Monday, 22 August 2011

Marikina Day Trip

I phoned work today and was told that I don't have to go to work.  My boss moved my day off from Weds to Monday.  Nice huh?  It feels like I went on a long holiday.  I was planning to visit the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite but unfortunately, the Shrine is closed for viewing on Mondays.  My second option was Pan de Amerika in Katipunan but Ruzelle hate it so much I had to put off the plans for now.  Marikina Shoe Museum came to mind, I did a little research and off I went.

 Marikina Shoe Museum

Marikina Shoe Museum(Museo ng Sapatos) housed 300 of the shoes generously donated by the former first lady Imelda Marcos.  She had shoes from Ungaro, Christian Dior, Chanel, Charles Jourdan, Rustan's Lady and I'm assuming her made to order shoes.  One thing in common though, they're very classic in design and colourful.  I actually saw Imelda years ago shopping in Glorietta for shoes.  I was on the same boutique as her, a filo brand.  I remember her trying on one sandals and buying the same style in 5 different colours.  Very Imeldific.  :)

Here's how I got to Marikina Shoe Museum:

I got off at Santolan LRT Station, took a jeep to Ligaya and another jeep to Marikina.  Take a trike to Marikina Shoe Museum.  It's across the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish.  Most trike driver's don't know the place so just say OLA. :)
The bike lane only makes me wanna live in the city.  They have pedestrian crossing everywhere too.
Just across Marikina Shoe Museum is the Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish.

The Marikenos are very magalang and helpful.  I enjoyed my short tour of the city.

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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Joanna and Ynan's Wedding

I just woke up from a long sleep and is well rested now.  :)  Yesterday, I woke up at 4AM to attend my friend's wedding at 3PM in Gumaca, Quezon.  Remember when I said, I won't travel again to attend a wedding.  I ATE MY WORDS.  The travel time is longer than the last.  It took at least 5 hours each way.  I love my friend and it can't be helped.  Surprisingly, my boss gave me the Saturday off and I didn't attend work today.  :P

Joanna and Ynan has been together since Uni.  I can't exactly remember when, maybe 2004 when they started dating.  I was with Joanna when he was courting her til she made the announcement that they were dating, through her long distance and now marriage.  It's like things come in full circle.  Their relationship is a smooth sailing one I tell you.  I can't remember seeing Joanna cry because of him.  Sure she was sad when he went to Japan for work but that's about it.  I am happy seeing both of them tie the knot.   Joanna was a very pretty and payat bride!  Ang liit ng braso sobra.  I feel like a boxingera!  She lied about not being able to lose weight.  :P
 Minutes before the ceremony started.
The long isle.

I think the church was 425 years old.  I love love the fascade.

They feed each other with cake, drank a glass of wine each and threw doves.
Her wedding was traditional. People pinned money on their first, second and third dance.
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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Antipolo Day Trip

I know, it's only been weeks since I last went on an out of town trip but I'm itching to go out again.  I had enough of Manila, I had enough of shopping centers.  I want something different, go somewhere which I haven't been or revisit a place that I've been.  I just wanna be away...

It was very easy to convince Divine to go on a trip.  I told her my plans and when I wanna go and off we went to Antipolo.  

Crescent Moon Cafe:

I don't know where I found this cafe.  I am assuming that I came across this place whilst looking for review on Moon Garden.  I read lots of positive reviews and I was curious about their pottery sold by the kilos.  To put it lightly, I was disappointed with my whole experience.  Lunch is served from 12-2PM, my friend and I arrived at half past(with confirmed booking) and when we walked in into the cafe, everyone looked at us.  We were uncomfortable from the minute we walked in.  We can't find our seats either no scratch that, there weren't any reserved table for us.  The waiter had to borrow seats from neighbouring table.  Although the staffs were very nice, our whole Crescent Moon Cafe experienced was ruined.  Divine and I can't wait to get away from the place.

Two must do things at Crescent Moon Cafe - Eat Suman With Mango and Feed the Fishes.  I screamed the first time the fish touched my hand.  :P

BTW, going to Crescent Moon Cafe by commuting is difficult.  Most of the tricycle drivers that we asked have not heard of the place.  It is handy to bring a printed map or get yourself familiar with the landmarks.  It only cost 40PHP from Antipolo Church to Crescent Moon.  

Callos Spa and Resort:

I had a bad feeling when I asked the driver to take us to Callos Spa and he don't know where it is.  My rationale is, if the place isn't famous then it must not be good.  I was right.  We were supposed to get the affordable massage but Thank God we changed our mind to an hour combination massage instead.  We saved an hour and 250PHP.  My friend and I were completely ripped off.  We were given a 40 minute mediocre massage.  Our attendants left, started chatting and only went back when they heard Divine and I laughing and told us that our time's up.  I can't believe that they had the nerve to gave us their tip envelops.  Divine told me that her massage was so bad she felt like she was gonna die.  Mine's very bitin and minadali. I will not trust the power of DSLR from now on.  :P

 The power of DSLR.  It makes everything pretty.  :P

Antipolo Cathedral:

Going to Antipolo by commuting is easy and cheap.  From North, take the MRT to Cubao and change to LRT to Santolan.  From Santolan LRT take the FX or Jeep to Antipolo Cathedral.  Both ways costed less than 100PHP.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

He put a ring on it

After almost 2 years of long distance dating and travelling overseas, Luke put a ring on it.  No tears, no getting down on one knee after all, I wanted a YSL Arty ring for my engagement.  :)

Just after he proposed, I asked him to take photo of me.
The proposal happened in Moon Garden.  Luke and I were the only guests that rainy day.  After breakfast, Luke suggested walking around the area and taking photos.  I didn't find this odd, after all we filos liked our holiday photos.  Just before we checked out, he asked me to stop at the pond.  He then asked me to hold his hand.  He was shaking it and I was just shaking it with him.  He tugged my hand lightly and pointed with his lips where the arty ring was.  It was then when I said, "you got me an arty ring,OMG!  OMG!"  I was more excited about the ring as I've been dying to have it for ages.  That's when he asked me formally to marry him.  I said, yes.  He was expecting me to say,"I will you f*cking wh*re".  Inside joke. 

Ready to be Mr. Feliciano Luke?  :P   

Before he proposed, Luke had an Arty ring nightmare.  He woke up and said something about the Arty.  He thought I found the ring.  

Monday, 1 August 2011

Moon Garden Tagaytay

I don't know where I got this idea of accommodation hoping.  I didn't realise how stressful and tiring it was until Luke and I actually did it.  I wanted to take Luke to Tagaytay since his last visit.  Tagaytay is the nearest holiday destination from Manila.  You can do a day trip but I had enough of Manila and I wanted to go on a short hols so I dragged him with me.  :P

From T House, Luke and I stopped over at Picnic Grove.  He was disappointed.  The only thing he liked about the place was the view.  I will say this over and over, I hope they hire people to look after the place.  It's falling apart.  They have half demolished accommodations.  Why the hell people would leave things undone?  Isang taon na yun.  It was there when I visited last year.  The weather made it look worse too.
 With Taal Lake on the background.
 Before heading to Moon Garden, I took Luke to Olivarez Plaza.  I was expecting more food shops but instead I found small boutiques.  I am not interested in shopping any longer.  I still haven't sold all my clothes on ebay.

I've been interested to visit Moon Garden since my cousin Ruzelle went with her boyfriend.  I'm all about shabby and rustic.  Luke had a bad feeling about rustic.  He thinks that the place will not be up to his standards but he was wrong.  It was better than T House in my opinion.  The room was very very spacious, the toilet is massive too and we had a very nice view of the garden.  For 2990 plus free breakfast, I think it's good value for money.  

Our view whilst having a meal in our room.  Very very lovely.
Went home knackered that day.  I am back at work again.  :(

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T House Tagaytay

When my aunt died, I decided that I am prioritising family over work.  I can't afford to miss any more of my family get together and activities.  I can't work for a company who wouldn't let me go on Christmas Hols just because their establishment is open and needs people.  Hindi makatarungan.  This work is not for me.

I was stressing prior to Luke's arrival.  Although I said the statement above, skipping work is not something that I do.  I can't remember missing school just because I like it.  I can't ask work for 2 days off cause going on hols is not allowed during this period.  I told you, di makatarungan. This is why I don't bother asking.  I'd rather not call work for 2 days and accept whatever disciplinary sanction they are gonna give me than explain the situation to them.  They won't understand.  My absence will affect the groups productivity.

It was a struggle to go to Tagaytay.  First, the driver can't find the bus station and he kept on insisting that we go to a different bus station.  When we finally did, he dropped us to the wrong station.  Second, we were on storm signal number 1 that day.  I hate my feet getting wet and I was turning into a bitch again.  :P

T House Tagaytay is very easy to find.  We took the first tricycle that we saw and asked them to drop us off to T House.  The check in went smoothly.  I was a little disappointed with the room size.  I felt a little claustrophobic.  They only have the basics - toilet, shower, bed, cable TV, A/C, telephone.  No wardrobe, just a rack in the toilet where you can hang clothes.  No safe to put your valuables.  The room smelt of mint though.  It was very nice.  Basic toiletries were provided too(shampoo, soap and toothbrush).  The best thing about the place was the food.  I recommend the turon.  :)

Despite the little disappointments that I wrote, Luke and I enjoyed our stay in T House.  

Luke made the bed really small.  He is 6 feet tall.

Banana Spring Roll.  It was so good we wanted to order it for breakfast.
Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church.

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