Friday, 21 August 2009

Day 1: From London - Brussels - Ghent - Antwerp - Rotterdam

Anther post with no chronological order. Forgive me.


Our second stop. It is an hour away from Ghent and one more hour to Rotterdam. I was pleasantly surprised with Antwerp! They are serious about shopping. Hahaha! They have fantastic high street with amazing fascade. I think I had stiff neck from looking up. Very very well preserved. Everyone seems to be into fitness. People are cycling or rollerbladding everywhere. And may I add, hot guys! I have never seen so much blonde, blue eyed, thin and tall guys. Definitely eye candy! This makes Antwerp boys number one on my hot European list. Even mummy agreed with me. *time to roll people!*
Def not blonde blue eyed but I just want to post this photo. This guy and his friends took photos with my sister. Very very funny. :)

Mum as the baggage counter. We forgot to deposit our stuffs in the automatic lockers. Poor mum has to look after our stuffs while we take photos.

Loved this photo. See how grand the Antwerp train station is?

She finds love with a statue. I wanted to take photo on this statue but we had to wait for half an hour or so cause the kid is playing with the hippie elephant statue. :P

Not your usual Carousel. My sister wants to ride this with me but I said no. What a wet blanket. I think I am losing my fun self again. NO!!!!

Don't mind me. They have this coloured thing everywhere in Belgium. Like a uniform post.

Mc Donald's looking more scary by the minute. I've never seen Mc Donald looking like a proper clown. Take note of the red line under his eyes.

The high street is amazing isn't it? 2 ladies on the left looking pissed with me. :P

Random Hand in the High Street.


We made 2 day trips on our way to Rotterdam. First stop was Ghent. It was a small town, an hour away from Brussels Midi by InterCity train. Papa Jack told us that IC is the quickest way to go around Belgium and Netherlands as it only stops on major cities. We got the train ride with our Euro Star ticket for free. :) I had an itinerary of the place but we had a hard time communicating with people so we only went to the Historic City Centre where a major renovation is being done. I had an impression that the whole Belgium is under renovation cause every where we go, construction sites are present. Anyway, we only stayed for 3 hours max for lunch and photos. We couldn't find Citadel. I really really want to see that Park but unfortunately, no signs points to that direction. Yes, no google earth print out. The website said that every where you go, you can see helpful signs. Well in our case, we didn't find those signs! :P

Kiss and Ride means Park and Ride. I know cause I googled. Papa Jack who lives in Netherlands haven't heard of that sign until I pointed that out later that night.
Archeological Exploration site in front of Saint Nicholas Church.

Saint Nicholas Church on the Background. My sister gave me that dress cause I wore it so much during the summer. Thanks Dear Sister! You know what I really really need. :)

That's Saint Bavo Cathedral on the Background. We didn't go inside to see the Painting of the Mystic Lamb. I am not really an artsy person and I don't think backless is allowed inside the church.

I love Belgian Squares. They always have this on one side of the square.

The Belfort. I think you can go inside but we didn't dare to go. It was too lazy on our part but we were time constraint and mum wants to go to Antwerp.





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