Friday, 29 July 2011

Roundtrip - Manila - Nueva Ecija - Tarlac - Nueva Ecija then Manila

I almost gave up on this trip.  I didn't realise that I had horrible diarrhea that day.  Let's just say that I stood up and stopped the bus to do number 2 on the side of the highway.  If that's not bad enough, I had to do it again after 5 minutes of finishing then again after another 5 minutes.  I will never pretend to have food poisoning just to skip work again.  

My family expected Luke and I to arrive lunch time.  JR informed me that they are actually planning to cook for us.  Thank God they didn't as we arrived a little after 3PM and went straight to Isdaan in Tarlac.  I've seen the photos, I've seen the reviews and I wanted to go myself and check out the place.  I wasn't disappointed.  It reminded me of my trip in the floating market in Thailand.  I was very much relaxed and had an enjoyable meal.  I hope they had a nice time too.

We arrived at Nueva Ecija at 9PM.  It was late.  We expected the oldies to be in bed but they weren't.  I told Luke jokingly that he had to do the filo rights of passage - chopping woods, fetching water, the works.  I just love seeing his reactions to anything stupid that I say.  Oh life's little pleasure(at the expense of Luke).  :P  I expected Nomeng to be talkative but she weren't.  She said she was speechless.  Granny on the other hand asked all the basic questions.  When I say basic I mean, "what's your name?", "how old are you?", "where are you from?" - I am not even kidding.  It was funny.  Luke's visit had her worked up.  Humukay talaga ng Ingles si Lola.  I was making fun of her but she told me that at least she is trying.  She asked Luke if he can speak tagalog.  He said, a little.  He said Oo, Hindi, Bakla.  We all laughed when he said it.  Can't remember teaching him that.  LOL!!!  We were knackered when we got in Manila.  I went to work the next day.

Group Photo.  We had to ask Ate to take this.
This is how much Luke loves me.  :P

Meet the Lolas.
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mama Elen, Goodbye

I've attended 2 family wakes this year both on my mum's side of the family.  My first was last holy week when my grandma's cousin died and today when I went to my aunt's.  Mama Elen was my mum's older sister.  She was 71 when she died.  I didn't know about her death until I called my cousin Lorraine at work and she asked me if I'm coming to Mama Elen's wake.  Work is making me an outsider in the real world.  It makes me question if working 6 times a week is still worth it.  Sacrficing time with away from family and not getting paid enough.  To be honest, I didn't realise that it's gonna be this hard when I took this job.  I have big dreams for myself.  I wanna work in a massive company, get experience in my chosen field.  Everyday I question myself why I signed the contract.  Regrets but I have to wear my big ladies pants and grow up.

I didn't know how Mama Elen died.  I forgot to ask but I know that she is in a better place now with God.  She chose to be cremated.  I didn't realise how painful seeing someone being cremated.  Imagine putting a pizza dough in an oven but instead of dough, you are putting a human.  So painful to watch.  :(

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fruition Spa, Quezon City

There is no surprise on what I do on my day off - I do my laundry, sort my ebay stuff, pig out and go for a massage.  I wanted to add film today but I can't be bothered to leave early.  I don't stay out late during my day off as I don't like going to work tired the next day.  I just do "me time" which actually works for me.  Keeps me energised the whole week.  

I was supposed to go to a affordable spa place in Congressional but I can't find the spa.  I am pretty sure that I am in the right place but I can't see any signs pointing me to the place.  Frustrated I left and went to the first parlour that I saw.  Big mistake.  I should have done more research before I went.  It's only 300php an hour so there ain't much to lose right?  :P  

Everyday, I see the big sign, Fruition Spa 300 per hour on my way home.  Curious I went.  I was praying the whole time for a clean non spa-kol place.  It wasn't.  It just that the service was horrible.  I was greeted by a bored looking receptionist.  When I told her that I wanted Shiatsu, she said okay.  She asked to fill up something and took me to the room.  I commented on how big the place was.  She didn't say anything.  She turned on the air conditioning put the light on the brightest setting then left.  When the masseuse came back, she asked what I wanted.  I told her Shiatsu but she told me to get Swedish instead as she is not so good with Shiatsu.  Defeated, I said okay.  Although I am settling for less, at least I am settling for what she knew how to do.  

The massage itself is okay.  She used lots of massage oil to the point that I felt uncomfortably oily after the massage.  They use oil in peppermint spa too but they rub you with cornstarch powder afterwards.  I do believe in second chances but I don't think I'll come back for more.  I can't afford to waste an hour and 300PHP of my own money AGAIN.  My spa hopping continues next week.  

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