Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Granny's 83rd Birthday!

It was my Granny's 83rd birthday last Friday but since everyone working in Manila was arriving later that day, my relatives decided to move the celebration the following day, Saturday.  I woke up with the pig crying.  I know from the previous day that they were roasting pig and I know that they were doing it in the backyard.  I grew up seeing different animals being butchered at our backyard so this was nothing new to me.  This time, I have to take photos for everyone to see in this blog.  Sorry if this post grossed some of you out.

This is my granny.  My cousins and I used to call her granny goose from the crisps that they used to produce when I was younger.  It was later changed to just granny.
This was the pig that was being butchered.  My uncle runs a small piggery and he told me that 2 days before the celebration, the pig that they were supposed to roast for granny's birthday died.  After slashing its throat, they would drain the blood from the pig, boiled water would then be poured to the pig to prepare it from shaving.

The pig's internal organs.  I wasn't there when they took this out from the carrion.
While they were roasting, I watched my cousin Ivan cheat while playing "tex" with my nephew Kyle.  Kyle is a sore loser.  That made the game even worse.  Ivan is 13 years old and in high school while Kyle is 8 and in 2nd Grade.  
During my granny's celebration, we rented out a Karaoke Machine.  Renting Karaoke Machines is common in the Philippines.  For the whole day, we only paid PHP300.  That's less than 50% cheaper than Manila.  My granny singing, Maalaala Mo Kaya.  In the Philippines, the kids starts singing in Karaoke the moment they start learning to read.  I think it's a good way of learning English and practicing reading actually.  :)
This was the roast pig or as we call it in the Philippines, Lechon.  The kid couldn't wait, I know!
The people who came for granny's celebration.  They were mostly people in our neighbourhood.  Most people in our neighbourhood are our relatives too.  So I can say that I grew up surrounded by my relatives.  I am not very close to them now but I still keep in touch.  It is a must to say hello to everyone and to drop by to their houses whenever we come from Manila for the weekend.

From granny's celebration, my brod, Karen, his girlfriend, Ivan and I went to the shopping centre to buy Bingo set and to play in the Arcade.  The following day, we went back again to eat out and to watch the Expendables.  As I've expected, the "choose your weapon" teaser is a lie.  It is still not possible to put all the washed out actors together.  The film is very mediocre too.  I've seen lots of better films.
I love this rhythm game.  I hope I have this at home.  :P
We played Bingo and Cuajo for the weekend.  It was a nice bonding time with my Feliciano Family although not everyone can make it.  

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Instant Photo Editor

I am looking for online Instant Photo Editor for the special project that I am working on.  I can't use photoshop and I don't like spending too much time editing.  All I need is a good camera.  Thank God for the DSLR!  Here are the sites that I found online.  :)

Photo edited from www.tuxpi.com

For Polaroid effect that I love, I found this site called, www.instantizer.com.  Believe me when I say that it's user friendly.  All you have to do is choose a photo, write a caption, choose "degrees of tilting" then upload.  That easy!  

This ones from the www.drpic.com.  This site is as user friendly as the instantizer website.  Just load the photo and choose an effect.  This one was done with polaroid stack effect. 

From www.pixlr.com with Vignette effect.  This site combines express editor and manipulation.  I bet you know which one I chose.  :P

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Friday, 27 August 2010

In Nueva Ecija

Hello Darlingssss!

I am in Nueva Ecija at the moment for my Granny's 83rd bday celebration.  I am in the shopping center at the moment waiting for my lovely friend Karen.  I will come back in Manila on Sunday with photos of the Feliciano family.  

Blog soon!

Miss Ailema

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Shameless - HK Tourist Hostages Filo Photos

I love taking photos.  I do it when I travel, when I go out with friends.  I use my photographs to document my life.  The link below is pushing it.  I didn't understand why there are by-standers in the recent HK tourist hostage.  Weren't they thinking of their safety?  Why can't the police control the crowd?  I love my country and everything it has to offer but I grew up with no faith in the government, the police and everyone in power. 

Monday, 23 August 2010

Crepes and Cream with Xavier

I have a confession to make, I don't know the Manila area.  That's why when dear boyfriend visited, we took the cab to get to Intramuros.  I think I have an idea how to get there by commuting but I never tried it.  Instituto Cervantes is located in the Manila area.  Before I enrolled, I asked my cousins how to get there.  Lorraine suggested taking the LRT from Balintawak.  She was right.  That station just opened and I don't have to battle to get a seat.  :P

From Balintawak Station.  The next station, Monumento was hell!
This is my friend Xavier.  We've been friends since elementary school.  After Elementary School, I didn't see him for years until I went to Uni.  I can't remember what happened on our first meeting but he said, I grabbed him and spoke loudly.  

I think my friend likes putting me on the spot.  When I met up with him, he introduced me to one of the head nuns in the Hospital that he volunteered too.  He is studying to be a priest.  Everyone knows that I am crazy and loud so speaking with a nun, I have to shift to my soft tone.  I didn't know I had one until that day.  LOL!  Good thing it went well. :)  
Oh, we had crepes at Crepes and Cream.  This is not your usual crepe.  The only crepe-like part is the crepe itself.  The final product is more like a ice cream cone.  He had avocado ice cream and something else while I had vanilla and hazelnut.  I can't remember anything now.  Poor memory.  I gotta do my brain training!!!

Photo taken from the www.thebodyshop.com

I signed the petition yesterday and I urge everyone to sign too.  Let's make this world a better place for everyone.  Let's work together people!  

You can sign the petition at your nearest bodyshop store.  :)

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Day 11: Last Minute Everythinggggg

It was our last day in HK.  We didn't have anything planned.  Luke wants to go to Chater House to look for Vintage Film Posters.  We couldn't find it at first.  We kept on going back and forth on the same street.  I overheard one of the filos saying, "nawawala" meaning lost.  

There are a lot of filos domestic helper working in HK.  I knew for a fact that they gather on Sundays.  I saw them on my Dec HK Trip.  They sit on streets and on bridges.  It was okay I guess since they don't have a place for themselves on Sundays but the why sit in the middle of the street?  Luke found it weird too.  

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop:

We went to IFC from Chater House.  We don't know where else to go.  I was hungry by then and I wanted to go to the first restaurant that I lay my eyes on.  Luke made me wait on the other hand.  We saw a queue outside the Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop and Luke decided that that's the restaurant for us.  Thanks for the lessons in hunger and patience babe.  :P

I had Congee with Pork and Egg.  The egg was not cooked.  I thought I'm gonna get a boiled egg.  Dear boyfriend told me to order "preserved" egg next time which I did on the following day.  Guess what I got?  Century Egg!  It was actually okay on Congee but I still need help on finishing my meal.
Luke ordered this noodle dish.  When he saw the neighbouring table with sticky rice, he regretted his order.  He ordered the sticky rice dish the following day.  It was nice!
We had crispy wantons.  This was nice.  We were full at this point but that won't stop us from eating.
Steam Buns!  This steam bun is so tasty!!!  I. WANT. IT. NOW!!!
This arrived when we can't eat anymore.  I was scared that more food will arrive.  
Oh that day, I tested out my Diana Instant Back.  I was actually scared that I might f*ck it up.  When I got my diana f+ for the first time, I wasted the first round of 120mm b&w film by winding the film the wrong way. I had to google everything and couldn't believe how easy and user friendly it is.  :)
I asked Luke to write on the film photo above.  So gay I know!
The film photo is not enough, I gotta have it digital too.  LOL!

The whole day, we didn't do anything but browse around Lane Crawford - one in IFC and one in Times Square.  We also went to Sogo too.

The photos belows were taken at Lane Crawford.  An exhibit was held during that week I think. 
Leon and Matilda from Leon the Assassin.  :)  I love that film.

I flew to Manila the next day.  Luke flew to Australia.  He went to work the following day.  We had our last escalator kiss. I asked him to take photo of me and I took photo of him with my diana.  We both wrote something on it. I kept my on my wallet.  *CHEESE*

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Day 10: Yung Kee Restaurant and Pumpernickel

We went for a swim that morning.  The rooftop swimming pool boasts of the 360 view of the harbour.  It was amazing!  Our room was amazng too.  We had harbour view.  :)

Yung Kee Restaurant:

We were hungry so we consulted the book.  Luke asked me if I wanted some dumplings and I said yes.  He said, according to the book, Yung Kee, a Michelin Star Restaurant, serves dumplings from 2PM.  We both haven't been to a Michelin Star Restaurant before so this would be a good experience for us.  

The restaurant was packed but since they own the whole building, there were no shortage of tables, I assume.  We were seated on the 4th floor, the VIP Section.  I still don't know the reason why they took us there.  All I know is that, we were lucky to get a table.  :)

This place gives a Chinese Mafia feel.  Sliding doors, connecting rooms, dark wood, crazy carpet and people playing Mahjong on the next door.
When we place our order, the lady suggested Century Egg.  As I am open to experiencing everything, I said yes immediately.  I don't like the jelly look to it.

I had a hard time swallowing it.  Good thing we only have half each.  :P
Then we had egg tarts.  I ate so much Egg Tart on this trip.
Crispy Pork Dumpling.  
Then we had steam buns.  I love steam buns.  Theirs is delicious!!!  We also had ribs, steamed vegetable dumpling and tripe.  I thought it will come in small strips, but it didn't.  Luke doesn't wanna try it so I ended up eating almost everything.  I felt like I was a contender on Fear Factor.  It was very hard to swallow at the end.

At Central:

This was totally random.  While Luke and I are walking in Central, I saw a friend from the UK.  He said he moved in HK last December.  I told him that I was in HK last December.  He was on his way to work and he seems like he's in a hurry so I told Luke to took a photo of him and me. :)

We went to the Wanchai, to the Kung Fu Shop, to Sneaker Street in Mongkok and to other night markets that day.  Still, I didn't find anything nice and cheap.  We also went to the high end stores in Central. 

At Pumpernickel:

This must be the most delicious pasta dish I had in my life.  I seriously have dreams about this.  

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Day 9: HK Shopping

To be honest,I can't really remember what happened in detail after Lantau Island.  I know we shopped and ate but I can't remember much of my drama and Luke's suffering.  :P

Oh, this is the first day that I use my MJ Canvas Tote.  I think this photo may be taken at Central.  

Luke wanted to go to SINO Center in Mongkok to look for watches.  He read somewhere that SINO Center is good for watches.  I think everywhere in HK sells watches and jeweleries.  SINO Center must be one of the cutest shopping centres in HK.  It is not high end but they sell things that you couldn't find on your normal shopping centre.  Everything is cute there.  They got Holgas, comics and everything kawaii.  :P  

We had a hard time finding SINO Center.  I was being a whiny bitch that finally ticked Luke.  He was mad.  But we made up after 5 minutes.  
From SINO Center, we went to the Ladies Market.  I was disappointed.  I expected so much from HK.  I didn't see any nice cheap clothes.  Taiwan Market is wayyyy better, organised and cheaper.
We went to the Lomo Place in HK to buy Diana Instant Back then we went to the temple near it.  Luke told me that they use the temple as a background to the game he used to play.  I can't remember which game it is though.
Then we passed by the Antique Street.  And since I was bitchy about not being fed properly, Luke consulted THE book and took me to Hunan Garden where they serve authentic Hunan Food.
It was a proper Chinese Restaurant.  Reminds me of a Chinese Mafia film - crazy print carpet, folk music on the background.  The only missing is the people gambling on the next room.

Luke's new Ball Watch.  :)  Here's what happened.  We passed by H&M that day.  I was H&M deprived and Luke asked me if I wanna browse quickly.  I said yes, of course.  He said he'll be in the watch shop across the street.  I said okay.  He normally browse and try on watches.  But he ended up buying that day!  
Sauteed Chili and Tofu with Cucumber.  Luke has been munching on the chili appetiser.  I said it looked hot but he said it was okay.  He even demoed it to me.  He ended up burning his mouth with chili.  It was hillarious!
I think this is their version of Ham Sandwich.  It taste sooooo good.  This is a must order in this restaurant.
Chicken Dish.  We had Yang Chow Rice with this I think.  So predictable.  It was a satisfying meal.  I wanna have that ham sandwich again.  :)

From Hunan Garden, we went to HK's version of photography street.  It was 9ish then and most of the stores were closed.  We also went to Lang Kwai Fong before going back to the hotel.  Knackered as expected.

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