Monday, 4 January 2010

BKK Cycling Tour

Do you like cycling? Do you like temples? Are you up for the 30km challenge? Then this cycling tour is for you.

The idea of a cycling tour in Bangkok is new to me. Whenever I think of Bangkok, shopping and temples come to mind. I didn't even know that a cycling tour is possible until dear boyfriend surprised me with one. He told me to bring trainers. Now, the sound of trainers scares me. First, I hate wearing trainers. I look stupid in one and second, trainers means working out which I absolutely hate. Thank God, it is cycling. I don't consider cycling working out. It is something that I enjoy. :)

Whenever I am with Banks, I eat. No, scratch that, I pig out. Before we left for cycling, I had a big breakfast buffet consisting of Thai, Chinese and Continental. He said, I have an EBS syndrome. Whatever babe! I love to shove my face with food. After I had my last bite of siomai, he told me a diarrhea story. Deja Vu. 5 minutes into the cab trip, I felt the urge to go. It was a horrible feeling. I will try to eat less next time.

Photos from the Bangkok Trip:

Upper body strength is needed in this cycling trip. On the start of the trip, we had to carry our bikes to the stairs.

We also came across this. We were informed that cock fights are illegal in Thailand so they label their activity as "practice". Seriously, I won't be fooled by that.

Temple. It is not bad architectural design. The boat design is intentional. Thai people believe that the buddhas(inside the temple) are the driver that will bring them to Nirvana.

Floating Houses. In this area, post and food are still delivered by boat.

Bodhy Tree. It was said that Buddha attained his enlightenment under this certain type of tree. Thus, you see this tree in every temple. The textile wrapped around the tree are the auspiscious colours wrapped by people who had their fortune read.

Boat Station perhaps?

We had our lunch at a local canteen. It looks something like this. I am a fan of street food. I felt like it is more authentic than eating at overpriced places. That's just me. :P

One of the oldest temple in North of Bangkok.

During our trip, we were able to feed giant catfishes. Something that dear boyfriend enjoyed.

I haven't seen catfishes this big. The guide told us that people are not allowed to catch fishes in the vicinity of the temple. This explains the catfish giantism. LOL! It is as big as my leg!

Thai people believe that broken buddha will bring bad luck. So they leave it here under the banyan tree near the temple.

This temple was abandoned during the war.

Photo of Dear Boy P and I completely blocking the view. :P

We also saw cock fights on our way home. A first for Banks.

So the Million Dollar Question is, did I survive the trip? The answer is barely. As much as I love cycling and getting a tan, I can't stand going under the sun for hours. It took 6 hours to finish the trip, lunch break not included. I had splitting headache towards the end. I was complaining to Luke then. Thank God he was patient with me. It is true he knows how to handle my crankiness. LOL! Thank You Banks for taking me on a cycling trip. I loved it!





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