Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Week That Was

I have been busy sorting my online business that I don't have time  to update this account.  The first two weeks has been very fruitful.  I sold more than 10 of my items and earn half of my credit card bill.  Whew!

Last Thursday, UST, MY Alma Mater, celebrated it's 400 years.  It was like Paskuhan but STAR STUDDED.  I didn't realise that my school produced so much stars from national heroes(dead now), actors, directors,new anchors and to beauty queens.  Yes, beauty queens.  Precious Lara sang.   I wish she didn't now.  :P  On the same day, I also met up with my two closest Uni friends, Trisha and Joana.  It was nice seeing them both.  I wish I had more time to each of them. :(

We all know that I am a notorious double booker.  I won't deny that.  My "meet up" with Divine fell on the same day as my cousin's birthday.  As they were equally important to me, I didn't have the guts to cancel on either of them.  Divine is one of my closest friends from Elementary School.  I lost in touch in High School but found each other again in a Social Networking Site.  True Story.  From then on, we meet each other every time we get the chance.  I felt really bad that I only spent 2 hours with Divine but I really missed my cousins.  I haven't seen them in 8 months.  My nephew and godchild doesn't know me.  When I asked him who I was, he hugged and kissed me and told me that he was sorry.  I told him that I am his aunt and my name is May(my nickname.  LOL).  He called his mum and told her that her classmate from the office was here.  He showed me his dinosaurs.  I told him that I've recently been to a dinosaur place with birds, reptiles etc. and he kept on saying "WOWOWOW".  He asked me to take him there but I told him that it's too far.  It was in Natural History Museum in London.  :P  

I am glad to see my cousins.  One will be recording an album now with his band and another directing commercials.  I am so proud of them.  I am so cheesy today.  :P

 Al Fakher.  :P
Financial Executive Lorraine.  LOL!
My friend Macy had her baby yesterday too.  It was a boy but is premature.  Let's pray that the baby is safe.  I don't know how to commute to the hospital.  FML.
Shameless Plug.  Please visit my webstore- - and purchase my goodies.  Thanks Lovelies! xxx

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Bad Girls Reunion

Once upon a time, our Kuyas labelled us as Bad Girls but we didn't live through their expectations, Thank God!

I haven't seen Ruzelle in more than half a year mostly because I've been away and she is busy with Boom and work.  I see Lorraine on a regular basis though.  We live 5 minutes away from each other, very very convenient.  

I had a very nice time with my cousins although I tried to keep awake most of the time.  I am still badly jetlagged.  I go from very very sleepy to energetic then back to being tired again.  We chatted as usual but we talk about more mature things now.  When I say mature, I say, love and boyfriends and plans.  Plans about moving forward with life which I failed to answer once again.  I just can't answer any longer as I am lost myself.

Let's see each other again girlies! Hopefully, I am feeling better.  :)

Ruzelle, it was very nice to see you and Boom.  
Saturday, 22 January 2011

First Buyer

I finally decided to downsize my wardrobe because a.  I have so much clothes b.  I want to totally revamp my wardrobe and c.  I need to make room for new ones.  I am selling over 30 pieces and I still have more.  I can't believe how much clothes I've accumulated over the years.  I have brand new unworn clothes, shoes that I wore once and dresses that doesn't fit me.  I used to be size 0 by the way.  Almost a year ago, I wanted to put up my own online clothing business but I started working so the plan was changed.  After quitting work, I started travelling with my dear boyfriend.  Everywhere we went, we shopped and almost everything that I bought for my online store, I ended up loving and wearing.  :P  Finally, I decided to downsize.  Yesterday, I met up with my first buyer(outside circle of family and friends).  In the Philippines, it's normal to meet up with buyers.  I like it because it's less hassle.  The parcel system in my country in my opinion is very unreliable.  In my 25 years of existence, I only used the post once.  Yeah, that's how much I trust it.  Hahaha!  The "meet up" was nothing like I've expected.  I was actually nervous when I received the text that she arrived.  I don't know how to approach her.  So I spoke with her for a bit.  Told her that I am a "meet up virgin".  Then after exchanging payment and products, I left.  I was very sleepy.  Still jetlagged.  My body takes a long time to get to my normal sleep pattern.  

If you want to check out my pre-loved and brand new items please visit my webstore -  I will be posting more clothes today.  Thanks Darlings!  :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I was in a bitch panic mode when I left Reading last Monday.  I packed up early but I met up for a quick lunch and shopping with Donna before my flight.  I was home by 2PM and my target rail air bus was at 2:25PM leaving me with 20 minutes to get ready and to reach the station.  My mum suggested to hire a taxi the previous night but I am too stingy to pay double of what I can pay with the rail bus.  Dear boyfriend also asked me if I want to be collected and drove to the airport by her mum but I declined the offer.  I am not comfortable being driven by his mum.  In the end, I experienced hell.  I missed my bus, walked in the rain, damaged my Alexa, missed my rail bus and cried in the train station out of self pity.  Everything went well when I reached the Airport though.  I was able to check in within 10 minutes of arrival and did my tax refund for another 10 leaving me with 2 hours to spare.  Disappointingly, the Cathay food didn't satisfy me and I was feeling sick throughout the whole trip.  I didn't catch up on sleep too.  I've never been so tired and thirsty in my life.  I was also hassled by the airport taxi driver.  Welcome to the Philippines!  :P

I got 2 lugguages.  One hand carry for my shoes and bag and one massive one for my clothes.

Sorry for sending everyone to hell yesterday.

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Goodbye Meals

Someone asked me why I am blogging.  I told him that I liked to remember everything that I did and to share the experience to everyone.  I didn't have a diary growing up.  I guess it's because I don't have much angst and I don't really have anything to write about apart from playing or my crushes.  Hahaha!

When I left the UK permanently in 2009, I was ready and was happy with my decision.  When I left this time, I felt really sad.  I told my friends that I don't wanna go but have to.  Luke suggested changing my flight departure date which I didn't do.  I have to go back to sort things back home - I need to renew my passport, I need to sort my visa for another trip and I need to downsize my wardrobe.  I started going through my clothes at 1AM(I am jetlagged still).  I have 38 articles of clothing, 10 shoes and 5 handbags to sell.  I have to take photos still which is a bit tricky.  Okay back to the story now.  :)  On my final week, I didn't do much apart from shopping, eating out and meeting up with friends.  Surprisingly, we didn't go clubbing.  It was cold and I am getting old for it.  


My girlfriends and I met up for dinner at The Mission.  I haven't been and I wanted to eat something different.  We ordered a burrito, 2 fajitas and a pitcher of frozen Margarita.  I got excited seeing the pitcher BUT we weren't able to finish it.  The tequilla was too strong.  I thought freezing it will make the taste better but I was wrong.  I only had 2 glasses, Donna had one and Darlene had 3.  I shake my head every time I swallow the drink.  We moved to Starbucks after to chat.  I like talking with my girlfriends.  We can talk about the same things over and over and never get tired of it.  I guess, we just like being around each other.  I like the laid back lifestyle I have in the UK.  To be honest, I am not a big fan of the filo get together where everyone gather around the table to drink beer and chat.  Enough said.


I enjoy being in the UK more than in the Philippines although I have more friends and family here.  I like being able to socialise with people on a regular basis.  Amanda's birthday fell on my final weekend in the UK.  The timing was fantastic as I was able to see everyone and say goodbye to everyone.


I told my mum that I wanted to have a family meal before I go.  My sister kept on forgetting about it.  I wanted to pay but the bill is almost my two weeks food meal so I paid my share instead.  It was embarrassing and I still sleepless nights about it.  :P  

I am missing my family already.  I miss my evening chats with my sister.  As the lady in come fly with me will say " Praise the Lord for one bedroom flat!".  I am glad that we were able to bond and share everything.  This trip definitely brought us closer.  We've definitely matured.

I hope to see my family again soon.  X

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Linds and Carol's Wedding

I love weddings.  I can't stress that enough.

Last Saturday, Luke and I attended his mum's wedding.  This is also the reason why my 6 weeks holidays turned 3 months.  I am not complaining though, I get to spend longer time with my family which I haven't seen in a year.  Thanks Lovie!

It was a nice wedding and I was drank at 3PM.  Sorry this has to be me, it is my blog after all.  The ceremony started at 1PM and champagnes were served at 2PM.  I had a glass then double vodka and cranberry.  By 3PM, lunch were served and my lips were numb.  Clear indication that I was drank.  The more alcohol kicked in, the better I feel about talking to people.  I normally don't put in effort in speaking with people unless I know that I have something to speak with them.  I hate small talks with Luke has mastered.  That makes one of us, Thank God!  I met quite a lot of people from Luke's childhood - people that he went to baby school with, his friends' parents and kids that he grew up with.  It was such a pleasant experience!

I was feeling really sleepy after the dessert was served to I asked Luke if I can lie down for a bit.  I ended up sleeping for an hour and sobered up after a cup of coffee just in time for the dance.  The entertainment that night was fantastic.  People danced.  I danced.  I made Luke dance with me.  He said, he only danced to MJ's songs.  Well, I made you dance to Beyonce, Rhianna, etc.  Hahaha!  Thanks for being my dance partner.  You have rhythm after all. xxx

I am not a fan of his three piece suit but it was chosen for him.  I wore my Lanvin and had so much compliments that night.  Luke's mum's friend saw me from a far, he's a bit campy and thought to himself, "she really knows what she is doing".  His words, not mine.  :)

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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Natural History Museum

Remember when Luke and I went on our first London date this year?  We actually met up with his friend Scott who went to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photography of the Year Exhibit.  He said it was amazing and as I remember free.  Well, it was not.  An adult has to pay £9.  We can't be bothered to so we went around the museum instead.  I have been before but I can't remember what it actually have.  All I can remember is I like the fascade but I have clearer picture of the Science Museum.  Just saying.  

Just outside the museum is an ice skating rink.  I wanted to give it a go but it was raining.  I am challenged in the balance department and don't wanna risk being hospitalised especially when I am not insured.  NHS is expensive for non UK residents.  :P

Luke was starving so we head to Toku.  Finally satisfied my Beef Niku Udon cravings.  :)  Luke ordered a dozen sushi which I helped myself into one.  The meal was as satisfying as I remembered it to be.  It was a bit salty but the beef is nice still.  

I took Luke on his first Urban Outfitters tour too then to Carnaby Street, Soho, Regent's Street and home.  I love London.  I want to live in the City!!!


The day started as sh*t and ended up as sh*t no matter how hard we tried to cheer ourselves up.  Luke and I had a massive fight.  Not happy about it but things has to be discussed.  


Luke's mum's wedding is tom.  I am wearing my Lanvin, FINALLY!!!!

 Dinosaur Style.  I am so dirty.
 Philippine Lemur REPRESENT!  I didn't even know that we have Lemur in the Philippines.
 Photo taken just outside the Natural History Museum.
Happy with my beef niku udon.  Yummyyyyyyy!!!!
 I saw him as a Panda whilst taking this photo.  I blame the bamboo ornament.
 Kingsly Court in Carnaby Street.  I love the shops!!!
 Luke's dinner.

Liberty of London.  The building is more amazing at night.  :)

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Stratford Upon Avon

This post is misleading.  This isn't all about Stratford Upon Avon.  

I wanted to visit my friend Melay in Kenilworth since Luke's last R&R but we weren't able to find the time. He was busy meeting his relatives and friends and I was happy to tag along not without a little drama of course.  :P  Finally, we were able to arrange a meeting with her.  Melay is one of my closest friends in the UK.  I only have few close friends as I have trust issues.  I am comfortable with meeting people but being friends with them needs time investment for me.  Melay used to live in Reading but she moved in the midlands when she she fell inlove.  I know, it's a bit gay.  They are getting married next month.  I am one of the bridesmaids and I am so looking forward to the big day.  I love seeing friends settle down.

Markus and Melay bought a house 4 months ago and none of the Reading people has been.  My mum wanted to go with us but she and my sister moved houses on the day of our visit, the only 2 days that Melay and Markus were available and so was Luke's mum.  I was happy seeing her.  We only spoke for two solid hours in tagalog until Markus arrived.  I left Luke in the living room with the controller.  Thanks for being understanding lovie.  :)

The following day, I woke up late and didn't see Melay and Markus.  Luke loves his wild animals and since we were in Kenilworth, I suggested that we should go to the safari park but it was unfortunately closed.  I also wanted to go to snowdome and try sledging.  It wasn't available until half past 6 in the evening.  So much for my planning.  Hahahaha!  With so much failed plans, we ended up in Stratford Upon Avon.  Stratford Upon Avon was Shakespeare's birthplace.  I've always wanted to go as I like the character of the place but I didn't get the chance until yesterday.  The weather was terrible.  It was cold and raining but we had fantastic time walking around the city centre.

Melay's House:
L-R(Top):  Back Garden  /  Guest Room.  
L-R(Bottom):  Lake at the bottom on of the garden  /  Lounging Deck
They were excellent hosts.  The room felt like a hotel's.  They also took us to a pub that serves filo food called Virgins & Castle.  One of the oldest pubs in Warwickshire, more than 400 years old.  Luke loved Crispy Pata.  Hahahaha!

Strada meal at Stratford Upon Avon.

Shakespeare's house.

We stopped for a cuppa in Hobsons Patisseries.  The Victoria Sponge Cake was so nice!!!

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