Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 11: Last Minute Everythinggggg

It was our last day in HK.  We didn't have anything planned.  Luke wants to go to Chater House to look for Vintage Film Posters.  We couldn't find it at first.  We kept on going back and forth on the same street.  I overheard one of the filos saying, "nawawala" meaning lost.  

There are a lot of filos domestic helper working in HK.  I knew for a fact that they gather on Sundays.  I saw them on my Dec HK Trip.  They sit on streets and on bridges.  It was okay I guess since they don't have a place for themselves on Sundays but the why sit in the middle of the street?  Luke found it weird too.  

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop:

We went to IFC from Chater House.  We don't know where else to go.  I was hungry by then and I wanted to go to the first restaurant that I lay my eyes on.  Luke made me wait on the other hand.  We saw a queue outside the Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop and Luke decided that that's the restaurant for us.  Thanks for the lessons in hunger and patience babe.  :P

I had Congee with Pork and Egg.  The egg was not cooked.  I thought I'm gonna get a boiled egg.  Dear boyfriend told me to order "preserved" egg next time which I did on the following day.  Guess what I got?  Century Egg!  It was actually okay on Congee but I still need help on finishing my meal.
Luke ordered this noodle dish.  When he saw the neighbouring table with sticky rice, he regretted his order.  He ordered the sticky rice dish the following day.  It was nice!
We had crispy wantons.  This was nice.  We were full at this point but that won't stop us from eating.
Steam Buns!  This steam bun is so tasty!!!  I. WANT. IT. NOW!!!
This arrived when we can't eat anymore.  I was scared that more food will arrive.  
Oh that day, I tested out my Diana Instant Back.  I was actually scared that I might f*ck it up.  When I got my diana f+ for the first time, I wasted the first round of 120mm b&w film by winding the film the wrong way. I had to google everything and couldn't believe how easy and user friendly it is.  :)
I asked Luke to write on the film photo above.  So gay I know!
The film photo is not enough, I gotta have it digital too.  LOL!

The whole day, we didn't do anything but browse around Lane Crawford - one in IFC and one in Times Square.  We also went to Sogo too.

The photos belows were taken at Lane Crawford.  An exhibit was held during that week I think. 
Leon and Matilda from Leon the Assassin.  :)  I love that film.

I flew to Manila the next day.  Luke flew to Australia.  He went to work the following day.  We had our last escalator kiss. I asked him to take photo of me and I took photo of him with my diana.  We both wrote something on it. I kept my on my wallet.  *CHEESE*

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Shabby Chic said...

Love your photo with Luke :)

Miss Ailema said...

Gayness! Gayness! Gayness! :P




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