Monday, 23 August 2010

Day 7: Ocean Park Experience

I wasn't able to do everything that I wanted to do during my first visit to HK so I asked dear boyfriend if I can do 2 things, first, Ocean Park and second, to visit Lantau Island.  He said "Let's get it done and over with" so we can relax on our remaining days together.  Going to Ocean Park is easy.  There is a direct bus service from Admiralty to Ocean Park where the ticket can also be purchased.  Dear boyfriend's first reaction was, "It is expensive!".  I retaliated with, "Disneyland is more expensive".  I guess he thinks that Ocean Park is just a themed park.  He was later surprised that the park have aviary, fishes and all things geeky for him.  :P

I can't remember seeing Flamingos before.  Dear boyfriend asked me if I know where they get their colour.  I said no.  He said, that's from the food they eat.  So I said, like when people eat too much papaya they get orange hands.  Being with him is being in science class.  Seriously, this guy knows too much.  I thought I broke the geeky curse, I WAS WRONG.  LOL!
This photo was taken while we were in Raging River queue.  I asked him to take photos of us, he's like, Why?  Here?  There's nothing here.  I said, I just want one.  While on queue, we were carefully observing who gets wet more.  We decided that he should sit in front.  I was right.  I didn't get that wet.  He was soaking on the other hand.  Thanks babe for getting wet for us.  :)
We went straight to the Space Wheel to dry ourselves.  The queue moved surprisingly fast!  
This was the space wheel btw.  This made us both dizzy.  If I have to describe the experience, it would be like being in the tumble dry.  
My head was spinning and I needed rest so I ask dear boyfriend to buy me a snow cone.  
This photo is choreographed by me.  He wouldn't pose like this intentionally.  The first photo didn't go well and we had to do it again.  He said,"I can't believe that I am doing this Ailema!  This is so gay."  This is what you get for dating a cheesy asian lady.  LOL!
We went indoors next.  First to the jellyfish sanctuary, then to Chinese Fishes then to aquariums.  Luke loved it!  I am slowly learning the names of the fishes thanks to the fish geek boyfriend.  
After the indoor aquarium experience, I saw a massive queue on the Ferris Wheel so I asked dear boyfriend if we can go.  He said okay.  We saw a fat kid eating burger and chips and we both realised how hungry we were then.  It was an hour after we had our burgers.  The photo above was taken while we were on the Ferris Wheel.  Take note, dear boyfriend is scared of heights.  Then we went to the dragon(the photo above).  I was very very scared at first, I like sh*tting myself for nothing.  After the ride was over, I was like, that was it?  I said sorry to Luke as i brushed his hands away while he was comforting me just before the ride took off.
Dear boyfriend is dead tired.  I told him that after the Pandas, we are def going home.  I haven't seen one before and I was really excited.  He loved the Panda Village for two reasons - it was cold and it was indoor.
After the Panda Village, we went to another Aviary then to the Hot Air Balloon Ride.  I don't know why I keep on torturing dear boyfriend and why he kept on subjecting himself to my torture.  While we were up in the balloon, he said, "OMG!  This is so high!"  He couldn't look down but I kept on tricking him.  
Then we had to leave.  :(
CHEESE FACTOR!  I gave the other wallet size to dear boyfriend.  I bet he'll kill me when he sees this.

I slept like a log that night.  Dear boyfriend told me that I pushed him out of the bed.  He said he couldn't sleep that night and saw how I slowly pushed him.  He said, I moved diagonally in bed like a worm then I lock him with my arm and leg.  You have to know this, dear boyfriend can't sleep still.  So when he can't take it no more, he pushes me to my side.  Thanks babe!  :P

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