Saturday, 12 December 2009

Day 4: Happiest Place on Earth

I turn retard when I go to Disneyland. Kinda like a 24 years old trapped in an 8 year old body.

My mum planned HK especially for my dear brother. Unfortunately, he is in his work assignment in Singapore and won't be joining us until the 23rd. Not to worry, we are planning, rather I am planning, to have a joint bday with him next year in Disneyland. Sucks that he missed this family adventure. :(

How cute are the entrance tickets? I can't remember how the Euro Disney looked like.

Me with the Parentals.

Just before the Autopia Ride. I drove, my dear sister panic cause I was trying to scare her. It wasn't scary at all, believe me but she is the nervous I might die any moment type. Too careful, too paranoid. She wouldn't try anything. I remember going with her in EK and she almost died of nervousness. From then, I swore I will never sit next to hear on rides.

Ain't this cute? Photo was taken inside the it's a small world ride.

Maligayang Pasko means Merry Christmas in Tagalog. :)

I love this tea cup ride. I get headaches easily so you would think that I would refrain from riding this. NOT! I won't pass on anything! Dear Sister and I had a blast in this ride. When ever I get dizzy, she would make the cups go faster and vice versa. We were laughing the whole time.

The Golden Mickeys. This is a must see variety show in HK Disneyland especially if you grew up watching Disney films. Very very nostalgic.

Plus you get to see Tarzan's ripped body. My mum thought that he was wearing a costume cause his body's very defined. Oh goodness, my dear sister and I both giggled when we saw him.

Festival of the Lion King. Everyone knows how crazy I am with stage performances/musical plays. I know most songs but sang it softly as I don't want to be beaten up after the performance.

My dear sister and Dad in the carousel ride. How cute. Dad rarely gets photographed.

My twinie, Minnie. :)

How cool are we with our 3D glasses? NOT COOL. :P Taken at Mickey's Philharmagic.

These are my top 5 favourites in HK Disneyland:

1. Festival of Lion King
2. The Golden Mickeys
3. Mickey's Philharmagic
4. Fireworks display with special glasses from Disney.
5. Lighting of Main Street USA.

Going to HK Disney is not difficult. Our Cab fare cost 250HK dollars and the coach from Disney to North Point cost 38 HK Dollars each. The entrance is 350 HK Dollars each on weekdays but it's worth every penny, at least for me. :P HK Disney's Castle is smaller than Euro Disney and less people dress up. I see handful on kids in their princess costumes. My sister complained about the only family wearing the character headband. I told her that they weren't participative and not feeling the Disney Spirit. I want full experience in everything. Maybe next time I should wear a princess costume. That would be fun(and an embarassment to whoever I am with).

BTW, one more thing has been added to my bucket list. I want to go to all Disneylands. I've been to 2, just 3 more. One in Japan and 2 in America. Hopefully they won't build any when I am in my 80's.





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