Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Day 2: City Tour

Although I have so many entries this month, I am actually lazy in trying to put effort in what I wrote. This is another lazy entry from me.

While having breakfast in our Hotel(we stayed in Holiday Inn Express), we stumbled upon guests who gave us Tour Bus Tickets. We are a family who don't normally use tour bus on trips so this is definitely a first for us. He explained how it worked in slowwww English assuming that we don't speak the language. It annoyed the hell out of my mum and she started talking in English which in turn annoyed me and my dear sister. Hahaha! Don't worry, it didn't ruin our day. On the contrary, it gave us something to talk about. We left just before lunch to explore the city.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Stupid Photo in Jardin du Luxembourg

Formal Photo in Jardin du Luxembourg. On my opinion, it is best to visit the Jardin on Autumn. It simply is very romantic. I love the fact that the leaves just turn to brownish red kinda like taking photo in Sepia. I love how everyone seems so relaxed under the autumn sun. This memory is something I won't forget.

We went to Notre Dame but we didn't go in. Massive queue outside! I love the cafes near Notre Dame. It reminds me of the cafes in Barcelona outside the Sagrada Familia Church. I also took my Diana F+ for a spin that day. We were blessed with amazing weather despite the shower forecast. Thank you Papa Jesus!

Dress from Zara, Sandals from Topshop and LV bag

This was taken in Louvre. This is the best Museum that I've been in. I like how they arrange the paintings and loved the statues on the first floor. BTW, I've been to the Museums in London and the Vatican Museum which houses the most expensive sculptures, murals and paintings. I really love the feel to this place. I wonder why mum thought that we won't like the place. Hmmm...

I wouldn't grow up. Scratch that, I refuse to grow up! I like taking stupid photos still.

Feliciano Ladies with our babies. I really love my Diana. Guess no expensive handbags for me for now.

See how pretty the museum is. Notice how they arranged the paintings.

Art immitating life? Dear Sister is my real life punching bag growing up.

I'd rather be blurred. :P
I love the St. John the Baptist painting more. Very reminiscent of Mona Lisa.

Taken just outside the museum. We were lucky that we didn't have to queue very long to buy tickets. There aren't much people that day compared to Christmas 07. Guess that's what credit crunch will do to people. :P

Outside the Opera. I saw a girl getting pissed cause we took time taking photos. Well, this is a tourist spot and you can't get a solo picture unless you ask someone to close the place B*tch. She was throwing tantrums in Spanish. Although I can't understand the language, I can tell from her expression.

Sacré Coeur. Mum made sure that we went to this place. I saw this in Paris Je T'aime film. Warning: Do not use the side winding stairs as the smell will kill you. I have to hold my breathe while walking up. It is better to take the straight steps on the left. You can take the lift but your laziness will cost you!

Oh, we took the Red Tour bus at the end which took us to everywhere in Paris - Notre Dame, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées. It was Sunday then so most of the shops are closed. I get to see the LV store from a far. Scared that I might buy something if I go in. Since I was with grannies(aka Dear Mum and Dear Sister) we went home at 8PM. They were both tired. Case closed.





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