Thursday, 4 November 2010

Quick Break

It is midnight here in the UK and I can't sleep.  There is no better way to beat the insomnia(I really don't have one) but to blog.  It is like my full time job although I don't get paid doing it.  LOL!

Last Saturday, dear boyfriend drove to Devon to visit his Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Paul.  Jennifer is his mum's older sister and Luke's godmother.  A very good hostess.  She would wake up early in the morning just to make us breakfast.  She made a very nice roast beef on the first night and baked apple pie.  Mind you, I am not a fan of roast beef.  English roast is bland for my too much MSG taste buds.  Every morning, she cooks bacon, eggs, mushrooms etc.  We would always have desserts too.  By the end of the trip, I lost my appetite on food.  Not a bad thing as I've done nothing but eat and sleep on this trip.  Good thing we are in the cold country and hiding our "skin" is a must.  :P  

On our first morning, Luke drove to Plymouth to visit his sister.  Plymouth is an hour away from Otter St. Mary.  His sister's hall is nice but the hallways stinks.  I wasn't able to experience living in halls so seeing(and smelling) one is new to me.  His sister's halls is 10 minutes away from her Uni and 15 minutes away from Sainsbury's.  Since Luke hasn't seen his sister in ages, he took her grocery shopping.  I tell you, I was suffering the whole time.  I wore my stupid 4 or 5 inch heels which I haven't worn in a year.  I had to look good and what did I get?  PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!  After Nicole went to her classes, dear boyfriend had 2 hours to ourselves and what did we do first?  Contemplate on buying a new shoes or a gel cushion.  I can't bear the thought of spending money on sh*t purchase so we ended up with the cushion gel.  As usual, there is the Ailema Bitch mode but Luke(as usual) handled the situation very well.  I don't know where he still gets his strength.  All I know is that, whenever I act irrationally, he just have to say the magic phrase "for the love of God..." and I get to my senses.  Because of my stupid shoes, we weren't able to explore Plymouth Town Centre.

The next day, dear boyfriend woke up in pain.  Remember the incident last Saturday?  If you have forgotten darlings, dear boyfriend got into a fight while breaking a fight.  Anyway, as promised, we went to the Eden Project in Cornwall, 2 hours drive from Devon.  The place was amazingly constructed but between you and me, I wasn't that amazed.  It was too hyped up by the people that has been there plus the Rainforest section is too hot and humid.  He liked it cause it reminded him of Thailand.  It reminded me of the Philippines too but in  I need to go inside a cool place kind a way.  It was something that I was familiar with and I didn't get the wow factor.  To be honest, I liked the Mediterranean section as it is cooler and more spacious.  Maybe it's a matter of seeing things for the first time as I am not familiar to most of them.  Just like the previous day, I was in pain.  I wore another high heels.  My flats doesn't go well with what I was wearing and just like Homer Simpson, I didn't learn from my mistake.  

The drive from Eden Project from Wokingham is 4 hours long.  I was asleep on the beginning of the trip, as most driving trips, and was amazed on how dear boyfriend handled the driving.  We had his mixed scratched CD playing all the way home.  

Thanks for taking me on this trip and introducing me to your family lovey!  I forgot why I started calling him lovey.  :P

 It was foggy on from Otter St. Mary to Plymouth
 But the drive gets better 
And Better.  :)
After the purchase of the cushion gel.  :)
 Photo from Nicole's dorm.
Oh I forgot to tell you, after Plymouth, we went to Exeter town Centre to eat at Nando's.  Just to give you a quick background, Luke and I were supposed to eat there(for the third time) before he drove to Devon.  I settled for KFC as he "doesn't wanna drive in the dark" as he wasn't confident with the direction and I was disappointed.  I took it on him as usual so he took me to Nando's the following night.  Just to let you know dear readers, I get upset easily but I recover quite quickly.  Ask my boyfriend.  I am a bit mental.
The Eden Project.
I really love autumn.

 It was so hot and humid in the Rainforest room that they have to have a cool room.

 This was taken after we arrive from the trip.  Sadly, I can't figure out what's wrong with the DSLR.  I can still use it but it makes a grinding sound whenever I turn it on and off.  When we took the lens out and turn it on, the DSLR didn't make any sound so we figured and through the help of google that the lens must be the problem.  Arghhhhh!  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  I am using Sony which model I don't know.  

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