Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Video From the Premieres

Public Enemies Red Carpet Premiere

I have a UK Wishlist and I have a Bucket List. :P Going to the Hollywood Premiere is one of my UK Wishlist. It is something that I won't be able to do when I go back to the Philippines. I plan to go alone but my sister volunteered(take note, volunteered) to come to London with me as I plan to shop the whole morning and go to the Premiere at 2:30 to get a good view. The day started good, we covered most of the stores in Westfields and we went to Spaghetti House for lunch. Both our first times. It was okay. The Garlic bread is slightly overdone and my order is tasteless. So it wasn't really okay. Hahaha! We left Westfields at 2:30PM and was at Empire Cinema at 3ish PM where people are starting to pile up. My sister was clever enough to buy 2 bottles of drinks for us. By 4:30PM, people started to stand up to look for Johnny. After 1 fainting and 2 hours later, he showed up, talked to the press and spent jurassic minutes with the fans. We were far from were he stayed but we manage to get photo of his ass, a dodgy photo of him and a lot of dodgy video kinda like the Blair Witch Project. :-P It was hardwork staying behind the fence. People are pushing from the back trying to get a nice photo of Johnny Depp. One fainted and a lot of people took the opportunity to get to her space pushing more people in front. Me and my sister where stuck in a position where we can't move or breathe even. I have to constantly raise my head and literally breathe. One person in front of me kept on farting. I sweated like a pig and the temperature is on its all time high of 30 degrees celsius! My sister complained about not being able to see Johnny but saw a glimpse of him as soon as she prayed to God according to her. I have to lift her at one point so she can she both the actors. I will do it again next time if you ask me. It is worth the experience, it is worth seeing Johnny Depp! :)
All smiles while having her lunch, her usual Spaghetti Al Ragu.

Poster for the Premiere

Queue at 4PM

Marion Cotillard with the Reporter. I can't believe people doesn't know her. She is an Academy Award Winner People! Hate the hair but loved the Red Dress and Heels. I am guessing Dior, she is the face of Dior at the moment.

Where's Johnny?

Sunday, 28 June 2009


I went to Wimbledon with my mum today. Weather is perfect for Tennis. I will let the photos talk for this blog entry. :)

This is just one part of the queue. Me and mum's number is 10806/7. We were told that they are only gonna let 9000 people in. Long shot to get in. :P

We left Reading at 6:52AM. I woke up at 5:30AM. Guess who was late? We didn't have breakfast. This is what we have for brunch(at 9AM. We didn't get to eat until 4:30PM)

People queueing for next day's ticket. That's the over night lane only. It was only 11ish AM then. It was very very hot. See how the old lady surrounded herself with boxes and an umbrella?

This photo was taken after 3 hours of queueing. We actually queued for 8 hours. That's the reason why 9:30 is brunch and 4:30PM is dinner. :P

Photo of me and mum inside Wimbledon.

We only get to 2 two matches. One major is on the first court. Ferrero vs Gonzalez. Mum loves Ferrero. Thank God he won or she will be depressed. :P

I wish you can see how cute the Wimbledon Uniform is. I couldn't focus on the player at first. :P

Going to Wimbledon is truly an experience. From the epic queue to 8 hours of waiting to thousands of people present. You can see people from different places and from different countries. I am lucky that I get to experience Wimbledon. :)
Saturday, 27 June 2009

A day in Windsor with my girlfriends

I had another fantastic day today. I am truly blessed with people who are as hungry for fun as I do. :) I am now referring to Doris as Date. I will be going on girly dates with her until I go back in the Philippines in 2ish months time. Too soon! I am having so much fun here! Today, we went to Windsor and Eton. Eton is just across the bridge from Windsor. No itinerary as usual, I only promise them Ferris Wheel Ride which we end up not doing. We went to the Long Walk and did a long walk of course! We stop to Nando's for lunch. We are all starving and Nando's is the first place that we saw. We then went to the Eton Gun Shop. Our friend Rai is fond of guns. Remember the Nepalese bbq party? This guy thought me how to fish and fire a gun. Thanks Man! Finally we saw a boat. Yes, a boat with paddle and Rai paddled for an hour. It was fun and scary. No life vest for us, I can't swim and Rai keep on scaring me by shaking the boat! He is the one driving. He is the only on who knows how to actually paddle a boat. Did you have a happy Friday everyone? :)

The famous Crooked House.

The Windsor Tour Bus

Showing off my dress to the ducks! I wish you can see how much ducks they have. They are massive in size as well!

Me and Donna, all smiles at this point while Rai is slaving on us. Just kidding!

Date and Me. Sweet photo isn't it? :P

Friday, 26 June 2009

Girly Dates

I had a great time today! I met up with my friend at 11AM but she was late, typical for a girl. We didn't have any plans, we just both wanted to go on Thames River Cruise and Westfields. So when she finally showed up 30 minutes late, I ask her what she wants to do first and she said River Cruise. We spend an hour and a half on the boat gossiping about her trip back home, her boyfriend and our upcoming trips. :) Today we both discovered that the best way to get a tan is to take the Thames River Cruise at 12noon. Don't go in the shade. Ehehe! After River Cruise, we went to Westfields where we spend the whole afternoon shopping! Westfields has a good balance of High Street and High End Brands. The best part of all is the most of the shops are on sale at the moment! I almost got myself a Miu Miu wallet, my existing wallet definitely needs to go. It's literally falling off. :( Anyway, before leaving Westfields, we saw Randy Santiago. *convo at the end of the blog* We wanted to do another River Cruise so we went back to Westminster Pier but it was closed. We then went to the park across and spend an hour there relaxing and reviewing the whole Randy Santiago incident. We walked from Trafalgar Square, to Leicester Square to the Gay Strip thru Tottemham Court Road. In short, we went to where our feet took us. I am so tired now but I have to let the Randy Santiago incident let out of my system. :)

Pre-tan Ailema and Doris. All smiles. :)

Photo at the London Eye.

Photo on the River Cruise. That's the Tower Bridge on the Background.

This is Westfields' toilet waiting lounge. Reminds me of the Philippines minus the 25 pesos fee. :P

Me with Mr. Randy Santiago.
I was walking towards the Mulberry Shop when Doris stop.
Doris: Oi! (Hey!)
Me: Stopped
Doris: Picture!!!
Me: Sino ba yan? (Who is that?)
Doris: Randy Santiago
Me: Looking apologetic. Sorry po, di ko kayo napansin kasi nakafocus ako sa Mulberry Store. (Sorry I didn't notice you. My mind is on the Mulberry Store)
The thing is, Randy Santiago or rather, the Santiagos are famous Filo Actors. I grew up watching their noon time shows from when he was working in GMA to ABS-CBN. It was embarassing but he was very nice about my stupidity. :)

Shopping! Shopping!

In preparation for my upcoming Spain and Portugal Trip, I've been hoarding clothes. :P These are my purchases for the last 7 days.

Dress from New Look

Necklace from New Look, Tank Top from Gap and Denim Shorts from Mango

Necklace from New Look and Play suit from River Island

Font size
Skirt from River Island

Thursday, 25 June 2009

asian pretty boy obsession

Damn! I can't stop myself from watching Korean Films. These pretty boys are making me unproductive! I was supposed to do some shopping today for my upcoming trip(this is the major thing that is on my mind lately) but I can't seem to stop myself from watching pretty boys after the next. I am still at my sleep wear at the moment and it is now 6PM! I haven't done anything apart from house chores. I have to do some exercise. I have a massive fat roll in my belly growing and I can't stand it now! Even my shorts doesn't fit me and I have to wear dresses that will compliment the roll. :( Anyway, as long as I am happy right??? Yes Ailema, convince yourself! Hahaha!

I saw Il Mare, Antique Bakery, Crazy waiting and other Korean films in the past days. I recommend Antique Bakery. Not cheesy at all. No love story, not violent either. Just pure fun and homosexuality. I love that they shown a Korean actor and Foreigner kissing. So new to me. They depict, on my opinion, Koreans as very conservative on most series. This is so fresh and I love it! :) They gay character has a nice sense of style. I will like him if he was a man. Love those skinny jeans and manbags! I need a metrosexual boyfriend!!! Where are you???
Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Packing for Spain and Portugal

As you all know, I am going to Spain and Portugal next week for 10 days. I am very excited about it but to be honest, I am having a hard time packing. So far, I have chosen 14 clothes from me and my sister's closet. Gotta borrow clothes from her this time as my budget is slowly depleting and I still have 1 big Euro Trip on August and a trip to Scotland the following week I am back from Spain and Portugal. Leaving a jet set life eh? NOT! I've always wanted to go on a EuroTour eversince my mum went into one when she was in her late 40's. Why late 40's you may ask? My family's not rich and my mum was given an opportunity to work in Europe so while she was here in her 7ish months assignment, she took the opportunity to travel. I remember telling her not to go home one Christmas so she can go to Europe. Selfless you may say but my mum deserves her break especially from working too damn hard. Anyway, back to the topic. I will be taking loads and loads of light dresses, shorts and bold accessories. I am all about bold necklaces this trip and printed dresses. I can't be too simple. While my choice of clothes are, I have to have a statement piece. Will post photos later. :)

How do you pack for trips people?
Saturday, 20 June 2009

Nirvana Spa

3 things I learn about myself:

1. I like to travel
2. I like to live in a comfortable hotel
3. I like being pampered

Travelling + Luxurious Hotel + Body Treatment = Resort and Spa! This is an ideal trip for me.

I don't consider myself high maintenance but I love the feeling of being taken care of. So when my mum told us that we are gonna go to the Spa, I felt very very excited. Aside from the fact that it's our first time on a proper spa(not the shopping centre spas), we get to spend time and relax together. I needed a girly bonding. I only have 3 months remaining before I go back to my country. We,when I say we, I mean me and my sister, tried everything that the spa has to offer, we went to the Water Pressured Massage, we did the Water Theraphy, we went swimming (although I can only float *wink*), used the Eucalyptus Steam Room, use the Sauna with actual timer and tolerable temperature unlike the one at the Novotel and Jacuzzi - this is a first for me. We had a fantastic pasta dinner! My sister had, Asparagus and Chicken Pasta, Mummy and Rose got Spinach and Crispy Prawn Pasta and me, I had Chorizo, Bacon and Chili Pasta. I love my bacon. It is something that I can't give up! I know we are not allowed to take photos but we took few anyway.

Me and Dear Sister after the Spa Treatment
Mum's friend Rose.

My Mum. She needed to relax, BIG TIME!

That's me pre-shower. :)

And my Dear Sister looking like a 5 year old.

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Jonathan Ross Show

Sorry for not posting in a long time. I was hooked watching Boys Before Flowers. 3 days - Monday to Wednesday - was spent watching the series. When I finally went out for my tennis lessons last Tuesday, the sun gave me a headache. This is a result of massive hibernation at home. No worries, I am back at the real world now - back to circulation where real people exist. Ehehe!

Maria's boyfriend, Richard applied for Show Tickets and got 4. So when she asked me if I want to go, I said yes immediately and took my sister along. Both our first times. We left Reading at 12:30PM and went straight to Westfields for a bit of shopping and dining. We then started to queue up at 3PM and got in at 5:30PM. This is nothing compared to the Reading Fest queue, it took me at least 5 hours to get the Festival Tickets and I was alone then! He got a good guest line up, The 2 comedians from the Peep Show, Davina MacCall and Lost Hottie Matthew Fox. The show taping took 2 hours but they cut half of it on telly. Jonathan Ross was his usual sarcastic self. I really enjoyed his humour. After the show, he started giving people chocolates and when he went to my side,I shouted here. He then threw chocolate in my direction. Must be my lucky day cause as soon as we exit the building, we saw him and I asked for his autograph and a photo taken with him. Good first time experience hey!

Exhibit A: The chocolate from Jonathan Ross and his autograph.

Inside the Studio. We are not supposed to take photos but we snuck in few anyway.

My turn to have my photo taken. :) We filos can't resist the photo opp!

Exhibit B: Me and Mr. Jonathan Ross. Sorry for the shaky photo. We were in a rush.
Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Current Obsession: KoreaNovela

Can you guess who I like? Clue, not the lead guy.

I've been a proper bum for the past two weeks - waking up late, eating late, staying in the flat the whole day, showering late(GROSS!) and spending all my time online or on reading. I just finished 2 books from Paulo Coelho, been watching all the new films on Sky Premiere and now, watching KoreaNovela. Yes, we call it KoreaNovela in my country - contraction of Korea and Telenovela therefore, KoreaNovela. My friends been telling me about Boys Before Flowers for a long time now but I can't bring myself to watch it online. I felt I was too old to watch highschool love story but I was wrong! I enjoyed it more than ever. In fact, I saw 6 episodes today and I vowed to watch the whole evening until my eyes gets tired.
Photo Courtesy of Wikepedia.
Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tennis Lessons

This year I wanted to learn something new so when my mum asked me if I wanted to sign up for tennis lessons, I said yes immediately. The idea was born after watching a Wimbledon match. I am not the sporty type but I am bored with my I am not the sporty type excuse. Yesterday I learn the different forehands, serving and hitting the ball basically. :-P No muscle aches today, thank God!
Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Nepalese BBQ Party

Yesterday, I ditched college so I can have proper rest from Paintball. I went out to have lunch with my girlfriends but ended but in a Nepalese BBQ Party instead. Here are few things that we did. Something which I haven't done in a while:

1. Chase Chickens. I grew up in my Dad's side of the family. My uncle used to keep ducks as pets. I miss chasing ducks and chasing chickens is good enough. :)

2. Fool Around. I just finished Re-reading Little Prince. It reminded me that it's okay to be a kid from time to time.

3. Pick strawberry. I went to a Strawberry Farm back in High School. Oh, the joys of fresh strawberries.

4. Shooting. This is definitely a first for me. I used to shoot with water gun back when I was younger during summer. BTW, Nepali people love to go hunting or fishing. I shout every time I fire the gun. Hahaha!

5. Read under the sun. It's always gloomy here in the UK but recently we were blessed with good weather. This photo is taken without my permission. I wasn't prepared but the photo still looked good.

6. Rapel. I went Rapelling once when I went to my Girls Scout camping. I remember being scared during that time. I wasn't scared this time. This is a kid's play house.
Tuesday, 2 June 2009

24th Bday Part 3: Paintball Pain

Top: Mike, Joy, Leslie, Melissa, Tita Jer, Me, Donna, Edgar
Bottom: Melay, Macy, Joseph

Top Most: Gio, Tita Jer and Joy
Middle: Henry, Melissa, Mike, Me, Leslie
Bottom: Macy and Ed

I went to Paintball yesterday with 13 of my friends. We had a blast and now I am covered with bruises. I have 2 big bruises in my left leg, one on my right shoulder, 1 on my right foot and my knees are covered with bruises. The session lasted for 6 hours, 5 different courses with 10-15 minutes breaks in between and a 45 minute lunch break. I have Paintball Photo Injury but will post them on my facebook account. Melissa, my friend, gave up on the first round as she was scared. She got shot near her mouth and I think it might have traumatised her. I got shot too on the first few minutes of the game and my friend Melay made fun of me for leaving too early. :-P Half of the group made to the third round and just me, Gio, Mike, Ed, Macy, Joseph and Joy who made til the last round. Everyone was tired and may I add, in PAIN. Joseph was ill and I heard that most of my friends can't move today. Yes, Group of Unfit people! After the Paintball, we went to the Caversham Park for dinner and me and Melay left after an hour. Oh BTW, we won! Go Blue Team! Go Ape is next on the Agenda!




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