Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Post Travel Updates

If you are following my travel blog, you probably know that I've just been to Morocco.  It wasn't quite SATC(that's sex and the city)  as I've expected but good enough to get away from the harsh English winter.  The much needed break gave me too much joy that I dreaded going back to work the minute it was over.  

April will be boring as I don't have anything planned but May will be a fabulous month for me.  Two concerts and 1 week trip to Europe.  Please grant my visa Greek embassy.  *fingers crossed*

Will keep you posted.  How's everyone?
Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NY's Resolution FAIL

This is a serious fail.  It's only been 2 months since the year started and I broke 2 of my NY's resolution - go to the gym often and blog weekly.  In my defense, I am very busy with work.  I recently got promoted to Trainee Merchandiser and it is draining me.  In my 1 month's training, I cried twice.  Both time out of exhaustion.  The role is overwhelming and my emotions erratic from lack of sleep, hunger and constant pressure from my superiors and workmates(trying to act like the boss).  People told me to stop taking sh*t from them but I am too tired to even think about arguing.  Gladly I found 2 peers who understand the pressure of work whom I can speak with on a regular basis and won't label me as a whiny b*tch.  :)

I found marriage surprisingly easy.  The key is to work as a team.  Luke is a very supportive and caring husband.  I cringe when people say, "he's my rock" but I understood what it meant now.  He would cook when I can't and even prepare left over dinner for my lunch.  He is definitely neat.  Our kitchen is always clean, I blame his addiction to cleaning products.  He supports my goals in life and prioritises my happiness.  We both love to save and get discounts.  I found my match.  This story will probably better illustrate my our KAKURIPUTAN.

As everyone know, I am very tight fisted.  I know, it is not really obvious as I have strong fixation on designer brands.  I love my expensive handbags and now, designer collaborations.  I have been buying weekly on a heavily discounted price since the January sales and still dreaming about owning countless designer bags.  Now back to the story, last week was Valentine's day.  I don't normally like celebrating it but since I am happily married, I gave in to the marketing scheme.  :P  Luke and I wanted a chilled night so we went to my favourite pasta joint and watched the film that I was dying to see.  BUT not before I found the right printable discount voucher.  Hahaha.  It saved us a good 20% on our meal.  Now, I don't recommend this to anyone on their first date.  This comes with familiarity.  Recession definitely brought the resourcefulness in us.  I almost always don't have to pay full price on my planned meals or shopping.  :)

Can't wait for my week off in 4 weeks time and my second salary in 8 days.  How's everyone?  :)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Year New Goals

I never had any New Years resolution because I know I can never stick to them.  Instead yearly, I set a goal for myself to achieve.  It doesn't have to be about my career because that part of my life I haven't sorted out, it is usually about travelling and making myself a bit better each year.

Goals for 2013 are:

1.  Get promoted.  I used to work in Oil and Gas industry where I was paid loads.  I didn't like my work but I liked my pay.  When I moved back to the Philippines, I vowed to chase my dreams and landed a role in Fashion Merchandising for a clothing mail order company then a Management Trainee position for in one of the retail giants in the Philippines.  Now I'm back in the UK feeling unemployable and ended up as a Retail Assistant.  I'm not ashamed of what I'm doing, I enjoy my job but I feel like I can do better.  After few weeks of working, a position has opened and I grabbed it.  I am gonna find out the result tomorrow.  *fingers crossed*

2.  Lose weight.  I am aware that I can never go back to my UK 4-6 size from 3 years ago. I made peace with the fact that my body has changed and my metabolism has slowed down.  I just need to tone up and maintain my size 8-10.  I will try to eat healthy, restrict my calorie intake and go to the gym at least 3 times a week despite my crazy schedule.  After all, I pay £43 monthly!  That's almost a days pay for me!  :-P

3.  See more of the world.  I know, I've travelled more than most of you but I've always been a nomad. I want to see Greece or Morocco for this year or wherever Luke takes me.  Hehehe.  

4.  Save up.  Being unemployed for years fully depleted my savings.  I have no regrets apart from not having enough work experience.  I'll try to save as much as possible this year so when I have to make the big move to the Head Office work in 2 years, so I don't have to ask for Luke's money to bail me on train fare.  It cost at least £4k a year now from Reading to London.  I need to save that much in 2 years.   I want to stay debt free for as long as I live.

5.  Go on dates more.  Finding time in our schedule is difficult.  I have to work on weekends and he have all his weekends free.  Luckily, the shops here close early.  Unlucky for us, we have nowhere to go to.  LOL!

Last weekend, I finished worked at 12noon and Luke took me to Winter Wonderland.  This has to must be our yearly ritual.  So here's a photo of our first date of the year minus Luke.  

6.  I need to get in touch more with friends.  I don't have loads and I suck at it.  I will use facebook often to communicate with friends.  I'll make sure I skype or e-mail them on my free time. 

7.  Blog more.  I'll make sure that I update this weekly.  I've slacked over the year and I know you all miss me.  Not much crazy adventure this year.  I'm focusing on serious stuff okay.  Who wants to hear about my marriage?  Hehehehe.
Thursday, 30 August 2012

Road to Happy Ever After

Let me start this blog by saying, we (my family) don't know anything about weddings.  In my family, I can count in one hand how many had proper wedding - Kuya Ji and Jamie, Ate Yogi and Kuya  Vic and Ate Pana and Bruno.  That's 3.  Everyone else had quickie.  

Luke and I went to the registry and was given less than 3 weeks to prepare the wedding.  Our choice.  We wanted to get married as soon as we can.  We were ignorant.  We thought it was that easy.  


To my surprise, I wasn't a very fussy bride.  When my sister suggested that I try the Warehouse dress, I liked it immediately and didn't look for anything else. Thank you peplum and lace trend!  It took me just a day to choose my dress.  My philosophy is:  The less I try, the less option I have and the less decision I had to do.  My shoes is from Zara.  It was either nude conservative or pop of colour.  Nude is so not me, enough said.  :P


Originally, Luke and I joked about Cosmo - buffet restaurant in Reading.  When he suggested Forbury Restaurant, I just went along with it.  I can't think of any place which Europeans and Asians will like.  Plus we were promised that the place will be closed for us.  LIE!  I was disappointed when I saw people in the restaurant but I was just so happy to be married that I wouldn't let that glitch ruin my day.


I didn't wanna exchange rings as I didn't wanna carry the burden of finding one that I am not inlove with.  Luke on last minute changed his mind.  We went around the high street a day before the wedding to look for rings.  Mine was a toss up between M&S and Swarovski.  We were supposed to purchase the M&S ring when he used the word token.  The flips me out!  I said, token of our cheap relationship.  Hahaha!  In the end, I bought one from Swarovski that matched my bespoke engagement ring perfectly.  We will have one made for next year.  :)

The wedding day was a mixed of emotion highs and lows.  My family had pre-wedding drama although you can't tell that by looking at the photos.  Good thing I was very good in masking my emotion or the day will be ruined.  I cried it out the next day.  Noone has the right to make the bride feel horrible 30 minutes before her wedding.  

It was true when they say that the wedding day has to be enjoyed as it goes by quickly.  We were fortunate that some of our close friends and families were present for our wedding.  My fears of tripping and peeing didn't happen.  Everyone had a good time and we were surrounded by people who is genuinely happen to us get married.  Let's do this again next year!  :) 




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