Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Irie Sunday: 19.02.12

My social life is officially back on.  :)

Luke told me that he is happy that I'm going out again.  Truth be told, I think he is happy that I'm less bitchy cause I have something to do with my time.  Therefore, less drama in our long distance relationship.  LOL!

Lorraine, Ruzelle and I went to Irie Sunday.  Ruzelle has been talking about going here for months and we thought we should give it a try.  We had lots of fun with the unforseen Makati Med Emergency Room event.  No details, it's been us girls and Luke.  Hahaha!
Grabbed from facebook.

People spotting FAILED!  After the second band, a not so good looking guy approached us and asked if we were having fun, we continued talking.  Suplada lang.  But if you see the guy, you might do the same thing.  Afterwards, I asked Lorraine if we could sit down.  2 guys moved next to us clearly wanting to chat as there were lots of vacant seats.  We didn't dare look at them and continued talking and then we left.  Pagmamaganda.  LOL!
At Makati Med.  The clue is in this photo and facebook.  :P
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Party Til We Dropped

I do go on holidays quite a lot but I have never been on a proper holiday with Lorraine and Ruzelle.  When I say proper, I mean, no boyfriends, out of town, no wet blanket.  I am usually the wet blanket as I rarely drink plus of course there's my tb case.  Hehe.

Ruzelle arrived on Thursday, I arrived on Friday and Lorraine arrived on Saturday.  
Friday.  Ruzelle and her siblings took me out for drinks.  We went to Epic then to Summer Place.  Nothing blog worthy happened.
Saturday.  We went to Club Summer Place as usual.  We had a bucket of beer then head off to Juice Bar after midnight.  Our trip coincided with Juice Bar's 7th Anniversary.  Drinks were sold for 7 pesos per plastic cup.  We tried Blue Margarita.  It had horrible effect on both Lorraine and Ruzelle and I couldn't stop dancing.  Hahaha!  Lorraine went blank for a bit.  Before we left the bar, this happened:

2 guys approached us.  I was still in my normal coherent condition.  

SPO4 Tan:  Sorry, anak yan ng mayor.  Then SPO4 Tan introduced himself.  We shook hands.  LOL!
The mayor's son asked for Lorraine's number.
Lorraine declined at first but said, sige.  Then added, di ko alam pano gumamit nito, iphone ako!  Dictated someone's number.
Anak ng Mayor:  Di mo yata number to e.  
Lorraine repeated the number again.  I told SPO4 Tan to take his companion.  


Ruzelle went missing.  She said she was only gonna go to the toilet.  When she didn't return after 5 minutes, I went paranoid.  But thankfully, it was only a case of pagkakasalisi.

Sunday.  It was Kuya Ji and Jamie's wedding.  After the reception, most of the bagets went to Club Summer Place for the after party but the trip wasn't as prolific as the previous nights.  To top it off, there are lots of retirees.  Hahaha!  We went to Juice Bar but the scene was too relaxed.  We decided to check Paraw but it's too hip-hop for us so we decided to head to our accommodation.  I went to bed at 2:30AM but everyone else stayed til 7:30AM.  

One Destination: Jamie + Jill

I don't really know who Jamie is or what she is like.  I only met her twice prior to the wedding.  The first time was in Christmas 2009 and the second time was on her bridal shower, 2 weeks before the wedding.  Jillian or Kuya Ji as we call him, is my cousin.  He is Ruzelle's older brother.  She wanted to be an actress but ended up working in Marketing, he is a fine arts UP graduate and is a freelance director.  Together they make a good story.  Ang cheesy lang.  :)

He proposed in Greenbelt cinema.  He rented the whole place.  Both of their families and friends were there.  She was ecstatic.  It was her dream to see herself in the big screen.  They were hands-on throughout their wedding.  They would fly to Boracay to look for wedding venues and food tasting.  They didn't use a wedding coordinator until the wedding day.  I don't think I can do that to my own wedding.  I am too unorganised..

The wedding is puno ng pasabog!  Both parties siblings participated in the flash mob for their couple's entrance.  I jokingly told Botchok na ituturo ko sha sa end ng performance but that joke's on me.  Di sha nakatingin!  Hahahaha!  To close the program, Kuya and Jamie hired a group of fire dancers.  What we didn't realise is that, they are gonna dance too.  Production number talaga tong wedding.  I super enjoyed it!
Couple's entrance.
  Jamie arrived in a paraw. 
Wedding game.  Yes, we do wedding games here.  I don't know if they have something like this in the UK though.  
Kuya and Jamie with the fire dancers.
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Monday, 6 February 2012

Road Trip to Fun

Last Saturday has been very fun!  My cousins and I went to a conservative bridal shower in Astoria Plaza, stayed in soho for a bit to chat with my aunt, drank in The Reserve in Ortigas, then to Eastwood for "old times sake", followed by road trip from Katipunan only to end up in Karaoke Republic in Timog.  

Let's try your lounge in the Fort next time Ate Utay?  Let me lose my fat reserve first.  LOL!!
Conservative Pinoy Henyo.  We got "lugaw" to guess.  They asked for ear, earbuds.  Too sweet for bridal shower.  I was expeting, dildo and penis.  LOL!!!
Loved my Kuya's question and answer presentation.
Group photo.
Enjoying Cosmopolitan at the Reserve.
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