Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Instituto Cervantes: Level 1

When I first enrolled to my Spanish Class my family and friends' reactions were, "Why", "Is that a work requirement", "Are you leaving for Spain soon" and "Are you living in Spain".  The answer is a BIG NO.  I've always wanted to learn another language.  When I was in school, my brother and I used to leaf through my mum's Japanese Phrasebook.  My mum used to work for Japanese Nationals and I think they might have given them the book.  In Uni, my friend Trisha and I wanted to enrol in Spanish but we didn't get around into doing it.  Back in the UK, my sister enrolled in a Spanish class but she quit after 2 levels.  Shame cause she only needed one then.  I don't know if she still understands Spanish.  I hope she does.

I find Spanish surprisingly easy.  Aside from words being similar to mine, my profesora Sandra was a very good teacher.  She draws, she is patient and she is a very fun teacher.  She is not intimidating at all.  Since finishing level 1 yesterday, I just wanna share my funny experiences at Instituto Cervantes.

We started with 14 students in the class.  I originally enrolled in the afternoon class and my class got cancelled so I asked to be transferred to the morning session.  I have 2 classmates who didn't show up on the first two sessions.  Riza showed up on day 3.  She is dating a Mexican Engineer.  She was supposed to have a Spanish Language background but when surprisingly, she doesn't know anything at all.  She got a text from her boyfriend during our break saying, "Mi Esposa, Mi Corazon" and she had zero understanding of the text.  Mind you, these are all understandable if you speak a fluent Filo.  On the 5th session, she was told that she can't continue with the class and repeat level 1 as she can't cope up with anything.  She didn't know what "Como te llamas?" is then.  I DIE!

The person who showed up on the 4th day was Geoffry.  I have never spoken with him directly but I was told that he used to go to Instituto but with his laziness, he got a failing grade due to absences.  Instituto Cervantes is very strict with absences which is good.  Reminds me of my Uni days at UST.

I would never forget Joselito.  He used to work in Carribean Countries and is currently working in Barcelona's Casino and he can't speak a proper Spanish sentence.  It is ridiculous right?  I didn't know how he survived.  I went to Spain too and I was able to understand people but if I actually live in a Spanish speaking country, I am pretty sure that I am gonna learn the language.  My uncle moved to Italy and after 3 months, he was able to communicate with people in Italian.  I just don't understand Joselito.  He is the most eager person to get the certificate but he wouldn't put work into it.  He would go to the class early but unprepared.  He would copy everythinggggg from us without asking how we were able to arrive with the answer.  I tell you, I never encountered difficulty until the 9th meeting as I didn't understand the instruction.  Joselito was almost dropped out of the class but he promised Sandra that he's gonna work harder.  He did show up early 'til the last day but when he still can't make sentences.  

I made few friends in this course.  It is fun meeting like minded people.  I mean, you wouldn't go to a specialised class unless you are really interested right?  Right.  

I am starting my level 2 class tomorrow.  Sandra informed us that she won't be teaching that class.  Gutted.  I hope a another filo teaches the class.  I am scared of Spanish profesor/a.  

I hope I do well.  Buenas Swerte to me.

My Instituto Cervantes Library Card.  Expect Spanish DVD Marathon over the weekend.  





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