Friday, 20 May 2011

My 26th Birthday

Nothing special happened on my birthday.  I was at work til 7PM.  I usually take the day off on my birthday but my present job won't let me even if I ask for it. My birthday is enough good enough reason to skip work. We dined at People's Palace.  I wanted to try the restaurant for ages but everytime I go, seats aren't available.  The food is just alright.  I would rather go to Oody's for Thai food but I really like the ambiance of the place.  The high ceiling always gets me.  Ang sosyal lang!!!  :P      
 Debuting my short do.  Violent reactions?  :)
Kaye, Me and Arlene.  I call Arlene BFF now as I got used to saying it.  She was bothered at first. :P

We ordered:
 Chicken Cashew(390PHP) which both of them loved and the usual
Beef Panaeng(490PHP) which is beef red curry.  It wasn't spicy at all.  Was so disappointed.  Arlene as usual had double rice.  :)

It was a fantastic dinner.  Kaye entertained us the whole night.  

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Birthday Meals: Banana Leaf

I had a very busy and productive day at work.  I don't particularly like what I do but I like being useful.  I can't discuss the nature of my work here as I want everyone to keep on guessing.  Hahaha!  

After work, I dashed to Greenbelt 3 to meet up with my friend Joana.  Joana, as most of you know is one of my good friends from Uni.  She is getting married in August to the love of her life.  I am too excited for her.  We discussed my work, her wedding but I did most of the talking.  I had so much to say I wish we had more time together. I have to make more time with friends.  :)

My Roti Supreme(98PHP) with Curry Sauce(30PHP).  The roti with chili is not what I've expected.  They put too much chili into it I had to pick the chilis out.  Joana didn't like the dish but I ate it with gusto.  
Finally, I was able to go to Banana Leaf without ordering Beef Rendang.  Joana suggested Tilapia with Sambal (238PHP).  I wasn't really keen on the dish but was pleasantly surprised.  I like the crispiness of the tilapia and the sweet taste of sambal sauce.
My friend Joana texting.  I tried taking a photo of us together but I didn't like what I saw.  :P

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Birthday Meals: Cajun Red Rock

Luke was here last week.  He was supposed to visit me for 12 days but his trip was cut short because of a family emergency.  He stayed for 2 days.  He paid the hotel for his supposed 12 days trip in full with no refunds so I am currently experiencing the hotel living.  :P  I tell you, living next to my work place is so convenient.  I can leave 30 minutes before work and still have at least 10 minutes to "freshen up".  

I don't wanna do anything special for my birthday this year.  I just wanna have dinner with Luke but I can't so I am spending it with different groups of people instead.  My brod is high on my priority list.  I was on a day off so I took the time to do some shopping(massive damage I tell you and I still have few items that haunt me).  JR was in the same shopping center as I was in.  We met up for lunch and went to Cajun Red Rock.  We both haven't been - the food was nice with massive servings and the attendants were very accommodating.  

JR ordered Ribs N Jack Wings (395PHP).  The serving was so generous he wasn't able to finish it. 

 I had chicken marsala(260PHP) and we both had bottomless iced tea each(90PHP).  They have 2 flavours - strawberry and lemon which you can switch depending on your mood.  I had 3 servings.  I had to get my money's worth.  LOL!

I had a fantastic meal with my brother!  Tomorrow, hopefully with Joana.




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