Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 2: Amsterdam

I love Amsterdam! It combines my two loves - cycling and travelling. That would be a perfect date for me. I need a creative lover who will take me on creative dates. I hate the usual film and dinner although that's okay from time to time. The thing is, I get bored easily so I need to find a guy who will keep me interested for a long time. Okay back to Amsterdam. The city got so much surprises, from fantastic fascade to hot girls in their bikes to sex shops and coffee shops. I didn't go to the coffeeshops btw. Who would dare to go if you are with your mum? I don't wanna be homeless plus I got my fix the week before my trip. Hahaha! On that day, I also learn how much influence Indonesians got from Dutch. Words like Tante, Om and Tas are dutch. I also saw few Indonesian Restaurants.
Entrance to the Red Light District. At night time, it is literally red and they have girls of all shapes and sizes even oldies. I didn't take photo though. They might get offended and that's the last thing that I wanted to do in a foreign place.

Would you believe that they sell this on a flower shop by the road? Only in Amsterdam I say! :P

In Amsterdam, you'll see loads of tilted houses. On the boat ride, we were told that they had 8,000 houses to preserve. It is expensive to maintain old houses but the government shoulders the maintenance. I love the Amsterdam fascades, I love the fact that they are of the same colour and height.

Did you notice the hooks? In Netherlands, they have a very narrow and stiff stairs so they use pulley to bring the furnitures up. That explains the big windows as well.

Another tilted house. I love the roofs!

XXX is Amsterdam's symbol. They actually have this sign everywhere. In Netherlands, they have different flags per District I think.

That's my sister eating Haring(Herring in English). It is one of Holland's famous food. You have to eat it raw with oninons. It is surprisingly sweet. My sister who isn't as adventurous as me finished her and some of mine. On my defense, I was full not grossed out.

Me and my sister cycling on the high street. Although they have bike ways, you can bike everywhere. Biking is difficult though. You have to be aware of the pedestrians, trams and the deadly motorbikes. Oh btw, in Holland, they use foot brakes instead of the usual hand brakes. I learn to use foot brakes. I almost had few biking collisions throughout the 3 hour bike tour.

Loved this photo. Overlooking the canal of Amsterdam. Actually, this is a normal sight in Amsterdam.

This is probably the shittiest I amsterdam photo that you'll see. It was packed with people from kid climbing the letters to people taking random photo.

That day I learnt that Mum can't ride a bike. She constantly asked me to push her and gave her time to learn. After 30 mins, she gave up. She said that her hips hurt and we should just meet up with her after few hours.

That's bike parking space and that's only half of the photo and was taken from the outside. Imagine how much bikes Amsterdam have.

My kind of museum. :P

Pretty canal eh?





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