Monday, 25 January 2010


In my younger years, I would be the last person to admit that I was outsmartted by anyone.  I was simply too proud to admit any mistakes I made.  Growing up, you learn to accept the facts of life and move on from it.  Today, I realise that I WAS A VICTIM OF CALL CARD SCAMS.

This is how it happened:

I will translate everything in English foreign readers.

SCAMMER(S):  This is my new roaming number.  I accidentally blocked my number, it was asking for PIN2.
ME(M):  *saved the number*  Is this you JR?( I sent him a message after few weeks)
S:  Yes, this is me.  How are you?
M:  I am okay.  I went to the dentist.  I needed dental braces.
S:  Oh so you are wearing dental braces at the moment.  You smiling more now, I bet.
M:  No, I needed braces cause my jaw is not aligned properly.  I don't have money at the moment.  I need to work.  I've been applying work.
S:  How much do you need?  I will lend you money.
M:  It is expensive!!  I need 30K-50K.  15K initial installment.  Wow!  You are rih.  I need to work so I can fix my teeth.  Hehe!
S:  Why don't you lend money from me?  I will send money at the end of the month.
M:  Loaded!  I need to enrol to SOFA for my basic sewing and pattermaking classes first.  I'll sort my teeth once I get work.
S:  I'll help you out.  Top-ups are badly needed in here.  500 peso top-up sells for 1200.
M:  Really?  Okay.  How?
S:  Once you bought all the cards, send me the pin numbers and I'll sell it in here.
M:  Okay, which service provider?
S:  Buy 5, 500 globe cards and 5 500 smart cards.
M:  Okay, I'll buy tom then I'll send the details through your facebook.  BTW, do they charge you when you call to top-up?
S:  Not much.  Text me the details tom so I can ask people who are interested.
M:  Thanks.  I'll text you tom.  I badly needed the income.

The next day

M:  I'll text you the details later.  I am feeling lazy at the moment.
S:  Okay, I will wait for your text.
M:  I have the cards now.  Which one do you need?  Smart or Globe?
S:  I need Smart now.
M:  Okay, will send you the pin now.  I'll send the details later.
S: Okay thanks.

Then I said, I'll send some later.  He said, I needed the all the cards now.  I said, okay will send them to you now.  I also added that this will help me pay 1/3 of my SOFA tuition and I thanked him.

He asked for 5000 worth of top-ups.  I didn't realise that it was a scam.  He made himself sound like my brother.  His texts are very similar to his. He even OFFERED to lend me money hoping to earn my trust.  He did.  I was desperate.  I was out of work, it was easy money.  I was an easy bait.

It was too late when I finally realise that it was a scam.  I cried for a bit but lifted everything to God.  Maybe the scammer was more desperate for money than I.  Maybe someone in his family is dying and he needed quick money.  Bad deed will not be left unpunished.  God is watching everyone.  Maybe this is also God's way of telling me that it is not yet time to enrol in that class.  Money is money.  Money can be replaced.  When my brother called me, he asked if I was hurt.  I said I'm not.  He said not to worry about it.  One of the things that I learn with life is that, when bad things happen with you, more good things will happen.  I am incredibly blessed with my happy family, everyone is healthy and I have a very loving relationship.  I will just count my blessings.  :)

I am sharing this story with you so you won't get victimised by these people.  These are their numbers, BEWARE:  09063686494 and 09163572879.

Lessons Learnt:

If it's too good to be true, maybe it is.
Be cautious especially with phone transactions.
Never trust strangers.  NEVER.





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