Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

Day 1: Reading Festival

Remember my blog about queueing for hours for festival tickets? This is what it was for! We started late as my friend Melay couldn't leave work early and I don't want to go alone as it is my first time to go to festival here in the UK. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. I have this idea that the place is packed with drunk, drugged and crazy people but it was tamer than I thought. Getting in is easy, we showed our thrice, one for letting us in cause we have tickets, then another for checking if the ticket is valid and third for double checking if the ticket is a resale and if the rip on the ticket match. On the fourth time, we have to exchange our tickets for a wristband. We were surprised once inside, they have tents set up - totally expected cause people camped for 3-5 days on site, generous amount of loos, ferris wheel, stalls everywhere from clothes, foods, memorabilias and to camping equipments! Yes, you can camp out, not bring anything and buy everything on the spot. It will cost you loads of pounds though! Once on the stage site, we were faced with another queue where the marshalls check for untampered wristbands. They have stages set up in the ground but we only saw 3 of them, Introducing Stage, NME/Radio 1 and Mainstage. Noone was performing on the Main Stage when we got there so we went to the next best, NME stage where Friendly Fires was performing. They rocked the house and everyone was enjoying them play! We left with enough time to buy a pint of cider and just before the Kaiser Chiefs performance. I was a bit disappointed with their set. I was actually looking forward for them to play. Aside from the bad sound system(it goes from loud to soft to loud again), it felt like the band didn't enjoy themselves. Sorry Kaiser Chiefs Fans. They sang Oh My God I Can't Believe It as their last song and left. With band break, me and my friend thought that the crowd will clear up so we can move to the front and have a better view of the Main Act for the night - Kings of Leon but the crowd had piled up! They were thinking the same thing that we were thinking! Hahaha! I think I must have gotten the full experience. One Kings of Leon first few songs, I was showered with a pint of drink. It hit me directly in the eye and with contact lens on, it burnt! I gotten over of the pain quickly and focused all my attention to the band. Next thing you know, you had pee on you. Someone threw pee on the crowd. They couldn't wait to go and filled their cider cup with pee. Can I also add that I got elbowed in the cheek? The crowd went wild when one of the songs were played and everyone was dancing/slamming on each other. Me and my friend had to dance with our hand on our faces as to not get hit again. :P One of the guys got hit and he strangle the guy who hit him. He also told him not to touch him again. The guy on my right was high and couldn't handle himself. The people around tried helping him but they all got pissed off with him at the end and had a fight with him. Ohhh, festival fun! Kings of Leon set lasted for 1.5 hours and the festival ended at 11:30PM. I know, too early but in the UK you have to have permits on everything plus there are loads of houses in the vicinity.

Before the Keiser Chiefs Performance. I was fully made up cause I went to see Ate Macy. It was her last day at Lancome and they haven't got any customers that day. We made full use of the time(and make up) and did 2 make up tests.

Reading Festival Main Stage. This is the only good pic that I got cause this is still minutes away from the actual performance.

Me and my friend Melay with our ciders.

Left side cider face, right side piss face, smudge make up. Think puke will complete it all. Yikes!

That's how I looked like that night. My disposable 2 quid shoe from Primark in case it gets muddy.

Day 2: MJ Tribute Concert

It should have been MJ's 51st bday. When my friend Petal asked if I wanted to see MJ's Tribute concert in Jazz Cafe, I said yes immediately. We agreed to meet early so we can both have dinner. We went to a Carribean Restaurant called the Mango Room where we both have Camden's Famous Meal - a curried goat and we had rice with black eyed peas and a mocktail each. To be honest, I don't know what a black eyed peas is so I had to ask Petal and the waiter to explain what it looked like. :P It was a lovely dinner complete with girly gossips. LOL! After dinner, we met up with P&J(they are on a credit crunch). I got ID'd on the door as usual and was lucky to be allowed in. He was like, your bday quick. Now, I don't perform well under pressure so I was scared that I would forget my bday or something.

The concert didn't start on time,online it says, door opens at 7PM and we assume that it will start at half 7. We were all tired from standing esp me with my usual KILLER HEELS so when Phil sat on the floor, I couldn't help myself but sat on his knees. Didn't last long though. I don't want him to break his knees cause of my weight! LOL! Photo of P&J.

Petal and Me.

P&P. Phil and Petal. We took few photos while killing time. Jen went to the loo before we started taking photos.

They had different performers that night who is at one point have direct connection with MJ. He is one of them. Most of them are from America BTW. I especially love when one of them did a reggae rendition of MJ's song. Reggae as most of you know is one of my fave music genre. For some reason, her song brought me to one of my happiest memories. 2 hours is worth the wait. We had to leave early though as we need to catch the train back to Reading.

Day 3: Vishal's Wedding

When I learn that my friend Luke is going to Vishal's Wedding, I asked him if I could go. First, I like weddings(I'm that cheesy) and second, I want to see an Indian Wedding. To be honest, I was lost with the wedding. I didn't know what was going on and why people were chatting instead of watching the wedding itself. If that was my wedding, I'll be disappointed with my guests. Guess they saw so much weddings, it wasn't that special to them.

I asked someone what's going on, he said, they were chanting so the groom will come out of the car and go to the ceremony. Lovely Saris don't you think?

Me and my good friend Luke. He was back in England for a week. Sorry for the bad photo sexy babes, you didn't smile in time. :P

Think that would serve as a offering to the bride. They were holding Saris on closer inspection.

That's Vishal on the chair.

His wife in Red. Auspiscious Wedding Colour for Indians. I wish you could see how intricate the detail in the dress was. It was embellished with crystals and beads, I think. Look wasn't able to take good photo when people are carrying her to the ceremony stage.

We left at 5:30, 5 hours after the ceremony started. We then head to a pub called Bald Faced Stag(Don't ask me why. Pubs here got weird names!) where we each had a drink. Everyone was full at this point apart from Graham who skipped lunch. After a drink, we went to Angel and to another pub called Nags Head. Luke informed me that Nags are horses. Thanks sexy! After few drinks, we head to Ridizio Rico where we had all you can eat meat. We were lucky, we were served at least 10 different meats in the span of 15 minutes and everyone was struggling to down the food at that time. Luke skipped dinner though. Poor guy wasn't feeling too well.

While having a meat break, me and Luke took photos. I took photo of him and he took stupid photo of me in his mobile. Thanks sexy for rescuing me from my high heels. Loved the fireman lift!





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