Friday, 29 January 2010

Vivienne Westwood Wallet

Babe, I need a wallet.  This one's on sale.  I know you love me.  LOL!

Photo from

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Smart Casual for a Job Interview

I am scheduled for a Job Interview on Saturday.  The dress code is smart casual.  I am not sure what to wear.  To be honest, I don't want to spend money on clothes.  I have loads in my closet but I don't know what still fits since I put on that dreaded 20 lbs!  Please help darlings.

These are what I have in mind.

Photos from google images.

Job Interview: Fashion Merchandiser Part 1

Anyone who is very close to me knows how much I want to break into the fashion, retail and merchandising business.  This is one of the reasons why I choose which company I apply to and I decline interviews if the company won't help my career.  Yes, I've become picky but I chose this chose path and I want to be successful in this career.

I went to an interview today.  I will be discreet on the company's name.  Upon researching, I found out that the company manufactures and supplies to a certain company which targets the mass market.  To be honest, I was put off.  This isn't the path I want for my career, I wanted to work in a high end market.  Anyway, after talking with dear boyfriend, he suggested that I should go for experience.

I left early.  I am not very familiar with the area.  I only went there for a year in highschool and that's about it.  Ely, Lorraine's boyfriend assured me that I won't have a hard time finding the place and he was right.  I had to do 4 transfers to get to their office.  I was disappointed.  I felt like I wasn't in Manila anymore.  There were chickens fighting cocks at the entrance!  Mind you, I was wearing my 4 inch heels and a wrap around dress.  They have a very casual environment at work.  So casual you'll see people in rubber sandals!

I spent the whole morning taking tests.  It was divided into four - vocabulary, reading comprehension, arithmetic and logic.  It was a surprise to me.  I was even more surprised with vocabulary.  I haven't encountered words like pluvious and reedy.  After the test, I waited for an hour before my initial interview.  It was easy.  I wasn't intimidated at all.  After all, I was only there for the experience.  It was lunch time when we finished and she suggested that I should go back at 1PM.  I ate in the nearby carinderia.  For my second interview, I talked to an actual fashion merchandiser.  She asked for my portfolio.  I haven't got any!  I thought merchandising is similar to buying but she said that if I get hired, I will be part of the design team.  She even asked me if I can draw which I replied a flat NO.  I can't and I wouldn't lie.  So for the exam, she asked me to redesign a camisole for a date.  You and I know that I have expensive taste.  I suggested an expensive fabric and she said, we can't do that here so I suggested another one.  Still not on their budget.  :P She seem to be satisfied with my design and she said I got potential.  I waited for another 30 minutes when they told me to come back as the HR manager is on leave and their immediate superior is not in today.  They asked me to go back again tomorrow.  Of course I will.  I wanna see how this is gonna end. 
Wednesday, 27 January 2010


It's exactly 2 months now since we started dating.  Gay I know but you know how I like to celebrate every occassion and I know how you hate that I show my love for you publicly.  Well, "get over it!".  :P  Thanks for putting up with me especially with my "ridiculously unreasonable" incident.  SYWMK! 

I can still remember when you fireman lift me after Vish's wedding.  Thanks babe!  I was paralysed from walking in high heels the whole day.  You know I need to look good.  I bet you secretly love the experience cause you secretly like me then.  Love teasing you.  :P

Wardrobe Essential: Black Dress

Another designer lust post for all of us to enjoy.  :)  I particularly love the DVF and Oscar de la Renta dress.  I drool.  Hahaha!


Click on the labels for more details.  Photos taken from

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wardrobe Essential: Lace Top

If I have my way, I will fill my closet with conversational pieces.  Helping people to look good is always been a secret mission of mine.  *wink* I wish I can do this for a living.  I think this is one of the reasons why I want to be a Merchandisers - I can control what goes in the market.  :)


Photos from net-a-porter.  Click on the label for more details.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ciara Sotto's Wedding Pictures

To my dear sister who likes happy endings, this post is for you.
Click on the link for more of Ciara Sotto's wedding pictures.  :)

Photo taken from the same website.


In my younger years, I would be the last person to admit that I was outsmartted by anyone.  I was simply too proud to admit any mistakes I made.  Growing up, you learn to accept the facts of life and move on from it.  Today, I realise that I WAS A VICTIM OF CALL CARD SCAMS.

This is how it happened:

I will translate everything in English foreign readers.

SCAMMER(S):  This is my new roaming number.  I accidentally blocked my number, it was asking for PIN2.
ME(M):  *saved the number*  Is this you JR?( I sent him a message after few weeks)
S:  Yes, this is me.  How are you?
M:  I am okay.  I went to the dentist.  I needed dental braces.
S:  Oh so you are wearing dental braces at the moment.  You smiling more now, I bet.
M:  No, I needed braces cause my jaw is not aligned properly.  I don't have money at the moment.  I need to work.  I've been applying work.
S:  How much do you need?  I will lend you money.
M:  It is expensive!!  I need 30K-50K.  15K initial installment.  Wow!  You are rih.  I need to work so I can fix my teeth.  Hehe!
S:  Why don't you lend money from me?  I will send money at the end of the month.
M:  Loaded!  I need to enrol to SOFA for my basic sewing and pattermaking classes first.  I'll sort my teeth once I get work.
S:  I'll help you out.  Top-ups are badly needed in here.  500 peso top-up sells for 1200.
M:  Really?  Okay.  How?
S:  Once you bought all the cards, send me the pin numbers and I'll sell it in here.
M:  Okay, which service provider?
S:  Buy 5, 500 globe cards and 5 500 smart cards.
M:  Okay, I'll buy tom then I'll send the details through your facebook.  BTW, do they charge you when you call to top-up?
S:  Not much.  Text me the details tom so I can ask people who are interested.
M:  Thanks.  I'll text you tom.  I badly needed the income.

The next day

M:  I'll text you the details later.  I am feeling lazy at the moment.
S:  Okay, I will wait for your text.
M:  I have the cards now.  Which one do you need?  Smart or Globe?
S:  I need Smart now.
M:  Okay, will send you the pin now.  I'll send the details later.
S: Okay thanks.

Then I said, I'll send some later.  He said, I needed the all the cards now.  I said, okay will send them to you now.  I also added that this will help me pay 1/3 of my SOFA tuition and I thanked him.

He asked for 5000 worth of top-ups.  I didn't realise that it was a scam.  He made himself sound like my brother.  His texts are very similar to his. He even OFFERED to lend me money hoping to earn my trust.  He did.  I was desperate.  I was out of work, it was easy money.  I was an easy bait.

It was too late when I finally realise that it was a scam.  I cried for a bit but lifted everything to God.  Maybe the scammer was more desperate for money than I.  Maybe someone in his family is dying and he needed quick money.  Bad deed will not be left unpunished.  God is watching everyone.  Maybe this is also God's way of telling me that it is not yet time to enrol in that class.  Money is money.  Money can be replaced.  When my brother called me, he asked if I was hurt.  I said I'm not.  He said not to worry about it.  One of the things that I learn with life is that, when bad things happen with you, more good things will happen.  I am incredibly blessed with my happy family, everyone is healthy and I have a very loving relationship.  I will just count my blessings.  :)

I am sharing this story with you so you won't get victimised by these people.  These are their numbers, BEWARE:  09063686494 and 09163572879.

Lessons Learnt:

If it's too good to be true, maybe it is.
Be cautious especially with phone transactions.
Never trust strangers.  NEVER.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Wardrobe Essential: Black Skirt

I can't afford to buy anything at the moment.  It's been 10 months since I last worked.  Yes, 10 months already and my funds are getting really really low.  One of the reasons why I want to learn to make patterns and sew is so I can make myself beautiful dresses and skirts.  I know I can ask tailors to do it for me but I am a bit of control freak myself.  I'd rather be involved in the whole process than be disappointed with bad tailoring.  *wink*  These are the skirts that I am dreaming of at the moment.  I'm sure you feel the same darlings.  :)

3.1 Phillip Lim Embroidered lace skirt


 Preen Ripple pleated skirt


Ain't this perfect for us?  Hope this puts a smile on your face baby.  SYWMK!

Photo taken from this site.

DIY: Scrubbing

As you all know, we seldom exercise.  On weekends(or most days), Lorraine and I like to relax.  Yesterday was different.  We actually did something productive.  It was after lunch when it happened.  We were relaxing in front of their home when she suddenly wanted to scrub the wall.  SCRUB THE WALL!!  Remember the great flood from September 2009?  They still have residue from that and probably from not regularly scrubbing the wall.  Maybe unusual for people to do that but they have white paint and it attracts more dirt than usual.

She worked from 2:30PM to 4PM while I only helped for half an hour.  I cycled for 30 minutes and did my laundry the whole morning.  We had good workout eh?

Our photos in action.




Champion + Water + Scrub = White Wall

The only casualty from the day.  We sprayed water into the outlet.

And Oh, I had to do this too.  :)
Saturday, 23 January 2010

Project Ailema: Prophylaxis

I haven't been to the dentist in months - 9 months to be exact.  I am not a clean freak but hygeine is important to me.  I admit, when I was in school, I used to be very envious of people with braces and as I grew older, I overcome that "I must have perfect bite" mentality.  I become comfortable with myself and overcame most of my insecurities.

I am not a vain person.  I just like things on their own place.  I like my hair to be always neat and freshly washed, my skin tanned and my face almost spot free.  I can't get a clear skin.  Maybe I am not putting enough effort into changing my diet.  I've only been to the derma once and never been to the facialist.  It cost too much money and you can never go cheap when it comes to skin.  Anyway, today, I found a good dentist.  She is more meticulous than my present dentist and I feel comfortable around her.  She seems to be very passionate with her work.  She told me that my jaw is not properly aligned.  I am aware of that but none of my previous dentists pointed that out.  She said, I need to have dental braces to correct it.  I get more plaque than usual cause of teeth formation.  Mind you, I do the 3 steps dental hygeine - brush, floss and gargle.

I have a clear picture of what I am gonna look like now.  This:

Photo from Wikipedia.

Childhood Nostalgia: Junk Food

I went grocery shopping yesterday and found these:

Torpedo Ice Pops, Yakult and Chocolate Wafer

I used to eat a lot of junk when I was younger.  The more MSG, the cheaper it is,the better.  *wink*  Does anyone remember the 50 cents Pompoms, Pritos Ring, RinBee and Hotdogs?  I am glad to report that they still exist 'til this day.  In fact, I had Pompoms last week.  

If I have 2 junkfood that will remind me of my childhood, it has to be Pompoms and Chocolate Wafer.

Chocolate Wafer.  When I was younger and still living in Makati, my family used to share a house with my 2 aunts from my dad's side of the family.  And whenever I think of them, I always go back to that age when they were both singles(one old maid now.  :P) and I was their favourite niece.  Hahaha!  I wasn't the nicest kid.  They can attest to that.  My aunt's boyfriend then, husband now, Tito Arman, had a hard time courting my aunt cause I always make a scene when he was around and we all remember that.  I am naughty I know but they love me anyway.  *Charm, Charm, Charm*  Pasalubong(gifts, souveniers or "I am going out, what do you want when I come back?") is normal in the Philippines.  And whenever they ask me for Pasalubong, I always say Chocolate Wafer.  I'm sad to say that they changed the formula now and it doesn't taste the same so maybe that's another childhood nostalgia gone to the drain.  LOL!

Pompoms.  The great Pompoms.  I remember when I used to eat loads and loads in a day.  It was very cheap and it's cheese flavoured.  I remember when my cousin's boyfriend then, husband now Kuya Vic would bring us a whole pack of pompoms and we would eat while playing Mahjong.  Ah, goodtimes.  Pompoms also reminds me of my days in Cabanatuan.  Remember tinda-tindahan, you actually spend money and get leaves in return.  Hahaha!

What's junkfood reminds you of your childhood darlings?  Is it Monster Munch  for you babe? :P

Thursday, 21 January 2010

SSI Job Interview

I went to my job interview yesterday.  In my opinion, it went well.  She knew that I love the Zara brand that she is gonna forward my CV there.  Hahaha!  She knew how I love to work in the retail, merchandising and fashion industry.  I was a bit personal with the interview.  This interview is surprisingly easy.  Let's all hope that I am what they are looking for.  Pray for me lovelies!  Thanks! :)

This is what I wore to the interview. Sorry for the poor lighting.  It was all done in a hurry.


Sorry, I didn't notice my skirt until now. It was properly aligned during the interview, I promise!  :)

Zara Skirt and Shoes

It's been ages since I wore that pumps and look what it did to my feet.  I was in so much pain that I took the cab on my way back home.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Job Interview

I am going for a job interview today.  Please pray for me darlings.  Thanks!  :)
Tuesday, 19 January 2010


There are two shops that I go to for shoes - Zara and TOPSHOP.  Most of Zara shoes are timeless but Topshop shoes are very fashionionable.  I remember going crazy when I went to the Topshop Flagship Store in London.  It was as big(if not bigger) as House of Fraser in Reading.  I dream of someday working for Topshop.  Please God, let me be forever surrounded with good quality clothes and shoes.  

LARNA Corset Sandal


SALOON Wooden Platform Shoes

RUE Parisian Elastic Sandals

 All photos and shoes are available from 

Monday, 18 January 2010

Office Inspiration: Zara

I love Zara's lookbook for Dec 09.  It is so me.  :)  I especially like the peg trousers. 

All photos are from Zara.

Job Interview

I was supposed to go to an Interview with Appco Group last Thursday at 3PM but after further research, I declined the interview.  It must be Divine Intervention, SSI Group called at 3:30PM.  It was my dream job interview.  Please pray for me darlings!  Thanks in advance everyone! ♥ ♥ ♥
Sunday, 17 January 2010

Showbiz Chika: Updates on Kris and James Yap

Dear relatives,

Here are more updates regarding Kris and James.

For witnesses, click this link.

For James Yap, click this link.

For more Kris News, click this link.

Happy Reading!

♥ ♥ ♥
Miss Ailema

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Jollibee Chicken Party.

Jj-Oo-double L double L-Ii-B-double E, It's Jollibee goodWho would forget that commercial?  If you were born in the 80's chances are, you still have memory of that it.  :)  Jollibee BTW, is a Filipino fastfood chain similar to Mc Donald's.  

Yesterday was a very unproductive day for me and Lorraine.  We were supposed to do a shoot for my special project but I haven't finalised the layout and styling yet so I moved it to today.  I am still not prepared.  Yikes!  Anyway, by lunch time we were hungry as hell(or maybe I was) and since it's her brother's day off from work and he's driving to the bank anyway, she suggested to exchange her Credit Card receipts for Jollibee Chickens.  Now, I didn't know that you can exchange receipts for free meals.  BPI collaborated with Jollibee - for 1500, you get 1 pc chicken joy with rice, 3,000 gets you 2 pc chicken joy with rice and for 6000, you get a bucket.  We ended up with 10 pcs chicken.  Unfortunately, the promo ended yesterday.

The Jollibee Counter

Jollibee Promo Ad

The Bucket.  I wasn't able to take photo of the free chickens.  I ate during the trip and slept the whole afternoon.  LAZY!
It's true that the Chickens are crispylicious.  :P




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