Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Holy Week: Lubang Island

Sorry for the post backlogs.  Anyone miss me?  :P  Luke, I know you missed stalking me. 

Just like what I wrote on my last post, I had a week off from work.  A much needed break since we've all been working hard lately.  Did I write about me working 'til 9:15PM on a Saturday night?   Was scared that I was turning into my mummy.  Anyway, weeks before the Holy Week, Miss Kendi invited us to Lubang Island.  I got really excited especially that my cousins and I are spending the Holy Week apart.  We used to all go to Marinduque for Holy Week.  That's before their babies and before our serious relationships.  I miss those days.   

Days before the trip, we were still uncertain where to go.   2 weeks prior to our trip, we found out that the ship to Lubang leaked.  The tickets were fully booked.  It was not until Monday that we got our tickets thanks to Miss Kendi's connections.  He and his family were very kind to sort everything up for us.  He was looking very haggard when he picked us up from 7/11 Sunday night.

We left at 12midnight on a Tuesday and arrived at 6:30AM on a Wednesday.  I was very happy when we arrived.  The place was very provincial.  I didn't even have a signal on my mobile phone, there was one internet cafe and lots and lots of trees that reminded me of my childhood.  A very good place for a very chill holiday.  We stayed at Kendi's relatives and they served up fresh food everyday straight from the sea and their garden.  Farmville alert!  :P

I ate and slept the whole afternoon.  At 5PM, we decided to go to the beach.  It was low tide!  We can't go swimming.  I can't swim anyway.  LOL!  We were lucky to find massive starfishes though.  :) 
Wow!  I didn't notice this before but George looked like he just woke up.  Hahaha!
Very Low Tide with our Starfishes. 
Yellow Fin.  This is what we had for dinner caught by Tito Oscar, Kendi's Uncle.  It was very tasty.  I love fresh fish with tomato and salt as a condiment.
We went to a Karaoke place later that night, drank and ate some more fish. 
Me, Chekka and George.  Pre Tan.  I am tan all year round anyway.  :P
Me attempting to sing. 
"Di ako fresh, wag niyo ako picturean".  Hahaha!  Kendi didn't like his photograph taken that night.   It was funny trying to get a photo of him countless times and still not looking his best self.  

The Karaoke place closes at 12 midnight but we left at 1AM still feeling "bitin" from not being able to sing the whole night.   :P  None of us were drunk.  We promised to wake up early the next day but we didn't make good on that promise.  It is so good not being able to hear the alarm at 6AM.   I want more holidays!  :)


renevic said...

Hi Ailema, when was the last time you visit Lubang Island?

Thank you.




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