Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Day 3: Island Hopping

How far would your 1,500 Pesos go in Boracay?

The weather was at its best when we decided to go Island Hopping. We were lucky, it was showering the previous day and maybe stronger current.

All geared up. In Boracay, even if you know how to swim, lifevest is a must. Your trip maybe cancelled if you don't follow the rules. We were also asked to fill up wavers by the coast guard in case something bad happened. Everything is documented. Applaud!

Remember when I wrote about loving glistening water? This is it. My dear sister actually asked me why the water is glistening. My goodness!

Crocodile Island. It looks like a crocodile from afar. Another stupid question care of my sister, "did they actually make it look like a crocodile?". Oh boy.

We snorkled twice, once near Crocodile Island and once near the Boracay Island. It was all our first time. Yes, we grew up in the Archipelago but not everyone can swim and not everyone is interested to do water activities. I am proud of my dear sister for actually going to the water and doing it. She is someone who is scared and who wouldn't try anything outside her comfort zone. My dear mummy and I had to push her, EVERYTIME! She must experience life!

That's me(take note of the fringe) with a starfish in hand. Starfishes are supposed to have 5 arms but I found one with 6. I was in Marinduque once with my cousins and their friends when we decided to go to Coral Island. In there, we found lots and lots of starfishes. We took few home. The thing with starfish is, it stinks once its dead and the colour turns light gray.

After snorkling, we went to Magic Island where we had our lunch. The Island is actually owned by Kuya Louie's family. I asked why it's called Magic, he said the sand disappears during high tide.

That's me having my quiet moment before lunch. I love how the wave sounds. I also like watching at swimming fishes. I am still a kid at heart. Wait til I grow up boring. I won't! I love life so much I can't imagine dying while I am still alive.

That's me pretending to cook. I am still bad at that department.

Seafood Explosion. That was our lunch. We were able to eat more than half of it. We also asked our guides to eat with us but they were shy. We were told by Kuya Louie that they were trained not to eat with the guests. In my family, we treat everyone equal. We like to share our blessings to people.

My mum looks so young in this photo and that's why I am posting this. She is turning 52 in 2 days! Yay! Dear Brother is arriving on the same date to join us for Christmas. He's only staying for 3 days. :(

After lunch, we went Fishing. I didn't know I have bad motion sickness 'til this. I threw up, BIG TIME, during fishing. I was able to catch 1 fish, mum caught 4 and so is my sister with the help of her guide. She excitedly look into the water and said, "are those colourful things fishes?", the guide answered with "no, that's your sister's sick". Yikes! It was that bad.

Look how big the squid is. I didn't know that squids can mutate to this size. He use his hands to caught this squid. Kuya Louie is an licensed life guard. He told us that you are not allowed to fish if you have diving equipments with you. I learnt so much about life guards and water during this trip.

After fishing, we went to another snorkling trip but on a different spot of course! Who would like to snorkle in my sick? :P Initially, I didn't want to go cause I was feeling sick still but they told me that I would feel better in the water. They were right.

So, how far would your 1,5oo pesos would go in Boracay?

It can rent you a boat with 4 life guards on(in our case), 2 snorkling experience, big seafood lunch in an island, a fishing experience and trip throughout the surrounding Island of Boracay. The experience is priceless, I tell you. It was because of me that the trip was cut short. I threw up once more on our way to the Inn. I quickly showered when I got to the room, slept for 3 hours and woke up hungry. We wanted to go to the clubs later that night but it rained so we decided to stay home.





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