Saturday, 31 January 2009

my new babies

Nothing much is happening with me at the moment. So I will post my 2 new babies instead. I've been looking for a nice faux snake skin shoes now and this is the cheapest I found from New Look. It is like a shoe haven for the budget challenged. :P Each shoes cost £20. Excuse the bad photos, I didn't try. PERIOD.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

busy, busy, busy

the players
first set scoresfinal scores. my dear sister(NADINE) redeeming herself and breaking her own record. :P

I am a self proclaimed double booker but I've gone worse this time. I made 3 appointments, on 3 different locations, of 3 different activities and with 3 different groups in a day. TOP THAT!

We woke up at 6ish AM so we can get to the Bowling Alley by 9AM. Travelling by bus from our place including walking takes at least an hour. We don't own a car here and noone in my family got a licence. Please, don't expect me to drive, I am a nervous wreck. I sweat the minute I touch the steering wheel. Hahaha! Anyway, when we got there, they said that they are still preparing the bowling alley. Adjacent to the Bowling alley is an arcade so to pass the time, my sister played a driving game(Ironic for a family that don't drive) and I shoot some hoops. My unfit body was tired after one round. We saw few Dance Rev machines so we tried it. Last time I played was 10 years ago and most rhythm games that I played recently was on my Nintendo DS. I quite enjoyed it this time but was tired after 8 songs. Finally, the Alley was ready and we played 2 rounds for 2 hours. I did quite well on my opinion. It's been a while since I played. OMG this blog tells me that I am not doing enough exercise. *wake up call*

Second Phase of my activity includes work. Yes, OVERTIME! My boss asked me if I can do work over the weekend and I said YES immediately cause a. I needed extra cash and b. He rarely asked for it and I want to make an impression. Credit Crunch entails losing job and I want to keep mine secured. I got to the office by 12:30ish and I left as soon as I got there cause I was told that the 2 guys from my team has finished everything. Time wasted but nevermind. I called my mum and asked her if we meet up earlier than expected. She said she was okay with it and she was with my sister. We all went shopping(I saw stuff that I got few weeks ago on sale already and got depressed), had an Italian lunch and saw a film. It was a very fun-filled day.
Wednesday, 14 January 2009

i miss...

taking stupid photos with you

kissed while being hold

being taken care of

cooking for you and you cooking for me. help you, help me. :P

pinching your nose

taking cheesy photo with you

talking with you

sharing food with you

eating with you.

skipping work to geek out

going on trips with you

you sleeping on my lap

long drives with you

going on the park and picnic-ing

My door is left ajar...

Monday, 12 January 2009

South Hampton - Land of the Ruins

Friends are very important to me. Strengthening my relationship with people is one of My New Year's Resolution. About 2 weeks ago, I proposed a monthly bonding with my girlfriends. It doesn't have to be big as long as we make ourselves available for one whole day.

We decided to go on a day trip this month, South Hampton. We met up at 10AM, Darlene was the earliest in town as her bus comes every hour. She said, we just missed the train and we have to wait for another hour before the next train arrives. Nevermind. 1 hour is short especially when you are with girl friends. It took us 50 minutes to get there. I was disappointed at first cause the place looked like an industrial area. We didn't plan for anything, Nadda! We just walked around town and luckily covered the whole city centre in a day. To give you an idea of how South Hampton looks like, think of a castle but build houses and small roads around it, put water docks at the edge and big shopping centre. It was new and old at the same time. Very interesting.

Random Photo beside the Titanic Museum.

Pre-Nup Photo with Donna in Houndwell Park. :P

Playing Retarded with Donna.

With Darlene. She is shitting herself while taking this photo. Someone's scared of the bridge. Hahaha!

Same bridge, only on a different angle this time.

My 15 quid (Original Price £75!) warehouse dress. It is a steal! I got this from West Quay in South Hampton. I know what I am gonna wear for the Salisbury Hunting Trip! Hahaha!

Saturday, 10 January 2009

counting my blessings

Isn't today a lovely day?

I woke up at 9AM for my 11AM dental appointment. Put mud pac on and deep conditioned my hair while watching E! News. Hahaha! This is exactly what I need. PERIOD. I left home with enough time to reach my dentist. It was nice walking with light snow. It makes Winter bearable. :)

I go to my dentist every 3 months. She said that I should have strong gums for my age and no bleeding while brushing. She also suggested that I should floss and gurgle regularly which I did religiously for the past 3 months and it paid off! She said I can visit her every 6 months now. I saved £46 quid today. I celebrated by shopping of course!

I got this from Mango for £12(Original Price £40) on sale. I rarely pay full price.

£28 from Oasis. Patience is truly a virtue. Yesterday, this was on sale for £35(Original Price, £65) and today they had another 20% off. Lucky, Lucky me!

The remaining 7 quid I spend on this.

I just want to share something in connection to Krispy Kreme. This week, my mum, me and my sister started watching, Paul McKenna's I will make you thin. Not that I need any help with dieting, I am slim myself. Anyway, he gave Four Golden Rules to keep you fit.

1. Eat what you want. This is the reason why I bought Krispy Kreme.

2. Eat when you are hungry.

3. Eat consciously.

4. Stop when you are full.

Hope this helps people on a diet! Goodluck everyone! :)

Friday, 9 January 2009

health scare

Coughing kept me awake night after night for 2 weeks now. To be honest with you, it doesn't bother me at all. I hate taking medications for anything as long as I can still manage. I can go have a tooth filling without anesthetics. More than a pretty face, this girl is brave. Hahaha! My dear sister and mum is scared for me. For one, my mum saw my bad phlegm (C'mon don't be grossed out now!) and my dear sister is complaining about my Granny like coughing. She even called me Granny. I got my wake up call today when I spoke with 2 of my friends who have worked in the medical field. One told me that the NHS is on alert for alarming rate on Pneumonia, Acute Bronchitis and other lung illnesses. I remember last year when Mister Kiki went thru the same thing and was diagnosed with Bronchitis in Germany when he went for Holiday with his parents. I am also aware of the weak lung history in my family. So finally today after my course, I will be going to see my pharmacist and ask for a lung infection medicine. If I want to live longer and enjoy life more then I should take care of myself properly.

Thanks for all the concern everyone! :)
Thursday, 8 January 2009

facing the world alone

I made this blog to document my happy days in the UK and so I can keep everyone updated without the need to email every single person. Guess I won't be blogging for sometime. The truth is, I am very very depressed. Nothing can cheer me up, even precious designer Handbags. I started emailing people today but I can't seem to finish it. I am lost for words and it is very rare for me. You see, when I am sad, I tend to distance myself and to stay away with happy people thinking that I might rub off my negativity on to them. I am a disaster waiting to happen. I want to be remembered as a happy person so I will leave you with my "fringe not dead" photos taken by Gelboy thru YM. Thanks! :)

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Edward Inspired

I've been hibernating at home. Within the 2 week-Christmas break, I've only been to one day trip so far, read 5 books, watched 2 films, shopped, shopped and shopped. I will be broke if I keep on shopping at this rate. Not good. I am known for being stingy but I am doing otherwise. Anyway, I've been itiching to have a tuxedo jacket since I saw Kate Moss sporting one. *Miss Copy Cat right there!*

This is my Edward Cullen inspired look. Crappy photo as usual. The jacket(£39.05) is actually black. Take note of the Wayfarer glasses and white shirt. Muahaha!

How does this outfit make you feel? Don't say barf! Hahaha!
Friday, 2 January 2009

Why High Heels?

I can give you endless reasons why I lurve wearing high heels. First, it makes me tall. Second, it gives the illusion of long legs. I can wear jeans and feel confident. Third, it is a good leg exercise. Since wearing high heels, my legs look firmer, not that it sagged before, but it looks more shapely in a nice way. Lastly, it gives my wardrobe the extra oomph that it needs!

Above are the shoes that I wear to work.

My casual heels. :)

My personal favourites. Clockwise from the Mustard Yellow River Island Mary Jane which I worked to death last fall, taking on trips with me, Zara shoeboot which is my favourite winter shoes, Zara Peep Toe Pumps in Satin - my official party shoes, New Look Satin Pumps in Purple which I haven't worn yet, GAP Peep Toe Wedge in Blue Jean which in my opinion is the most comfy shoes ever made. It is like walking in flats, I swear! and Zara Sandals in Gold detail. Sorry for looking flashy but I can't afford the Gucci Shoeboot and this is the next best thing for me. *wink*

Nice Diversion

Oh boy, talking about starting the year with a bang or in my case, booooo. I greeted the New Year in my jammies, watch the fireworks display on TV with Yakult on hand (unlike my original plan of going to London) and went straight to bed.

Today I made a promise to myself. I will not let this day pass without doing anything. By anything, I mean just about anything. After church, I went to The Oracle and check sale clothes. Damn! Mango dresses are still expensive it makes my cheap self, er, feel cheaper. Hahaha! Sad, I went straight to the cinema and watch The Spirit. It was a nice diversion. :)
The Spirit. Sorry for the bad photo.




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