Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day 4: Must Try - Must Do

Photo Vomit Entry. Sue Me!

I am someone who isn't afraid to try anything. Remember when I wrote about *dying while still alive. I like to experience everything life has to offer no matter how simple it is. I find joy in cycling, in cooking, in baking, in everything. That's my secret to happiness and I intend to stay that way. I might as well do everything now that I am able, strong and with no financial responsibility to anyone but myself. I will live in the NOW. :)

*Dying while Still Alive(my definition)

People who are able and yet, manage to make their lives miserable and boring.
People who lives by what other people expects them to be.
People whose actions are dictated by the society.
People who are fun haters, who says no to opportunities. Young yet old and boring.

First stop: ZORBING. Before I left the UK, this was on my checklist but I couldn't find anyone who wanted to Zorb with me. I didn't even know that Dear Boyfriend aka My Blog Stalker wants to try this. Well, there's always next time.

Before the Zorbing Experience.

I did it with my dear mummy. I am glad she allowed me to do this. She actually zorbed with me despite her headache. Thanks Mum!

Once we were finished, they commented about someone sounding like a guy. It was me. I kept on saying, Woah! They heard otherwise. My dear sister, the paranoid one, was scared that something happened to us.

Someone has to stop the ball.

That's dear mummy gracefully getting off the Zorb. LOL!

Second Stop: ATV. I've always wanted to try this. Well, I wanted to try everything so this is no surprise. The only problem is, I can't drive. So I ask the guide if it's possible to drive an ATV when I can't actually drive. He said that it's no problem so I went ahead.

Gearing Up.

That day, I called myself Masked Rider Black from the childhood series that I used to watch. My sister gave me a pocket size prayer booklet before I started to drive. She is that scared. I bet she can't relax while I am driving.

In action.

My family is very supportive. They took loads and loads of photo of me driving without me asking. :P

As part of the ATV service, they took us to the Mt. Luho View Point. It's one of the highest points in Boracay.

Monkey! Thanks Mum for taking photo. We each have our own camera. That's how important taking photos for us. Haha! In Mt. Luho View Point, you can find a mini zoo with exotic animals(at least for my standards). Has anyone heard of a Bear Cat? They were very cute creatures!

That's the view. And yes, that's an elevated platform. It was very windy that day.

See, this windy!!

Third Stop: Spa. I told you, Boracay offers everything. Mum went to a detox treatment while me and my dear sister went for a foot spa.

It hasn't started but my mum is relaxing already.

My camera, my blog so my control which photo I will post.

Curious how the Detox Treatment works? Not for the weak heart.

5 minutes through the treatment.

And after 30 minutes. Yikes! That's toxins out of my mummy's body. We were told that 60-80% of toxins was removed from first treatment.

Final Stop: Seafood dinner. Since mum wanted seafood for dinner, Kuya Louie suggested that we should buy our own and ask the Inn staffs to cook for us. This is what they made. We nearly finish everything. I had tummy ache the same night. :P

Total Cost for the day:

Zorbing - 300 for 1 person but 380 for 2 people
ATV - 750 per hour including the tour guide
Bug Car(not in the photos) - 1500 per hour including the tour guide
Foot Spa - 500 each
Detox Treatment - 850
Seafood dinner - 700 for the crabs and prawns and 220 for cooking





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