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As you all know by now, I moved to the UK few months after I finished Uni.  It was a decision that I don't have to think twice about.  I was happy with my decision UNTIL I actually moved to the UK.  As most graduates, I had high hopes for myself.  I wish to succeed in my chosen field, I wanted to earn big money.   And as most fresh graduates, I was disillusioned.  I thought a proper education is all I need to succeed.

I liked the thought of moving to the UK.  I loved to be able to connect with my mum and to actually live with her.  Just like what I wrote on my other posts, my mum has been working overseas since I was 10 and she is still working overseas until now.  I didn't have friends initially.  At work, people my age aren't speaking with me, I only have the oldies to speak to.  I can't figure out what's wrong cause I was actually friendly to everyone.  My ex told me that he felt intimidated with me at first.  All smiles and people still feel intimidated.  I was depressed for a bit, I didn't speak with family members cause I was jealous that they were able to spend time together.  Just to give you a background, I am very close with my cousins on my mum's side of the family.  We used to go out and go to concerts together and travel to Marinduque for Holy Week.  

I only have Donna to hang out with until my mum met Leslie in church of September 2006.  She then introduced me to Melay, her housemate then to Melissa and we all became friends.  Finally I have a group my age I can go out with.  Then Ate Macy came.  

This will surprise you but I don't really go out on clubs.  The most I've been was when I moved in the UK.  We lived in town centre so going back after a drunken night in town is easy.  Hahaha!  I just don't feel safe around drunk people cause you don't know what they're gonna do next.  I like going to concerts more.

Essex.  This maybe one of our trips farther than London.  We were the first filo community in FW, my old office so we don't have lots of people to go on a trip with.
Barrio Fiesta.  Annually during Philippine Independence Day, the Philippine Embassy organise a "national filo meet-up" in London.  They call it Barrio Fiesta.  We go every year of course.  :)
From one of the office activities.
In Bath with Kuya Mike.(taking photo)

Park near our flat in Reading.
Christmas 2006 when my brod visited us.  We took him on a trip in London.  He only stayed for 10 days and he was always asleep in the morning.  :P  
Trip to Oxford with Kuya Mike.  He took me to one of his trips.  
Stonehenge.  This was one of the trips I've been to after I moved in the UK.
Bournemouth.  Maybe one of the best beaches in the UK I've been.  White sand.
Christmas 2008 at Brighton Pier with mum.
Halloween Party.  We used to go to every party there is when I was living in the UK.  Just like I said, I like to dress up.  Luckily, I have a friend, Ate Macy, who likes to put make up on people.  I don't know how to put on make up so we are a perfect match.
Isle of Wight.  I went on a day trip to the whole island with my ex.  This is my only solo picture.
Greenwich.  This was taken before we decided to roll down the hill.  I remember, it was Kuya Noel's bday the previous night and since we were all together in London Town, we decided to go further to Greenwich.  Aside from Kuya Noel, we also went with Donna and Rai on this trip.  Rai had to answer to our queries the previous night.  
Bristol.  We went to Tin's.  She was kind enough to show us around Bristol.  
Another Oxford trip but with dear sister this time.  She haven't been, I got nothing planned so I took her.  It was a very fun trip.  We went once more then to Bicester Village.  I miss Bicester Village.  It's a depot in Oxfordshire and they sell designer's everything but on a discounted price.  They have Gucci now!  
Thorpe Park.  This was the first time that I went there.  I took my sister with me cause they have 2 for 1 tickets.  She was very scared of rides.  I can't remember her going into 1.  She was the designated photographer that day.  I was scared of rides too but I like conquering my fear.  I went with Luke once more here and we did all the scary rides, like sh*t scary rides.
Alton Towers.  This is an unplanned trip.    
Gosport and Portsmouth.  This was one of the trips that was organised by FW.  My sister was supposed to go but we had a big row.  
Devon fishing trip.  This was the first time that I tried my hands on fishing and I can say that fishing is not for me.  I am not patient enough for that sport.  :P
Go Ape with Donna and Darlene.  It was a fun physical activity.  I always say that I should try things before I get old.
I like watching West End shows.  I am a MASSIVE West End fan.  Lion King was my first.  I've seen at least 10 musical plays before I left the UK.  
Paintball.  This was one of the activities that I did for my big 24th bday.  I was sad that I wasn't able to do anything exciting for my 25th.  Well, there's always the 26th bday.  Maybe gay bar.  I haven't been.  Hahaha!

I've also been to most clubs in Reading Town, travelled to most places in South but I wasn't able to document all.  All I remember is that, I learnt a lot from living in the UK.  I've been my happiest, saddest, been to the most horrible break up, been to most amazing places and most people that I will be friends with for life.  I wouldn't trade my UK experience for anything.  I love my life and will continue to learn and grow in the next years.  :)




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