anyone? :P We went for Pizza Hut cause we couldn't decide what to have for our late lunch. We went there starving but it seems like they've forgotten our order. We waited for 30 minutes or so. When we finally got our order and on our second serving, we were given extra, large pizza for waiting. We couldn't eat it anymore so we decided to split it and take it home. We left the restaurant and me and my sister went to Zara whilemy friend Amy went home.

My outfit for today. I need to wear the dress to get into the mood. Dress and Flats from Zara and Belt from Mango and YSL Medium Majorelle Bag. I am not doing the bag a justice.

I found this Gladiator High Heels at Zara but is not on sale. Damn! Wait for me my baby. I will get you after I book my Trip to Belgium. :P

Close up. Donations anyone? Every quid is appreciated. :)

Back to Black

I just want to share this Week's outfit:

What I wore to the Confessions of a Shopaholic Film with my sister and Friend Amy. :P

Monday's outfit when I met up with Amy. My shoes is one size smaller than my actual size. It was painful! Beauty is pain people. Hahaha!

Outfit from last Friday's Night out. Excuse the Toilet Paper. Ewwwww!
Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentine's Meal

I am one of the mushiest person I know. :D I love dressing up and going on dates, I love popcorn/pizza and DVD's, I love long drives, I love endless phone conversations and yet I was depressed on Valentine's day. After my night out at Sakura, I slept the whole morning waking up at 1 in the afternoon. I wasn't excited about the day at all. I dreaded going out and seeing happy couple holding hands, with bunch of flowers on hand, cuddling and kissing. By 4PM, I was back at bed again then finally woke up at 4:30PM to put mud pack on my face and hot oil on my hair and by 10 to 6PM,I am off to church.

We had an improvised dinner after church. Bought 4 whole chickens from Nando's,(My favourite. Nando's in Asia taste different. Definitely gonna miss that when I leave the UK)Peri-Peri chips with Perinaise sauce and spicy rice. Yum yum! The dinner went very well. I talked endlessly with my church family discussing all topics - recession, laying off, my plans of going back home, relationships(I don't have one and I don't think I will have anymore. I can't seem to trust anyone now and I don't want to try and look for anyone), Italy Trip plans, everyyyyything til it's 2AM! We were surprised that we can last that long without alcohol unlike British people. They can't seem to talk unless they are chugging on endless litres of liquor! Talking from own experience, don't grill me. Anyway,so we left at 2ish AM and had a 10 minute agonising walk. The streets are full of drunk people, swearing, shouting, cursing, taking the piss out of random people and provoking passers-by. Now, I am not painting a dangerous country here, it's just that, when people drink in here, they get hammered and when they get hammered, they seem to pick up a fight. It is scary for us as we were minorities and we were walking late at night with no man with us. No worries, we were home safe now. :)
Saturday, 14 February 2009

Pre-Valentine's Dates


Yesterday, I went to an Italian Lunch Date with my girl friends, this may be the last Valentine's I will have with them since I will be leaving the UK in a few months(I haven't set a date yet so don't ask me when but I am planning on the 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year). While eating, we saw elderly couple dancing Waltz in their own tune. I am one of those people who gets emotional when I see old people together, holding hands but not this time. My break-up made me as hard rock. SAD. After lunch, we went to the college only to be told that the college is closing early. I spend 2 hours sleeping at home so I will have enough energy for the night.


I went to Sakura with two of my friends last night. One is married and the other in a relationship. Both in their 30's. Yes, I have friends older than I am. I love being with them. They listen and they tell me that I have years ahead of me. :P Last night was an okay night. I enjoyed taking the piss out of people who can't carry a tune. I didn't know that the little drummer boy dance step is still in fashion? How about Herculian dance steps in between downing 2 bottles of corona? Running man anyone? Hahaha! You will die if you see these people dance! Either they are tone deaf or they hear a different tune in their head. They are loud and it's as if being drunk dead is an SOP. Total Culture Shock if it's your first time. I used to get scared when drunk people shout but not anymore. UK made me feel like drinking and shouting is normal. This is British Culture for you. I will post more.
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Oh Boots, It is ridiculous!


It is official, I am getting blind. I went to Boots yesterday morning for my contact lens after care. After working with computer for so long, I can say that my eyes went from blurred to blind. Yes, blind. You see, in the last 6 months, my eyes have gone to -1.50/-1.50 to -1.75/-1.75 to -2.25/-2.5. In my family, there are only 4 people who wears glasses on both sides of the family(except for the oldies of course) - me, my dear sister, my cousin Ruzelle and my nephew Argene. So me saying blind isn't a exaggeration.


After my after care appointment, I was asked to do series of eye tests which I gladly agree as an excuse to skip my college class. BUSTED! The optician is not motivated at all. He looks like, I am only here for money. He didn't explain what the test is for or what the result of the test is. Great! The First test consist of "count the green dots" followed by "I will blow air into your eyes" and "look into the picture". Nothing made sense and nothing was explained to me.


Now that my prescription has gone up, it is only natural that I express interest on changing the lens of my old glasses. I told the sales assistant that I want to use my old glasses and she said that the style that I have was DISCOUNTINUED and if it breaks, they are not held responsible for anything. She suggested that I should buy a new pair of glasses instead cause it will be cheaper with my Boots Vision Plan(£50 off promo). I told her that I will have a look on what's on sale. After few minutes of browsing, she approached me and showed me the same glasses that I have, the one they said was DISCOUNTINUED! How ridiculous will it be buying the glasses that I already have? What would I do with two glasses of identical style? On even more ridiculous note, Lens cost 180 quid versus Glasses and Lens for 130! Seriously,it is fucked! I ran as soon as I got the chance. I don't like being robbed. CREDIT CRUNCH PEOPLE!
Monday, 9 February 2009

No Gay Vibes and Accident


Last Saturday, I went to Zero Degrees for Jen's bday. The group is small, 7 people, 4 from work including me and her friends from Uni. The dinner went quite well. I had pizza and most people had salad as they are preparing themselves for the double chocolate cake. Anyway, the most interesting thing about the night is the arrival of her friend! This guy looks exactly like Dennis Trillo and I had a dream about Dennis the previous night. I've got butterflies when I saw him. I didn't get much chance to speak with him as I was ID'd on the next door bar. :( The next day, I asked my friend Bhavini for his name. She said he was cute right? But Jen told me that his friend is GAY! I died. How can all cute guys be gay? Dream ended. Hahaha!


Yesterday, after the usual Sunday mass, lunch and choir practice, I went to the cinema for "He's just not that into you" with my friends. The film is insightful. The key is, if the guy is interested, he will go the extra lengths to be with you. It was freezing and raining when we left the cinema so I asked my friend to drop me home. There is a major accident on the way so we took the alternate route. As soon as we turn left, our vehicle was hit by the car behind us. The nosy driver forgot to apply his breaks! Thank God he didn't crash hard. The incident left me scared and Melissa crying. My friend driving is surprisingly calm. We are just thankful to be alive! :)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's Kuya Noel's Bday!

Karaoke Time! :P Photo taken while singing Farewell which Ignites the issue, is Kuya Noel gonna renew his UK Visa? Hahaha!

Yaaaahhh! In this photo: ME, Doris, Daddy Graham, Donna and Darlene

Me and my girl friends. Good Company is essential.

I am doing my bi-weekly hot oil and weekly mudpac while writing this entry. You will die if you see me in this state. :P Back to the topic, It was Kuya Noel's bday last night! We left Reading at 6PM and after an hour, we were in London. I was starving by then so as soon as I saw Kuya, I asked him if the food were ready. (What a good way to greet a friend whom I haven't seen for a month.) They made so much good food that I ended up eating for 2 hours and skipping alcohol altogether.

The night went out smoothly. I sang at least 10 songs, not letting go of the microphone. Hahaha! We talk, I told them of my plans of going back in June and they said that I should think about it. I told them my reasons and I asked them what their plans are. Everyone seems to be thinking about the future these days. The other day, my friend Luke told me that I am experiencing quarter life crisis. Maybe I am but I will be 24 soon and I should think about my life and I should have figured out what I want now. Things should be done, NOW. Anyway, I left just after lunch ditching the London Trip. I am not motivated at all. I've been feeling ill lately and I need to rest. I got home by 3PM and went straight to bed. Will post updates soon. :)
Friday, 6 February 2009

Good News: Tax Refund

I was feeling a bit down when I woke up this morning but the letter from HM Revenue cheered me up, I got a TAX REFUND of an undisclosed amount. :-P Finally all my phonecalls to them paid off. Now, I have 3 options here- splurge, save and spend.

SPLURGE - I am itching for the Ruby Red Balenciaga City Bag/Giant City Bag or an Omega Constallation Watch for sometime now but my common sense prevents me from buying one. It is my bday in 18 days, please God, let all these things magically appear on my doorstep on the 20th. Ehehe!
SAVE - Save everything so future use.
SPEND - I am thinking of going to Prague but my friend Luke told me that it's not a good idea to go alone. Even my mum said no to the Trip. She even asked my friend Yan for second opinion. She was that serious and worried about my safety.

What do you think people?
Monday, 2 February 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

while making my Asian Snow Man
with my Asian Snow Man
Snow Angel. I've always wanted to do this!My Dear Sister set the DSLR in timer so we can actually take photos of us, together.

Today is by far, the thickest snow I've experienced in the UK. About 3 inches and It is still snowing while I am writing this blog. Remember when I wrote that Snow makes the Winter bearable? This is it.

We were woken up by mum at 7:30 AM cause she is looking for her Digital Camera. She wants to take photos of the snow and so we can send those to Dad who is currently working in Singapore. My stars must have been aligned today cause my dad called me at 9ish AM and I told him about my plans to move back to Asia. He told me to think it through cause it is a big step. I told him that I can't go on living here with my student visa and limited work opportunity. He said that I should look for a job in Singapore and If I ever I got one, he will look for a flat so I can live with him. I was happy that my voice is shaking while talking with him. I am so vulnerable at the moment that any act of kindness is magnified. Today I felt important and loved which I haven't experienced in a long time. Today, I can say that I am truly happy and lucky to have them as my parents. :)

Back to the photos, all were taken at a nearby park about 5 minutes walk from our building. We were lucky cause we were the first ones to take photos there.
Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day Trip and Confessions

North Walls Park

Round Table(on the wall!)

Winchester Cathedral


I went to Winchester with my family yesterday. I saw this train stop on our way to South Hampton but didn't take interest until the office organised a tour. I think it is very reasonable for £5 per person. The only problem is that, there aren't many places to go to. About 2 hours is enough to cover the whole place. 30 minutes on the Winchester Cathedral, 15 minutes on the Winchester Museum, - so small but free, 10 minutes on the Round Table and Park for 30 minutes. High Street looks usual with lesser shops than my town, Reading. The only good thing about the place is that, they have free and clean toilets everywhere! Even my mum point that out. :) Most of the museums are free as well but I'd rather go to London. Which brings me to my next trip.


I have confessions to make, a. I am getting tired living in the UK and b. I want to go home soon. This didn't come as a surprise to anyone else. I've been contemplating on wheter to go back home or not for a long time now. There are things that has been stopping me in the past but things has been settled now. First, my boyfriend or should I say, my ex-boyfriend. I couldn't make my mind up then cause I don't want to leave him in the UK but he ended up leaving me in the end. Second, money matters. I'm only working part-time here but my weekly salary is a normal monthly wage of an ordinary worker back home. Third, I want to do my Euro Tour. So far, I've only been to France and my next trip is in Italy in 3 months. If I get longer Visa then I can visit up a Friend in Rotterdam. :) Fourth, my bag addiction. Before I go back, I plan to buy a Balenciaga Bag as a leaving present for myself. Fifth, I am scared that I might not find a job. Today I realise that I need to take risks and experience life. Goodbye UK, soon.




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