Monday, 10 August 2009

making ME my number ONE priority - UPDATED -

Written Originally on the 26th of April.
I look forward to my daily walks. It gives me time to review about everything that's been going on around me, it gives me time to think about what I want and most importantly, it's my ME time. I realised that I am not being ME in the past years, I am not having enough FUN, I am not risking enough. I confided on the safe side too much and I was doing things that will make others happy. PERIOD. This year is MY TIME and I am committed to everything that will make me happy(under tight budget of course!). Things that I wanted to do this year:

1. Have an actual Birthday Party. I am not really big with celebrating birthdays cause I hate to be the centre of everyone's attention but this year, I had to make a change, after all, IT IS MY LAST YEAR here in England. Here are some of my plans.
a. Go on a weekend to Belgium(booked!).
b. Have a post Paintball birthday. A dozen of my friends confirmed to this event. It's a matter of booking and confirming the actual number of participants now. I am only having problems with my friends and their boyfriends cause they do so much activities together despite being so busy at work and they are still working out on their schedules.
c. I want a birthday dinner or a double birthday celebration with Donna. Her birthday is one day earlier than mine. I have to speak with her about it. :-P - DONE!

2. I want to do physical activities/extreme this year. I've always wanted to do Bungee Jumping but the idea died together with my fun self. I was only reminded now that my friend and her boyfriend are gonna go Sky Diving in 3 weeks. I asked friends to try GO APE with me. So far 6 of us showed interest. Full session is 14 but the slots are easy to fill.

3. Do my Euro Trip. Oh, this is so on my bucket list. This is the year that I go broke but happy. So far, I've been to France and Italy. Weekend in Belgium and 10 day Spain to Portugal trip has been booked. I know I am asking too much but I want to go to Netherlands(actually a friend lives there. It's a matter of in synching schedule now), Germany and Prague. Oh please someone accompany me! *wink* - the Germany and Prague was cancelled.

4. I used to go on Music Fests back in the PH and I am missing it so bad. I took a step this year by going to the Reading Fest in August and I am so looking forward to it! I will try to go to more gigs.

5. I wanted to travel alone for a weekend in Europe. Actually scratch that, in my mind, I do and don't want to go alone. I am not capable of travelling alone. My directions sucks but on the other hand, I don't want my excuses to get into my way. So we'll see. I will keep you posted people.

6. Learn another language perhaps. I've always wanted to learn Spanish and Japanese and I tried learning Bahasa for convenience. I wouldn't go into details. :-P I think I might go for Spanish as me and my friend Trisha thought about attending Spanish classes back in Uni. Oh, that was 3 years ago. OMG! 3 years already!

7. Be fit. I may be slim but I feel physically unfit most of the time. I couldn't even run for an hour that's why I changed jogging to walking. Ahahaha!

8. Travel more around the UK. I've been to most places in the south but I haven't been to the Midlands, Northern Ireland or Scotland. I notice that I like and hate planning. Actually told my friends that I will be planning for the group. I had no intention of going back to work til I am here. Yes, it sounds lazy but I don't want work to sacrifice my weekend for a job that I am not passionate about but will look for a weekday job soon.

9. Enrol myself in a class. Something that I've always wanted to do. My friend asked me to go Salsa dancing with her but she hasn't gone back to me. I looked into belly dancing this morning and will email the instructor on Tuesday before I go on my Alton Towers Trip. Let's see how all these classes pans out. - Okay,not quite the lessons I have in mind but I enrolled myself in Tennis.

I am loving all these revelations about myself. Finally I am having a clear picture of what I want. :)





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