Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy Birthday Ate Amy!

Sue me for cross-processing all the photos.  It is so addicting especially when I only have to hit the apply button using pixlr.  

I met up with my girls - Donna and Darlene for some home-made lunch.  Nothing fancy, tortang talong and straight from the packet pancit canton.  It is sooo good especially when I haven't eaten those in agessss.  It is D/D's friend Amy's birthday today and I was invited.  We did it the filo way of course.  If you wanna know what the filo way is, it is birthday at home, with home made cooking and off licence drinks.  Nothing crazy.  

Aside from Amy's birthday, I was waiting for THE BIG DRAMA to happen.  Donna will kill me for writing this.  My life has been uneventful(I mean less dramatic) lately and I was hoping that I will be able to see Donna and her 2 exes Rai and Mike under one roof.  You see, Rai is close friends with the celebrant and Mike visits Donna on his day off.  It happened to be his day off today.  I met him once more than a year ago and to be honest, I can't remember him.  He showed up today at Donna's an hour after we arrive and he went straight to her room.  The c*nt didn't even say hi to us.  To make things worse, he stayed in her room the whole time that he was there and left without saying hello or goodbye.  Donna asked him to come down to eat with us but he didn't even bother.  Hector suggested that Donna should bring food up.  I told her to stop treating him like a baby.  If he wants to eat, he should come down.  *tough*  I went today with an open mind but he completely ruined his image.  I still like Rai more plus he's my friend.  Ehehe!

Donna was drank when we left.  LOL!

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Nathan's Christening

I know, you had enough of my cheese factor from yesterday.  Sorry I had to dump all my cheesy-ness in this blog.  I can't help it, I am so inlove.  *cringe*

I went to Nathan's Christening yesterday morning and went to a chinese buffet afterwards.  I ate lots as usual. I have absolutely 0 discipline when it comes to food.  I can't say no presented with a whole lot of options.  Any fatty will understand what I am going through.  Hahaha!  From Chinese, we went to church.  I am friends with the filo choir which sings twice a month in Reading's St. James Church.  From the church we went to Joy's for dinner, drinks, X-factor, Kinect and Mahjong.  Got home at 3AM.  I am surprised that I am not as sore as usual.  I must have been using all my muscles lately.  LOL!  Just having a quiet weekend at the flat now.  When is it gonna snow in the South East???
Happy to be at the lunch table.  I had seconds and desserts.  They told me how I ate too fast.  I was dying of hunger.  Hahaha!

Risa and I.

I miss playing Mahjong with my girls.
Tita Jer and Risa.
Clothes borrowed from my sister.
This morning..
Me:  I borrowed your clothes.
Dear Sister:  I know.
Me:  How did you know?
Dear Sister:  I saw it on fb.  Someone tagged you.  You are too comfortable now.  You didn't even ask.
I thought I am more than welcome and shouldn't ask for anything?
I want this winter hat!!!

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

5: Feed Me!

Eating does make me happy.  

We both know what you've been through when I am in my hungry b*tch mode.  Once you jokingly said that you are gonna bring a cookie in your bag but you never did.  You'd rather be sent to hell.  Hahaha!  

Thanks for looking after me and for making sure that I am well-fed.  You feeder!  I blame my fat rolls on you!  LOL!

4: Man Bag


We are such geeks.  We both bring our DSLR's when we travel plus my lomo and my digital camera.  :P  Oh how I always end up with heavy handbag.  Thanks for always offering to carry my heavy bag although we are both tired, hot and sweaty from walking.  I appreciate every little thing that you do for me although I don't always show it.

3: Valentine's Meal

I love the fact that we are individuals in our relationship.  Just look at the pasta that you made for Valentine's. I remember having the "I should cook" discussion with you.  You won in the end.  :P
My meal arrangement
And yours.

I remember when I mixed the pasta with sauce.  I didn't know that you love pasta on its own then.  So cute.  I bet people are cringing now.  Lorraine I bet you died reading cute.  Hahaha!

2: FOOL!!!

 These skype shots makes me laugh.   You look like a hobo on the last pic babe.  Hahaha!

1: THE Shirt!

 I am happy that you listened to me and stopped wearing THE Shirts that I hate.  :)

Happy Anniversary

Time flies!  I barely have time to make a proper blog about us babe.  I don't wanna kill people out of cheese disease anyway.  :P

To be honest, I didn't really see us dating.  I bet you'll agree with that.  I've always seen you as my go-to guy friend but things changed when I visited you in Thailand.  The first visit was really fun and that I had to go again because I really miss you.  

I have high standards when we started dating.  I just been to a very bad relationship and I used to think that absolutely noone will take the wall down that I built.  I am happy that you were able to get through my wall.  

You've seen me at my best and you've definitely seen me at my worst.  I think the phrase "All or Nothing" will make you laugh.  Oh how horrible I've acted because we can't get through the H&M Website during the first sale of Lanvin for H&M.  I am a b*tch, I won't deny that.  I "sent you to hell" lots of times but you didn't give up on me, not even once.  Your patience is unparalleled.  I can't believe how much you put up with me.  

During the height of my craziness.

I am happy with our relationship minus the long distance factor.  I know I have to learn patience and believe that things will get better soon.  I know we are gonna make this work.  We love each other so much not to.  

I love you babe!  Stick with my bitchyness forever?  :P


I want Lanvin NOT flowers

It was a very sunny Autumn day today with a snow shower bonus.  It was so nice seeing sunlight and snow shower at the same time.  I feel so shala.  My friend Petal drove down to Reading to hand deliver my Lanvin.  :)  I know, I can't talk about this enough.  I am almost obsessed.  She texted me last night and told me that she was surprised that I can still wait.  I am not good in pressurising friends.  I know I can pressurise my boyfriend.  (They use pressurise here in the UK instead of pressure)

I spoke with Petal with her Lanvin experience.  She said, she has never been put in that situation before.  She is so pressurised that she forgot everything once it was her time to shop(for 15 minutes).  I asked her if there aren't any accessories in Westfields, she said she couldn't find her stuff, let alone find mine.  Her friend later informed her that she found the sunglasses.  Petal didn't love her Lanvin.  She is ebay-ing hers and is trying to make a bit of profit from it.  To be honest, my dress got the best material.  The materials are of H&M standards and it is better in print than in real life.  My honest opinion.  

Babe, Thanks for the Lanvin's.  I love them!!! 

Ohhh, our anniversary in PH time.  I love you sexy!!!!

 Ordered this in Jamie's and was surprised how small it is.  It is a rip off for £4.25.

 "I want Lanvin and Party...."  So TRUE!
 Take me on a date babe.  I need to wear my Lanvin.
I am so inlove with this T-shirt and I am not a T-shirt person.

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Thursday, 25 November 2010


I got dear boyfriend on board with my edo-fication.  :P  This is his current primary photo.  Soooo cute.  I love you!  xxx

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I don't have photo manipulations skills, we already established that.  I found this website - http://labs.wanokoto.jp/olds - that changes your photos to vintage "edo" period effect.  I like the first photo the best as I am wearing rockabilly outfit for a fancy dress.  Nice huh?

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London Trip for Lanvin X H&M

Relax dear boyfriend, I didn't buy anything apart from a fishnet stockings and a lipstick from the Lanvin collection.  The dress and the t-shirt that Petal purchased the other day and you paid for are good enough for me.  I lie.  I actually went to London to look for the black skirt but I was deeply disappointed.  It looked like a vaginal flap.  There is no other way to describe it.  It barely covers my ass too and I am a healthy size 8.  It wasn't flattering on my massive strong legs.  You will pass me for a desperate hooker.  :P

I love London Town.  I like the busy-ness and the fascades in London.  I especially like the Christmas decors on the streets and the shops in Central London.  It feels so Christmas to me.  I went to Selfridges, to Oxford Street, Picadilly Circus and Regent's Street which by the way is in a mile radius of each other.  I can't wait to take friends and my dear studious sister around.

Babe, please purchase a flat in London.  It doesn't have to be zones 1 and 2.  :P

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