When I turned 20, I wrote a letter to myself - it lists all the things that I want to do before I die.  I know, 20 is young to think about dying especially when you don't have terminal illness.  But think about it, 20 years old is 7,300 days of being alive.  My mum just finished her European Tour then and I have no chance of going to any country, let alone Europe.  But I have a dream and I dream big.  

My mum moved to the UK the same year.  The following year, I finished Uni and my mum gifted me a UK Holiday.  I moved in the UK the same year.  I found a job that pays well and I got nothing in mind but to save for the future.  Little did I know that I am actually saving for my European Tour.  I worked hard for the next 2 years, I was in a relationship at the same time.  When the relationship ended, I was devastated, my contract at work ended, everything seems to be going the wrong way, dad lost his job etc etc.  I had to reconnect with my friends and myself.  I have to do what makes me happy and I remember my childhood dream - seeing the world.  

It is true that when you desire something, the universe will conspire with you.  I've read this a hundred times on Paulo Coelho books.  I get inspired reading them.  I find myself crying whenever I come across it.  So year 2009 was my year.  I was able to do my European Tour.  

I first went for 5 days in Italy with my mum and my sister.  It fell on the Holy Week and we were able to attend a mass in Vatican and see the Pope.  We almost received a host in Vatican.  We went to Pisa for a day to visit family.  It was April 2009.  

May is my bday month.  I planned a big 24th birth month.  I included travelling of course so I took my mum to Belgium.  I found a very good deal on eurostar for me and my mum.  We went for a weekend.

My friends have been planning to go to Spain and Portugal for a year.  One of my friends asked me if I want to go to Edinburgh Festival with her.  I said it will depend on the dates.  Initially I want to go to both but I ended up going to Spain and Portugal and cancelling on Edinburgh Festival.  I learn that in life, you have to make decisions and live with that decision with no regrets.  In Spain, we went to Montserrat, to Pamplona to where the bull run is, Barcelona and Madrid.  We flew for a few days in Lisboa.  It was the most amazing trip with my friends so far.  I was the youngest but I am with a bunch of crazy professionals.  One is actually a young financial director.  

July, on the same month, I went to Edinburgh for a weekend with friends - my filo girlfriends from Reading.  The people that helped me through my break up, listening to whatever sh*t I have to say.  Thanks girlies!  

August, I went on 10 day trip with my sister to Belgium and Netherlands.  We were invited by Jack.  The initial plan was to go on a bus tour for a week to Prague and Germany but the tour was cancelled.  They couldn't get enough people for the tour.  So dear sister and I ended up everywhere in Belgium and in Netherlands.  

September was the month I'm scheduled to go back in the Philippines.  I told my mum that I wanted to go on my own to Paris but she didn't let me.  She thinks(despite being 24) that it is not safe to go on  a trip alone for a girl.  They ended up coming with me to Paris for a weekend. 

I am glad that I took all the travel opportunities and I've saved up enough to make it possible.  I am so thankful for my family and friends for supporting me.  


Click HERE for my European Tour Entries.




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