Sunday, 2 August 2009

4 Days of Randomness

DAY 1: Tequilla Party of Two

My friend, Doris aka Date is not feeling well so I decided to stay over at her place. We didn't do much apart from polish a bottle of tequilla. I couldn't remember everything now but I remember going on a dating website, browsing for hours and taking the piss out of people with ugly profile photos. We saw loads of oldies, fat and balding guys who seems to be desperate to find a mate. I am sorry, it sounds harsh but it's true especially after a bottle of tequilla. I better shut up now before I hurt more people. Anyway, the next day, Doris made me run with a hangover. Sometimes I amaze myself! :P

Half-way through finishing the bottle.

DAY 2: Phil's Bday Dinner/Karaoke Night

I've been feeding my fat rolls. And to have an even bigger roll, I went to my friend's Chinese Buffet Bday Celebration. I ate loads and meet a lot of people. It was fun meeting and seeing familiar faces. Makes me secure. After the dinner, we went to the Karaoke Room where I stayed for few hours. Just to let you all know, I didn't dominate the microphone this time. We only had 2 and 2 of the guys(names I won't mention) from dinner are holding on to the mic the whole night. I only sang one song but I had fun. It was a good mix of people and they got good singing voices too!

DAY 3: The Taking of Pelham 123

I was ill the following day. I think all the drinking and late nights took the toll on my body. I was supposed to go to London to stay over at Date's place for the weekend so we can go clubbing but I couldn't move the next day. I was basically in bed the whole day alternating between reading and sleeping. Good thing I pushed myself out of bed to see a film with my mum and my sister.

I learn not to judge a film by its title. It is a must see film. It is good to see both John Travolta and Denzel Washington together on a big screen! They both acted their part well and I was touched at one point. I wouldn't give it out though but keep in mind that I am a girl. I get touched easily and knowing myself, I am very very mushy/cheesy.

Oh, BTW, I can't wait to see inglorious bastards as my German Love Daniel Brühl is there! I almost screamed when I saw him on the big screen. Does anyone know if my love got a new girlfriend? Pretty sure that my crush is NOT GAY this time. :)

DAY 4: Japan Centre and Billy Elliot

Mum is very fickle! Last night when we got home, she wanted to go to Wales for the weekend, like plan for the next day. She then change to London the same hour and I suggested that we should go to Hampton Court Palace as she and my sister haven't been. Today she suggested that we should just go to London and see Billy Elliot. When we were in queue, my sister suggested Grease and we almost chose Grease over Billy Elliot. Thanks for the Divine Intervention and we ended up with Billy E.

I love watching Musical Plays/Stage Shows. It bring tears to my eyes everytime I see one. This is my 10th show so far. :) Billy Elliot is funny and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have a laugh. Beware with the Durham accent though. My sister had a hard time understanding it. Loved the ballet steps and props on the other hand. I feel so lucky to be experiencing the best west end shows there are! :)

My sister's Salmon Teriyaki Set. I wanted to order this but my mum told me to order something else.

That's me eating my Beef Niku Udon.

Photo in front of the Victoria Palace before the Billy Elliot show. Photos for this day was taken from my mum's Iphone. Yes, she is technologically advanced. I am ancient on the other hand.





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