Sunday, 22 August 2010

Day 3: Modern Toilet Restaurant and More

I've been dahhhhhh-ying to go to this Toilet Restaurant.  When I went to HK last December, a Modern Toilet Promotional Ad was handed to me but we weren't able to go.  I told dear boyfriend about it and he seems to be interested.  He did his research and found out that they have a restaurant similar to it in Taiwan.   So, to the Modern Toilet Restaurant we go.

Of course, this wouldn't go without a drama.  Ailema and no drama???  IMPOSSIBLE!  The Pre-Drama happened the previous day when I wrote the direction wrong.  That day, I made sure that we got the right detailed direction.  Everything went well until we realised that we couldn't find the First Bank.  We were both hungry by then and I have grown impatient.  I told him that I have a feeling that we are heading in the wrong direction, he agreed.  So we have to walk few blocks back.  By this time, my impatience blew out of proportion!  I was thinking irrationally again.  I told him we should just go to any restaurant.  We went to the Ximen High Street and I got caught up with shopping.  I told you I have horrible mood swings!  So we continue on walking and shopping until we found the sign that we were looking for - the rows of tattoo parlours.  We walked for a bit and found ourselves on the Modern Toilet Restaurant.  Thank God!!!

Luke wants to have his photo take like he's in the Loo.  The first try was okay.  Until....
He BROKE the toilet seat cover.  Everyone in our section laughed.  They waitress thought it was funny too.  She didn't ask us to pay for the damages.  Luke felt bad and gave them a big tip.  :)
We were seated on the dark toilet which I didn't really like so I took photo of the other section.
I like my colours light and rainbow-y!  :P
We both have Iced Tea on Urinals.  
Cheese Sticks.  They didn't arrange it to look like poos.  I am disappointed.
I had seafood pasta with squid ink.  I don't know what's up with me and squid ink!  The food was just okay.
Luke had a chicken dish.  That day, I learnt that dear boyfriend likes chicken breast only.
I assume that this comes for free when you buy a meal.
The worst thing about the Modern Toilet Restaurant was the toilet itself - it was a squat toilet!!!  I was scarred for life!
Then we walk in the high street again and found these girls.  They reminded me of the dolls that I want - the Little Apple Dolls.  Do google but be warned.  They are dark!!!  While I was taking photo, 2 Taiwanese guys approached me and showed me a paper with this girls faces.  They can't speak English, I can't read or write Chinese so I just looked at him and wave my hand.  Then Luke and I walked away.  

Luke found his little watch shop.  He was 80% convinced that he wants to buy the IWC watch but something keeps holding him back.  We went to Taipei 101 from there where another drama begins.

It was raining then, I was wearing my flats and it got wet.  We both didn't have our umbrellas with us and we were walking in the rain.  I was sulking the whole time.  I know, I make myself look really bad now.  But just like dear boyfriend said, my drama only takes 5 minutes to be over.  We went around few shops then we went for "eats".  I wanted dumplings and luckily, we stumble upon this Restaurant.  :)
Luke and his Watch Magazine.  My boyfriend knows A LOT about watches.  
When I think of shredded beef,crispy shredded beef always comes to mind.  I always don't get what I want.  Luke told me that crispy shredded beef might be a UK Takeaway speciality.  Hahaha!
To avoid walking and getting rained, we took the cab home.  Even if we didn't do much that day, Luke and I were both exhausted.

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