Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Max's Chicken All You Want Promo

I bet most of you have been to Max's.  It is one of my mum's favourite restaurant.  "SPRING CHICKEN!!"  Every year, my mum would take the whole clan there.  I wonder when and why she stopped doing it.

I have no special interest with fried chicken.  I only went for the heck of it plus it was my brother's post bday celebration and it's cheap and we are both struggling with money and budgeting at the moment.  This place was perfect.
 It started with this and ended up with
JR had 3 quarter chickens whilst I had 2 quarters.   I had to push myself to have two.  It was nice though.  The table across from us brought softdrinks with them.  Ano to picnic?  Hahaha!!!!

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Peppermint Spa, Quezon City

First off, this isn't a paid advertisement.  I haven't reached that status yet.  :P

As many of you know, I only have a day off every week and it falls on a weekday.  My work is physically demanding and on my rest day, I make sure that I treat myself to a massage.  It sounds posh but it's not.  In the Philippines, spa is an abundance.  It caters to different budgets.  The only problem is, finding a good,clean spa.  Some spas, just like in Thailand offers extra.  *wink wink*  If you know what I mean.  

I've to Peppermint Spa 3 times now and I try different massage every time.  On my first visit I tried Thai massage, then Swedish and finally Ventosa.

Thai Massage(250PHP):

I would go to Thai massage almost on a daily basis when I used to visit Luke in Thailand.  First it was cheap and second, I need something to do with my time.  I need to relax after a long day of doing nothing.  LOL!  Peppermint's Thai Massage is different with the Thai Massage that I had in Thailand.  It involves a lot of stretching.  If I have to be frank, it's not for people with little tolerance to pain.  My massage was hard that I was scared that my bone might break.  I kept on moving my big toe to check if I can still feel sensation on the lower part of my body.  She was pressing so hard on my back that I couldn't breathe.  This massage didn't relax me at all.

Swedish Massage(350PHP):

I need variations as I get bored easily.  On my second visit, I knew Thai massage didn't work for me so I opted for Swedish instead.  The service was TDF - to die for!!!  I was so relaxed that I was in a happy mood til the next day and I couldn't stop talking about how I enjoyed my massage.  Their Swedish Massage focused on my lower back and my legs.  They addressed two of my problem areas.  I was happy to go again but I was intrigued of their Ventosa Massage.

Ventosa Massage(600PHP):

Ventosa Massage AKA cupping therapy massage involves sucking out "lamig" on the back.  Having the "vacuum" sensation is weird and relaxing at the same time.  This left me on a comatose state of relaxation.  Enough said.

That's me.  I had to ask Ate to take photo first before she took all the cups out so "I can show it to my sister".
I told you it's not a "spa-kol".  
The place smelt of peppermint.  It's not called peppermint for nothing.  :p I like the place apart from when I can hear people chatting.  

For first timers, here are things you need to know:

1.  When you go for Ventosa and Swedish Massage, shower first.  You are not allowed to shower for 24 hours after the massage.
2.  They provide t-shirt and shorts for Thai Massage but just shorts for Swedish and Ventosa.  Just look at my photo for reference.
3.  Don't go for a Swedish and Ventosa if you just shave your legs.  It hurts when they wipe the powder out.

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Friday, 10 June 2011

Company Day at STILTS Calatagan, Batangas

First off, it's not pronounced as STEELTS.  I haven't blogged in a while and I am starting this entry being a bitch.

I haven't been on a company day and to be honest, I don't really get what the fuss was all about.  I still don't feel part of the company as I have been only working there for over a month and to be frank, I will choose sleep over the celebration.  I have been sleep deprived since working and my body needs rest.  My work is very physically draining, something that I didn't factor in when I applied for the position.  

The company day fell on a Monday and I did work til 7:30PM that Sunday.  I was home before 10PM and woke up at 12 midnight.  I couldn't sleep.  I was scared that I might sleep through my alarm.  I met up my colleague at 3AM to get to Buendia before 4AM.  We were scheduled to leave at half past 4AM.  We make it through the deadline and was in Batangas by 8AM.  Arlene and I slept through the trip.  I was still tired when I woke up.

The program was short.  It was started with a prayer followed by the "folk" dance competition, loyalty awards then finally lunch.  My branch lost but I was happy seeing the result of their hardwork.  They did pretty well.  :)

Enjoying the trip wasn't something that I've expected.  My original plan was to sleep and rest but I came prepared with change of clothes and swimsuit.  I knew that my workmates came prepared too.  

The company day coincided with many celebrations.  That week, Miss Nors got married, Arlene and I's SC phase ended and GCC's last day.  It was a day full of emotions.  Mark - GCC cried just before we departed the resort whilst Arlene and I slept through the trip back to Buendia.  :)  It was a tiring but enjoyable day. 
 Love(that's her name).  She seriously looked so exotic.
 Jane and Arlene.  Two of the people that I made friends with at work.
  Jane looked so pretty with or without make up on.
 Head Office Dance Performance

 My branch's dance performance.

 We stayed on one of the houses on stilts.

Mark GCC, Miss Nors and Mark.

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