Saturday, 8 August 2009

Triple Booking

BOOKING 1: Go Ape!

I've always wanted to try this since the time that I saw the teaser online. I may be scared of heights, health and safety but I won't let my "paranoia" beat me. We left Reading at 11AM yesterday and got on the wrong train. Good thing it stopped at Wokingham and we took the train to Bracknell from there. We arrive at Bracknell at nearly 12noon and took the bus from the station. We had a hard time figuring out which bus to take cause the people doesn't know where the Swinley Forest is. To make the story short, we arrive 1.5 hours prior to our appointment and spent few minutes eating and walking in the Forest Area. It was pleasantly surprised with what Bracknell can offer. So different from Reading, where I live. They have Coral Reef, public pool with pressure water and Sauna for cheap price and a Science Discovery Centre. Plus I heard they are planning to develop the city centre.

Looking Fresh. Photo taken in front of Swinley Forest.

With my Harness on emphasising my cherry. :P

Donna's Camel Toe. Hahaha!

Try Again!

Little Background: We used to Play the Simpsons board game when we were younger and they had the try again card. Thus, "try again".

We were at Ruzelle's and everyone started climbing to the attic - it was about 4 metres high. We all successfully did but when it was time to go down, I chickened out. I tried climbing down loads of times and I keep on saying try again everytime I do. I think I cried at the end and one of my cousins had to carry me down.

We took photos throughout the first course. The lady in front of us is slow and only 3 persons are allowed in the Platform thus more time for photo! :)

Photo which I like the best. I look like a proper Gorilla! This thing is hard work. Notice 2 of the steps are tangled and I had to fix that while I try to balance myself.

That's me swinging. I did this like 5 times(varying heights) throughout the course not including the Tarzan Swing. Talk about conquering your fear!

This is easy. No effort at all. No kidding!

So tarzan swing then you have to do a bit of spiderman. Am I making any sense?
This is the tarzan swing that I am talking about. The steel harness hit me in my right ear. It hurts but it's part of the fun - NOT! I was worried about my hearing. How can I eavesdrop after? Just kidding!

Finally Photo with the Go Ape Gorilla.

We had KFC as soon as we reach Reading. We were hungry from working out. Hahaha!


My body hurts like hell today! I have muscle pains everywhere, muscles which I didn't know I have. The tummy area is sore! Must be from all the balancing that I did.

BOOKING 2: The Ugly Truth

As you all notice, Friday is film day with my sister and my mum(Def gonna miss this when I go back to the Philippines! :( ). She invited my friends Donna and Doris to come along with us. We saw the Ugly Truth and we were all laughing inside the cinema. Def RomComs are for girls and It is a crime to take BF's to watch it unless you have noone to watch it with. And that's the Ugly Truth my friends. :P

BOOKING 3: Ivory Lounge/ Revolution

This is how notorious I am with double/triple booking. Simply put, I don't want to miss a thing. We met up at the Ivory Lounge at 10PM for quick drinks then to Revs to show off our dance moves. 5 minutes after finding our spot in the corner, Guy1 approach our table to meet us. He was interested with Macy, she's married. He left and Guy2 approached us. He stayed with us for a bit guessing our ages. Do I really look 16? I am surprised I didn't get ID'd last night! He then called his friend and he chatted with Macy. He told her that I am prettiest on the group. Ego boost time people! They left and we went to the Dance Floor. Seriously, our group was approached at least 6 times. I lost count cause we found everything funny. Here's the drill, they talk to Jun, ask him if he is seeing all of us then they introduce themselves. Lame style cause it's obvious that he is GAY! We stayed til they close last night. It was fun! I am gonna miss them! :)

Me, Melay and Joy on the dance floor. This is just after the 2nd drinks so we were still sober. Thinking about it, after 4 drinks of double shots of Vodka, I was sober.

Me and Jun in matching clothes. We didn't plan this!

Guy2, Melay(moving away from him), Joy and Me. That's my signature I am having fun look. I notice that everytime I am truly happy, I grin from ear to ear.

Jun, Macy and Guy3. They spent a bit of time with us and we took photos with them.





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