Monday, 1 February 2010

Job Interview: Retail Associate

I've been to the most ridiculous Job Interview last Saturday!  I was furious by the end of it!  It was such a waste of time!  Okay, I'm not furious now but I just want you guys to know how I felt during that time.  :P

I live in Quezon City, my interview is at 2PM so I left home at 12noon.  I don't like being late so I expect people to come on time.  I was 30 minutes early for my interview.  I took a cab from Buendia MRT Station to Citi Bank Centre.  Was scared the moment that the cab driver asked for people to join me in the cab.  When I told Lorraine about the incident, she said that the cabs in Buendia are like FX and it's normal.  You share the cab with people.  Anyway, back to the interview.  The HR person was running late!  She was in fact an hour late and the President of the company interviewed us.  Actually, it's more like an introduction of the company.  The Retail Associate term is only good on papers.  They are more like Avon.  Yes, you are reading it right.  AVON!  They don't have their own stores, only one showroom.  They will hire you but you have to make the 100,000 quota in a month or you will be fired.  So much for job security!  The product designs aren't that good either.  They said high end but it cost as much or cheaper than my normal underwear.  When the HR person finally arrived, I had asked her loads of questions.  Here are my questions and this is how she answered:

Me:  How are you gonna organise the lingerie party?
HR:  I don't know yet.
Me:  How often is the lingerie party?
HR:  I am not sure.  As often as you like to organise it.
Me:  How many people to complete the party.
HR:  Maybe....10.
Me:  Can you do it at home?  If so, are you gonna provide lingeries for the party for people to see the actual products?
HR:  Yes, definitely.  We won't let you borrow any of our lingeries but it is better to buy your own inventory.
Me:  It is better to do the party here then.  *laughed*
HR:  Yeah, we are gonna provide the venue.  It's our way of helping you.
Me:  Say we have the party here, are you gonna provide the drinks and give aways?
HR:  I don't know yet.  I will ask the partners.

She left at this point and spoke with one of the partners.

One of the partners approached us.  She was saying that the quality of the lingeries are better than the one in the market.  She said it fits perfectly.  So I asked her, are you gonna hire a bra fitter?  She said look at the back of the paper.  You'll see the conversion sizing there.

At the end of the interview, they gave us brochures and CDs regarding the company.  It resembles a welcome pack in my opinion.  I don't know if I get the job or not.  They said I can work part time but I can't work in a company that I don't share the same vision with.  It sucks that the company on look good on paper.  :(





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