Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day SALE!!

I enjoy shopping, who doesn't right? I normally go for good quality than quantity and for bargains that's why I waited for Boxing Day Sale for prices to go down. I wasn't disappointed but everything that I like is not on my price range or non-sale! What a girl to do? I bought everything! Hahaha!

Me and Dear Sister have been talking about this event for ages. We plan to wake up early and leave our flat by 9AM. When we got to the Oracle, all the shops are still closed except for Debenhams. I am not particularly fond of this store. So I grew impatient. After 30 minutes, House of Fraser opened. I rushed hoping for a good bargain. I found a dress but still undecided. I am waiting for Zara and Topshop after all. Anyway, as soon as I left House of Fraser, I rushed to Zara were I got this pair of shoes. Okay, it is still pricey for me but It is the ONLY stock left on my size.

I've been patiently waiting for the price to go down. I got this shoes £30 for £39.99. See what I mean when I say pricey? I love it and I can imagine myself wearing this shoes a lot. :) Gosh, probably my nth pair of high heels. :P

I went to Topshop afterwards. I thought the jacket that I fell in love with will go on sale, at least 10%, but I was wrong. I had to pay the full price for this but didn't have any regrets!

Okay, so 65 quid for a jacket. This will last me a long time and my quest to finding a perfect Winter jacket is now OVER. I can sleep soundly tonight. No more nightmares. Hahaha!

I went to several stores afterwards, Bank, Zavvi so I can pick up the Steelbook Edition Blu-ray of wanted for Dear boyfriend and River Island. River Island gave a whole new meaning to boxing day sale. Now that I think about it, it should be changed to boxing match! The store is packed with people, or should I say bargain hunters? The queue is epic, on a few steps from the door! I left my sister and told her that I am dropping by Waterstone to pick up the last installment of Twilight and when I called her on the way home, she said she is still in queue!

Oh thank God! I thought I am not gonna bag any bargains. This hard bound copy of breaking dawn only cost me £6.50.

I am still thinking of buying this dress. I think it have a lot of potential and I love the detail too. If it's in there in a week then it is for me. This is of course a long shot, everyone is a sucker for bargain.

Yay or Nay? This is on sale for 20! Still out of the price range considering how much damage I made today. Hahaha!

Oh, I want to share my Oh-so-comfy outfit today. I can't believe that my dear sister went with knee high boots with heels. :P

AKIMBO. Hahaha! I will not blame you if this pose is grossing you out.





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