Thursday, 28 January 2010

Job Interview: Fashion Merchandiser Part 1

Anyone who is very close to me knows how much I want to break into the fashion, retail and merchandising business.  This is one of the reasons why I choose which company I apply to and I decline interviews if the company won't help my career.  Yes, I've become picky but I chose this chose path and I want to be successful in this career.

I went to an interview today.  I will be discreet on the company's name.  Upon researching, I found out that the company manufactures and supplies to a certain company which targets the mass market.  To be honest, I was put off.  This isn't the path I want for my career, I wanted to work in a high end market.  Anyway, after talking with dear boyfriend, he suggested that I should go for experience.

I left early.  I am not very familiar with the area.  I only went there for a year in highschool and that's about it.  Ely, Lorraine's boyfriend assured me that I won't have a hard time finding the place and he was right.  I had to do 4 transfers to get to their office.  I was disappointed.  I felt like I wasn't in Manila anymore.  There were chickens fighting cocks at the entrance!  Mind you, I was wearing my 4 inch heels and a wrap around dress.  They have a very casual environment at work.  So casual you'll see people in rubber sandals!

I spent the whole morning taking tests.  It was divided into four - vocabulary, reading comprehension, arithmetic and logic.  It was a surprise to me.  I was even more surprised with vocabulary.  I haven't encountered words like pluvious and reedy.  After the test, I waited for an hour before my initial interview.  It was easy.  I wasn't intimidated at all.  After all, I was only there for the experience.  It was lunch time when we finished and she suggested that I should go back at 1PM.  I ate in the nearby carinderia.  For my second interview, I talked to an actual fashion merchandiser.  She asked for my portfolio.  I haven't got any!  I thought merchandising is similar to buying but she said that if I get hired, I will be part of the design team.  She even asked me if I can draw which I replied a flat NO.  I can't and I wouldn't lie.  So for the exam, she asked me to redesign a camisole for a date.  You and I know that I have expensive taste.  I suggested an expensive fabric and she said, we can't do that here so I suggested another one.  Still not on their budget.  :P She seem to be satisfied with my design and she said I got potential.  I waited for another 30 minutes when they told me to come back as the HR manager is on leave and their immediate superior is not in today.  They asked me to go back again tomorrow.  Of course I will.  I wanna see how this is gonna end. 





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