Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cycling and Everything Else In Between

In my mind, I like to think that I'm a very private person but then again, I've been blogging for years.  My mobile phone provider hooked me up with internet connection and I've been over-twitting since.  Not that anyone cares.  Twitter made me an over-sharer.  Worse than I can possibly be.

The past few weeks has been super.  Luke and I picked out my engagement ring which we will collect this Friday, we finally got the council appointment for our marriage registry, the flat is still what it used to be minus the dining set that we sold through ebay, my carboot sale failed to make money for shopping, did a fifty shades marathon reading for 3 days and we cycled 10 miles from Reading to Shiplake and back last Sunday.

The weather last Sunday is as hormonal as I. I started "hellish" as Luke described me, then happy, tired then cold.  As for the weather, it was cloudy, sunny, rain with hail and just heavy rain.  That's English Summer for you my readers.  :)  

The cycling trip was fab!  I've seen meadows, lake(we live in the strip of Thames lake anyway), "free range" cows, dragon flies in its vibrant blue which I haven't seen before, glampers(glamour + camping) and happy people.  Luke and I followed the Thames path but what we didn't realise that we weren't allowed to cycle in the path until we reached a cul-de-sac in Shiplake.  Luke's trusty bike broke down on the same time making it a bit difficult for him to cycle so we ended up cycling on the main road.  To be honest, I don't like cycling on main roads.  Roundabout scare the hell out of me.  I can't drive and I don't know the rule of the road. :-P  I wish the weather gets better this weekend so we can go on another cycling trip. 

Below are photos taken during the trip.
 I'm too pale I know. This photo didn't do justice on my face either.  Hahahaha!

  This was taken in Sonning.  One of our few stops.
Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nothing Much Really

I've lost interest in blogging as I have nothing to talk about.  I can't decide if I will close this down and focus on my travel blog.  Hehe.  I've always dreamt of travelling the world but the internet gave me the platform to share my experience to everyone.  I once again moved to another continent.  I am back to my second home, England.  Hopefully it's permanent this time.  

Too many grown up decisions to be made this time but I am in no capacity to do any of it.  Flat has to be sorted, registry has to happen soon, I have to decide on career or money.  I told you, grown up.  :-P  I've come to England on a very good time, Summer.  Although it's wet, there are lots of sales.  Kidding aside, the weather has been great. On my first week, Luke and I went for walks, met up with my friends, his friends and our families.  Melay's daughter has been born. My sister tricked me into having a photoshoot which I don't normally subject myself into.  I liked the experience but hate the my ugly cheap hair photo.  I DIY-ed my hair dye.  Watched Sweeney Todd which is my 14th west end show so far.  Tomorrow, Luke and I are going to his friends dirty 30.  Hehe.  

I am happy to back.  I just wish that things will hurry up for me.  I am happy to be with Luke.  I can't ask for more.  Thank you Lord for giving me such fab partner.  He is very loving and giving.  He is someone I prayed for and more.  XXX

I think I should go back to blogging.  I have to much to talk about now that I'm in fab England.  Did I say sales?  XXX




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