Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Granny's 83rd Birthday!

It was my Granny's 83rd birthday last Friday but since everyone working in Manila was arriving later that day, my relatives decided to move the celebration the following day, Saturday.  I woke up with the pig crying.  I know from the previous day that they were roasting pig and I know that they were doing it in the backyard.  I grew up seeing different animals being butchered at our backyard so this was nothing new to me.  This time, I have to take photos for everyone to see in this blog.  Sorry if this post grossed some of you out.

This is my granny.  My cousins and I used to call her granny goose from the crisps that they used to produce when I was younger.  It was later changed to just granny.
This was the pig that was being butchered.  My uncle runs a small piggery and he told me that 2 days before the celebration, the pig that they were supposed to roast for granny's birthday died.  After slashing its throat, they would drain the blood from the pig, boiled water would then be poured to the pig to prepare it from shaving.

The pig's internal organs.  I wasn't there when they took this out from the carrion.
While they were roasting, I watched my cousin Ivan cheat while playing "tex" with my nephew Kyle.  Kyle is a sore loser.  That made the game even worse.  Ivan is 13 years old and in high school while Kyle is 8 and in 2nd Grade.  
During my granny's celebration, we rented out a Karaoke Machine.  Renting Karaoke Machines is common in the Philippines.  For the whole day, we only paid PHP300.  That's less than 50% cheaper than Manila.  My granny singing, Maalaala Mo Kaya.  In the Philippines, the kids starts singing in Karaoke the moment they start learning to read.  I think it's a good way of learning English and practicing reading actually.  :)
This was the roast pig or as we call it in the Philippines, Lechon.  The kid couldn't wait, I know!
The people who came for granny's celebration.  They were mostly people in our neighbourhood.  Most people in our neighbourhood are our relatives too.  So I can say that I grew up surrounded by my relatives.  I am not very close to them now but I still keep in touch.  It is a must to say hello to everyone and to drop by to their houses whenever we come from Manila for the weekend.

From granny's celebration, my brod, Karen, his girlfriend, Ivan and I went to the shopping centre to buy Bingo set and to play in the Arcade.  The following day, we went back again to eat out and to watch the Expendables.  As I've expected, the "choose your weapon" teaser is a lie.  It is still not possible to put all the washed out actors together.  The film is very mediocre too.  I've seen lots of better films.
I love this rhythm game.  I hope I have this at home.  :P
We played Bingo and Cuajo for the weekend.  It was a nice bonding time with my Feliciano Family although not everyone can make it.  

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