Saturday, 22 August 2009

Day 4: Den Haag, Scheveningen and Delft

I didn't realise that we went to 3 different places on our 4th day. In Netherlands and Belgium, you can exit a train station without the actual exit barrier unlike here in the UK. So you can hop in and hop off the trains until you reach your final destination. This results to unplanned stops on me and my sister's part. We already paid for the tickets, might as well use it while we still have time to explore. :P
That's me scaring my sister with water. I love this shot!

The sculpture is called, Frog with Umbrella. I can't see the flag nor the umbrella. Can someone point that out to me?

We got grease on our clothes from sitting on that thing. Poor Dear Sister, she was wearing her white skirt from Top Shop.

Sculpture by Javier Marin. I notice that they have sculptures everywhere in Den Haag and Scheveningen. BTW, Den Haag and Scheveningen is where most expat resides in Netherlands. You'll see why in the coming photos.

Taken outside the Palace. I don't know why I did this stupid pose when I can stand still.

Crying Giant Sculpture in front of the Scheveningen Beach.

I've never seen so much "do nots" in the beach.
Reason 1 why expat resides here: strip of bars in the seaside.
Reason 2: Leisure - they have an indoor skiing facility and bungy jumping. Both I haven't tried before. I had the perfect opportunity to bungy jump but I chickened out. It is not fun to do it alone.
Reason 3: White Sand, Clear Water

This was taken outside the 4 star hotel Just 4 stars. I can't imagine how 5 stars looked like.

Taken outside the Bora Bora bar. That's me drinking my cappuccino. I am a change person. I am totally addicted to coffee. I used to think that I have allergies in coffee cause I once had a palpitation/I can't breathe incident so I stopped taking for years. It was very relaxing to sit on the beach while drinking coffee and just listening to the sound of the ocean. *gay* See, another dating idea on my part. I bombarded my sister with non-stop dating ideas.

That's the white sand beach. It was very very fine. On the far left of the beach, you can go fishing. In the afternoon, people play volley ball and fly kites here.

We had a hard time taking photo of the tilted church. BTW, the church is called Old Church. Very creative, I know. Ehehe!

And that's me looking at the random info.

I love this photo. The water is very still. That's the reflection of the Old Church in the water. Take note of the parking on the left. Do not park stoned or drunk or you might end up in the water.

Me, the Old Church and the Bridge.

The Delft City Centre. This is the best photo that we got. The square is very dirty that day. Delft is the Uni area btw. I didn't see so much young boys in my life.

In Netherlands, it is normal for houses to have cover like this.
Oh I learn few words/phrases during my trip:
Dank u wel - thank you
Lekker - delicious
Om/Tante/Tas - Uncle/Aunt/Bag(personal fave of mine)





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