Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Girl Friend Weekend Day 2: London

Went clubbing in Leicester Square with my girl friends for our second night. Originally, we plan to go to Oxygen but after seeing the whole place, we left. The people looked too casual and we didn't like the vibe. They lack toilet too and the toilet in the main bar is not too presentable - broken tiles on the floor. With my lack of planning, we ended up in Zoo bar where Doris went the previous week with her girl friend. She said the music and crowd is okay and the place isn't that expensive. SOLD!

Love it! Saw this on our way to Leicester Square.

Miss Ailema and Donna. We were both wearing body con dresses that night.

Doris, Ailema and Donna. Darlene took our photo.

Doris and Donna pre-dancing. We each had double shots of vodka before we left Doris' place. :)

Donna and her money maker. Hahaha!

Ailema, Darlene, Doris and Donna also known as Alex, Mel, Bianca and Cassie. We gotta have pseudo name every time we go out in case someone we aren't interested in hit on us. LOL!

Strike a pose girls! I was wearing an 8 quid dress from Oasis, Donna got hers from Warehouse and Doris' dress is from Oasis as well.

I know you love this photo. This was taken while she was dancing. FIERCE!

Oh God! Boring pose. This was also taken while I'm dancing and I look boringgggg!

Pre-Pole photos. Yes, we aimed for the pole AGAIN.

Post dancing photo.

Possibly one of the best night out with my girl friends. So much things happened that night and so much creepy guys as well. We are still learning the art of subtle rejection. Reviewing the events of the night, we came up with these funny stories:

1. We aimed for the pole and was able to get up on a Saturday night. Everything is possible if you set your mind into it. LOL!
2. While dancing on pole, group of guys moved in front of us, they were shouting and laughing, we weren't interested on any of them so we carried on dancing and ignore them.
3. During our dance breaks, I saw a Pringle Vending Machine and tried buying one. I later learnt that a coin was stuck on the slot. After giving up, a guy tried chatting up with me. I made small chat with him and went straight to my girl friends. His friend later approached me and told me that his friend thought I'm very attractive and if I can dance with his friend later. I said yes thinking he will give up. That was a very juvenile approach! I like a confident guy and who is courageous enough to ask me to dance. We were in a club for F**** sake. After 30 mins or so, the actual guy came back and ask if I can dance with him. I took my friends along with me. I saw another red flag, he didn't take my hand in a crowded dance floor and he almost lost me. I like a guy who can lead me and who wears the pants in the relationship. When we finally was able to dance, we weren't chatting at all. I have to come up with questions. He didn't even ask for my name. I asked for his, He said Sasan and he's from Iran. Told him that my name is Alex.
4. Thought Sasan gave up but everytime we went to the dance floor, he and his friends followed us. C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!
5. While sitting on a long side chairs(kinda like a sofa only steel) a guy tried sitting in between Donna and Doris. We were trying to reject him subtly but he is too persistent so before he found his spot, I took Donna to the dance floor and Doris and Darlene followed.
6. What do you do when dance with your girl friends in a small circle and people try to dance with you? We move cause we weren't interested. When a guy/s is/are pushy, we say NO straight to their face.
7. Doris got a peck in the forehead once again by a random passing stranger. She made a face of disgust. PRICELESS!
8. When we see that a guy is about to approach us, we make ourselves busy by chatting or laughing. At one point, I was speaking with Doris and wasn't giving enough love to Donna she said, Please talk to me, I don't wanna end up talking to the creepy guy who is eye balling her.
9. We learn not to make eye contact unless we are interested with the guy.
10. We laughed at the non-stop salsa dancer on the pole.
11. We laughed at the stupid people and their dresses. We make fun of people who looked like filos or celebs. One looked like Batista, one with Elvis sideburns and one who looks like a reporter. They were not in their costumes, mind you.
12. We laughed at the black guy who got a boner.

Such a fun night I tell you. We got home at 4AM cold, hungry and bare feet. High heels pain! Think Donna suffered the most.





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