Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fried Balut and Other Street Food

Turo-turo or Ihaw-ihaw is a tagalog term for barbeque or grilled.  After work, my friends and I went to a nearby ihaw-ihaw.  They sell fried one day old chick or day old as we commonly call it in the Philippines, fried Penoy and wait for it, fried BALUT!  Balut is an unfertilised egg I think.  Sometimes, you get balut with beaks and hair like feathers.  I eat balut myself which grosses dear boyfriend out.  I don't care.  I will make him eat when he visits.  Hahaha! 

One day old chick on the left and kikiam, I am assuming on the right.
Tofu.  I really hate the texture of tofu.  I eat everything but this is something I couldn't take. 
Fried Penoy.  This is what I had.  It costs 10 pesos each.
Fried Balut.  I didn't realise that they sell them on streets.  I didn't dare eat one.  Maybe next time...  My brother told me that it is "normal" to sell fried balut on streets.
The Condiment.  Vinegar with onions and chili.  I don't use vinegar as a condiment except when I have to eat street foods.  I really hate the strong acidic taste of it.
And boyfriend Cyrus which I pinch on a regular basis.  Babe, you have to meet him.  :P
Monday, 26 April 2010

I'm famous!

NOT!  I checked the Pinatubo Trekking today and found my name on the page.  Friends, if you happen to be free on the 12th of June and you have extra money, say 3000PHP, join me and Luke Banks on conquering the Pinatubo.  Now, this sounds epic. :P

Click this for more details.  :)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

La Union Food Trip

Two things I love the most: Travelling and Eating.  No wonder I am fat.  :P  

We went to Angel and Marie's Surfer's Retreat Restaurant for lunch where I had Tuna steak.  Elaine and I ordered the same thing and we both agreed that the sauce was nice.  When the waitress came over, she asked for the recipe and surprisingly,she gave the recipe to her.  Was really surprised with the generousity.

Pao got a photo of me and my cousin on print.  The group was jokingly suggesting that he should leave that in the wall.
These boards are actually for sale.  They don't only sell food but they also sell surf boards.  Prices starts from 8k pesos.
The place got 5 table and sits 30 people.

We had ihaw-ihaw(barbeque) for snack.  I had chicken's intestines.  BTW, dear boyfriend, if you wanna experience this let me know.
Sunset in La Union.
The boys, swimming.  At one point, they were holding hands while catching the waves.  It was a very funny sight.
We went to Urbiztondo for dinner.  In this photo:  (L-R)  Pao, Ailema, Baby Boy, Don and Elaine.

We had:
Dinakdakan, Chopseuy, Fried Daing na Bangus, Fried Tilapia and Pinakbet.  The last two not in the photo.  Fresh veggies = good food.  I don't normally eat Okra but I was able to that night.  :)
We drank by the beach that night.  Guess who was the first one to get drunk?  Ah, yeah, ME.  I am such a cheap drunk.
The boys, peeing.  I had other stupid photos of them but I won't dare post it in here. 

Before going to Manila,we dropped by Midway Grill.  Don told everyone that it offered the best baby back ribs in San Juan.  It didn't disappoint.  So peeps, if you happen to be in La Union, don't forget to drop by at this restaurant. 

Final Meal before heading to Manila.  The meat from the ribs fall off from the bones.  Very tasty sauce.  You should try it to experience it.  :)

Til my next trip! 
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

La Union: Morning Arrival

One of my goals this year is to travel to at least 5 places that I haven't been in the Philippines.  I've said this before, I am embarassed that I've been to most places in Europe and Asia but I haven't explored my country properly.  My country has a lot to offer from amazing beaches to beautiful coral reefs to good food, the list is endless.  I just need to make time for these.  So far in the past 5 months, I've been to Boracay and Lubang Island.  Both excellent beaches with charms of their own.  I still have 2 pending trips - Batangas and Zambales.  Hopefully no one cancels. *fingers crossed*

La Union is 5.5 hours away by bus.  We took the Partas line from Cubao.  We left at 2AM and got there at 7:30AM.  Too early for check in time which is at 12 noon.  We had breakfast by the beach.  People are surfing as early as that time.  Topless for guys is a must.  Hahaha!  BTW, for my foreign readers,San Juan ,La Union is one of the surfing sites in the Philipppines.  A must for people who wants to learn how to surf.  Lesson starts at 200 pesos per hour plus 250 for surfing boards.  Cheap isn't it?  :P

We stayed at Sebay.  The room costs 1800 +400 for 2 extra mattresses.  The room can accommodate 6 people.
Here's Sebay's Facilities:
Dining Area.
Recreation Area with Billiards, Chess and Darts.  Don't ask me why they have chess area.  This is a new for me.  Normally, beach resorts offers spa and massages.  Not on this one.
We also went to Luke Landrigan's place and took photos. At the moment, there were only 3 beach front resorts in San Juan La Union.  They are building a spa resort opening on July 2010.

Strong Waves!
People I went with.  Sorry, I don't have group photo at the moment.  Wait for my next post. 

Afternoon in La Union on my next post.
Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Da Hu?

Sinetch Itetch na may amazing rock formation?  Call 1-2-3.  Yun na! 

a. Mother George  b. Miss Kendi      c. Mama Cy      d. Chekka    e. Miss Ailema
Sunday, 11 April 2010

YakiMix: Japanese Buffet

Hello Everyone!  How's your weekend?  Mine has been relaxing so far.  Slept for 11 hours last night and woke up at 7ish this morning to do my 1 month's worth of laundry.  It was hardwork I tell you.

Anyway, few weeks back, my cousin Krishna arrived from Australia.  The initial plan was to check-in in a hotel and play mahjong and eat all night but things changed when we couldn't find the mahjong set!  We were supposed to meet up at after my work(on Saturdays, I work til 5PM) but I had to work til 9:30PM that day. Went straight to Filinvest after work and got there just after 11PM.  Stayed til 3AM chatting and catching up only to wake up at 8:30AM for an early breakfast buffet.

Ruzelle was kind enough to book a Japanese Buffet for the 5 of us.  We got to the restaurant just before 11AM and had to wait outside the restaurant.  We were one of the early birds.  LOL! She later informed us that it is very difficult to get a table in that restaurant and bookings is a must.  The food was endless, not only that they serve Japanese, they also have Korean, Filo food and Chinese.  I had stomach aches at the end of the hour session buffet.

Lorraine, Me and Krishna. 
Ruzelle and her boyfriend Boom.  I am really happy that they are together.  Never seen Ruzelle so happy and gay before.  Wait til dear boyfriend visits!  :P

First session buffet food.  Rice, noodles, chicken...

Sushi.  Had 2 plates of these I think.

Desserts.  Cake, Pastries and Leche Flan.
Fruits and Mango Sago.  I really like Mango Sago.

Didn't take photos of all the food that we ate.  I ran out of battery.  Stoopid Digi Cam.  We also had a plate of thick sliced Salmon Sashimi.  Ice cream of different flavours and iced lolly. Amazing!  Dear boyfriend, if you want me to take you here when you visit, let me know so I can arrange something.  :)  
The buffet is cheap, it only cost each of us P550 each plus P55 bottomless drinks.  The food was really good.  Don't expect for good ambiance though.  The place is just okay.  Keep in mind that it's a buffet place.
Thursday, 8 April 2010

Holy Week: Back to Manila

We woke up early on our last day.  There were only 1 jeep that goes to the Pier from where we stayed.  We were there just before 8AM where the ship was scheduled to leave.  As they were operating on a Filo Time, the ship left 1.5 hours late. 

Love how they shape the garlic into tiny baskets.
Mini Wet market.

View from the Port:

On board.  Sucks that the "on board" sign isn't visible.
Stupid Photos:
Silky Milky Smooth Skin.
Miss Kendi.
Ailema.  Look Really ugly in this photo but I don't mind.  I deserve my stupid moment.  :P




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