Sunday, 28 February 2010

Not my kind of Reunion

I am going to my friend's wake today.  I am not excited.  Leo, this is not the kind of reunion that we planned.  This is not the beach, this is not Bohol.  This is not the gay bar.  This is not fun.  I don't want this.  This is not my kind of reunion.  :(
Friday, 26 February 2010



This photo was taken last December.  Didn't know that it would be the last time that we are gonna be with Leo(In blue shirt).  Earlier this week, my friend Bernadette(in Black) emailed us letting everyone know that Leo had an accident.  According to the story, he was robbed and was ran over by the robber in Motorcycle.  He suffered multiple head injuries, was disoriented after a few days and had a slight amnesia.  Yesterday, Xavier told me that he slipped into coma.  He asked me if I can come and visit Leo on Sunday.  I told him that I was busy in the afternoon but I would be glad to come in the morning.  My brother JR was returning from his Singapore Assignment.  This afternoon, I received a call from Xavier informing me that Leo has passed away.  I was in shocked and cried for a bit after the phone call.  It was unexpected.  Last time we were together, we made so much future travel plans.  We also planned to meet up during the Holy Week.  He was full of life, full of plans.  Please pray for Leo and his family. 
Sunday, 21 February 2010

Busy Week

Sorry for the lack of post, I've been busy this week.

As everyone knows, I started work last Thursday.  Everything went well.  I made new friends on my first day and actually went out with them.  I liked the young crowd at work especially my group.  They are younger than I am but we all get along just fine. 

On my second day, I was asked to tweak a design.  I can't draw but I know what I want.  The problem is, I don't know what the client wants.  You see, I am asked to design for the lower mass market.  I am not familiar with the brand nor I know anyone who wears them so when I presented my work to my head merchandiser, she rejected them all.  After the rejection, she gave me an idea what the client wants.  Hopefully, I get it right next time.  :D

I wasn't able to work on my third day.  I was embarrassed and worried.  I woke up at 2AM with a sharp pain on my stomach.  I thought I was hungry so I had wafer, the only food that I have left.  After few minutes, I vomitted.  From then I vommitted and went to the toilet several times in an hour 'til it was 10AM.  I was very tired and didn't have energy left to move so I asked my cousin Lorraine to bring food for me.  I slept for 17 hours that day.

Today, I went grocery shopping.  I don't want any food poisoning episode.  It was very horrible.  :(
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentine's Dinner

The Valentine's gayness post hasn't ended yet.  

After the trip to Koh Chang, my guy and I decided to cook.  I don't know where he gets his energy.  I was tired by just sitting the whole afternoon in the car(while singing and listening on the 500 days of Summer soundtrack.  Contagioussss!).  I've always wanted to cook for him although you and I know that I am very very challenged in that area.  :P  We made nothing fancy but something tried and tested, pasta.  After all, we don't wanna end up in the ER on Valentine's day.  LOL!

Luke cooking while
I am munching on these.  I am very much addicted to Mangoes and shrimp paste.  I used to have it everyday back in Thailand, that and somtam.  Oh God, thinking about it is making me hungry.  Luke, better learn how to make somtam.  :x

I want my pasta cheesy and saucy.
That night, I discovered that he doesn't like mixing his sauce with his pasta cause "he wants to eat the pasta on it's own" sometimes.  Hehe!

Job Requirements - Barangay Clearance

I thought obtaining barangay clearance would be the easiest.  I was wrong.  I tried getting one before I left but they didn't let me cause I wasn't a voter in Manila.  I was registered in Cabanatuan where my family lives.  I was then advised by the council to ask for a Homeowners Certificate.  I went today and guess what, they didn't give me one.  It was because my I was renting and my  landlord don't pay the homeowners.  I am doomed.  The situation was hopeless.  Goodluck to me tom!

Koh Chang Valentine's Weekend

Of all the made up holidays, Valentine's is my favourite.  Yes, I am that cheesy.  Dear boyfriend knows that.  I was happy and excited when he told me that he is gonna take me to Koh Chang for the weekend.
We agreed to leave at 8AM.  It was a struggle I tell you.  I am not used to getting up at 7AM.  I had to wake up that early cause it takes me an hour to get ready.  :P  We didn't make it to 8AM, we actually left home 10AM.  I needed an extra hour in bed.  

1 kilo of eyebags.
Boy P drove for at least 3 hours plus an hour in the Ferry.

We stayed in one of the villas in Aana



I am good in packing light.  If I didn't bring my laptop and hair dryer with me, 1 bag would be enough.

Thank God dear boyfriend likes to drive.  He is such a good driver, he doesn't complain no matter how tired he is.  That afternoon, we drove around the island.  We accidentally stumbled the "viewpoint".

Couple Pic.  LOL!
As suggested by the travel book, we went to Oodie's for dinner.  Good ambience, okay dinner.  The serving was just right for me.
We wanted to go to 7-11 for Magnum but we passed by this.  No matter how full we are, we always have room for dessert.  Fatties!  :P
We had the hardest massage ever!  My masseuse cracked my spine.  My spine!!  I was scared for myself.  I thought I will be paralysed by the end of the massage.  Dear boyfriend said he felt better but was in so much pain the next day.

The next day:

Dear boyfriend padelled through the private beach.  I am useless.  I am no help with him.  Use that fat babe! :P
The private beach lined with pine trees again.  The beach would have been better if they maintain it.  They were bits and pieces of trash here and there.
I love swings!  It takes me to my childhood when I compete to use one. 

After the beach, we drove to the waterfalls.


We saw wild boars on the way.  I thought I saw Pumba. 

  Monkeys.  We saw lizards and vultures too.  It feels like we were in the jungle.

For dinner, we went to Cookies.  Big Mistake.  The service was slow, the food was okay.  I finished my fried rice before the grilled shrimp and kebab arrived.  It was annoying waiting for food when you are hungry.  They have free salad, they were yucky though.  We didn't dare eat it.
After dinner,we walked down the beach.  Actually, we didn't go that far.  We went to Sabay Bar(next to Cookies were we had dinner).  LOL!  They have reggae band playing.  As I've never had shesha before, I asked dear boyfriend if we can have our little session.  Was surprised that he said yes.  
Music+Beach+Sesha+Alcohol = Perfect night.

Thanks dear boyfriend for taking me to Koh Chang!  I had the best time ever!  
Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love Notes


Happy Hearts Day Darlings!  :)

Friday, 12 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

While I was going through my stuff, dear boyfriend told me that Alexander McQueen is dead.  Was really shocked and saddened by the news.

Pattaya Trip

I am going back to the Philippines next week so dear boyfriend took days off from work.  We had a very busy day.

1.  Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

As you all know, I am working soon.  In the Philippines, hundreds of requirements are needed before you can actually work.  Medical Certificate is one of them.  Finally, had that ticked off my list.  :)

2.  Floating Market

Dear boyfriend and I had our lunch at floating market.  I admit, I am a cheap date.  I like to eat in cheap places.  It feels more authentic to me.  Today, we had the most spicy dish on the history of my Thailand trip.  Our lips are both on fire after few spoonfulls of rice.  I die.

3.  Pattaya Tower

Luke haven't been to Pattaya Tower so I suggested that we should go.  I was convincing him to go on a Tower Jump with me but I couldn't make him say yes.

My brod, do you remember this?
From the Viewing deck.  It was more congested as I remembered it to be.

Mandatory Couples Photo.  :P

The first time that I went to Pattaya Tower was in 2005 with my family.  It was my bday then.  I wanted to do "Tower Jump" and finally convinced my mum to let me.  I wasn't scared prior to the jump but when I finally saw how high it was, I panicked.  Who wouldn't if it's 56 floors high.  My brother on the other hand was very relaxed the whole time.  He should be, guys are programmed not to show emotions.  LOL!  Sucks that we lost the video and the photos when our computer crashed.  

4.  Wolfman

That's 3 films this week for me.  I don't mind.  I like watching films.  I haven't seen the original film so I can't say if they did a good job in remaking it.  All I can say is that, I love film.  I especially love how he transformed the first time and started killing people.  Anthony Hopkins is a very good actor.  I love Benicio del Toro too.  He resembles Brad Pitt only darker, more bad ass.
Thursday, 11 February 2010

Date Night, Gay Night

I totally made that date night up.  :P

I've been asking dear boyfriend to go on a Karaoke Night with me but he wouldn't go.  So I suggested a bowling night instead.  Here's how our date went.  :)

Dinner at Tequila Reef Cantina:





Reefer Madness Appetizer Sampler - Cheese Nachos, Quesadilla, Tequila Wings and Taquitos.  I was full at this point.

Beef Burrito, dear boyfriend's dinner.  It was 6sh inches long and 3 inches wide.  He nearly finished it while I struggled with my Chicken Taquitos.
Chicken Taquitos

Walk on Art Street:

Never knew that something like this existed in Pattaya.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I had to take this opportunity to take photo of myself.  :P

Bowling at Blu - Rhythm and Bowl:

I had to say, my bowling skills are getting rustly.  No I lie, I am not a very good bowler but I really enjoy the sports.  Aside from watching films, my mum enjoys bowling too.  Growing up, she used to take my cousins, my siblings and I bowling. I remember her being ecstatic on my first strike.  What a stage mum!  Kidding!  :P

This bowling alley is so posh.  It got a club feel to it which I love.  RnB playing on the background, club lights and bar.  I was surprised that they actually have an on house DJ.  DJ on bowling alley people!!


I want this for my room and I like the curtains too.  :)

Chinky and Chinny.

He won on the first round.
I won on the second round.
And third round.  Making me the bowling champion.  *evil laugh*

Night Market:

We both know that I wouldn't pass up on bargain shopping.  I am so lucky that boy P tolerates my shopping madness.  As any good boyfriend would do, he just let me do what I want, not complaining, not even once.  Thanks Luke again for the wonderful night!  :x




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