Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 2: Let's Go Around Taipei, Shall We?

I can't believe how much we did that day until I went through the photos.  No wonder Luke doesn't wanna go through the ordeal again the next day.  Sorry babe.  

As I wrote on the previous blog, I didn't really plan for this trip properly.  I just researched for a day and wrote things which seem to be interesting during that time.  They gave me so much options, I ended up picking almost everything.  

The waiting line on the MTR.  Very organised.  I hope we have this in Manila.  There are loads of queue jumpers here.
First Stop:  Longsham Temple.  Longsham Temple is one of the oldest Temples in Taipei.  Being the tourist that I am, this was on top of my list.
I wasn't sure if I am allowed to take photos but I saw a lot of people taking photos so I went along.
Sponsored by Seiko. :P
The Red House at Ximen Station was our second stop.  I love Ximen.  Not because of the Red House but because of how busy the place is.  They've got high street shops there versus the high end at Taipei City Hall Metro Stop.
I love this moment!
Then we went to SKS Memorial Hall.  
As I wrote on my previous blog, I become bitchy when I don't get things my way.  I have zero patience.  When I asked Luke to take a photo of me and he couldn't take the exact same photo, I get pissed.  At the end, he wasn't able to get the shot that I want so I am not posing anything here.  :P  I am so lucky to have a strong man beside me.  I don't know if I'll ever meet anyone like him.
They have botanical garden and ponds in SKS Memorial Hall.  This probably is one of the most beautiful places that I've been to Taipei.  You can feed fishes in the ponds too.  They are massive!  Even bigger than the one near the temples in Thailand.
We went to Shilin Station to go to the Toilet Restaurant.  I didn't know that I wrote the wrong info during that time.  It was 3PM then and we haven't had lunch yet.  I was on my period, hungry and sweaty.  A very good combination for a full on bitch mode.  We went to all directions looking for the toilet restaurant before I unleashed my demon.  I said ridiculous things again which made Luke and I laugh.  I think he might have said something like, don't send me to hell please.  Hahaha!  At the end, I settled for McDonald's.  McDonald's in Taipei is sooo cuteeeee!  This was taken on their toilet.
Fourth Stop was the Shilin Presidential Residence.  The place was massive.  They've got theatre, big gardens and cafe inside.  You can do hiking too.  We actually did that for a bit which we both regret.  We were saying I hate you throughout the hike.  We were very very sweaty and tired.  To be honest,NOTHING interesting will be seen there.  We went for ice cream before going to the night market.  I know, another night market.
Final Stop, Banquio Night Market.  They sell food and cheap clothes here.  Luke and I especially liked the fried dumplings.  :)
This was taken just outside the street market.
Dead tired, tortured and blistered.  It was only the 2nd Day.  Thanks for being patient my love!  Please don't change.  :)

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