Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 7: Sight Seeing, Flamenco Ballet and the Great Sherry Bar


We didn't do much the previous night so we had enough energy to wake up early the next day. Markus wanted to have a proper Spanish Omelette breakfast but we didn't successfully locate one that sells in Spain. :P We ended up eating in Museo del Jamon in Plaza Mayor this time. It was a big franchise in Madrid we assumed as they had 3 in our location. Markus left after breakfast to go shopping as he needed to replace his lugguage. It has given up on him on the Fourth day on our way to Pamplona. The guy missed all the sight seeing and photo opportunities. Ehehe! I couldn't tell which places we've been unless I have the map with me. My memory isn't as sharp as I think it is. Anyway:

I found Hugh Laurie everywhere. He must be famous in Spain.
This photo was taken in Palacio Real overlooking Madrid this time. We have to pay 8.50 Euros to get in and Free for EU Citizens on Wednesdays if they have ID with them. Jack who is a resident of Holland didn't have his ID with him so he had to pay.

As we have testosterons with us, we went to visit the Real Madrid Stadium for 15 Euros. With that, you can see everything including the shower rooms. They were replacing the grass when we visited. Talk about bad timing. Jack and Markus took photos on do not enter zones.


While on queue to get into Palacio Real, we were given a flyer regarding Flamenco Ballet. Opportunities keep on slapping us on the face and we just keep on saying yes to it. We took the 9PM Flamenco Ballet Performance. It was for 15 Euros only for an hour and 40 minutes performance without break. The music is live as well. Good value for money I say. The boys, keeping in line with breaking the rules tradition took canned drinks with them and took photos while the performance was going on. They weren't the only ones taking photos. The asian guy who was sitting infront of us took photos shamelessly. Below is the shameless photo as proof. :P


Markus has been telling us about the old bar that sold Sherry eversince we got to Spain. As with the Filo Tradition, we took photo of the bar just before we got in. We asked a random guy to take photo of us. We said "foto senior" and the guy turned out to be an American. :P We weren't allowed to take photos of the bar inside so we snuck in photos whenever we get the chance. With our drunkenness,we even ask the owner to take few photos with us. He didn't even smile, not even once. We finished 4 bottles of Sherry between the 5 of us and were smashed. The boys bought me and Melay a rose and we took photos similar to one below. I didn't know how loud we were but as I remember, people were actually looking at us. I had diarrhea the next day from eating too much fingerfood. After the Sherry bar, we move to another bar but I didn't successfully got in. I got ID'd! I get ID'd even in Spain. We found another bar and got 1 or 2 jugs of Sangria, I can't remember now, but left at 2AM closing time. On our way back, Jack was taking photos of himself in the rubbish bin. Next thing you knew, I was on one. They weren't able to take photos on the first time so they put me again and took photos. Passerby's called us Americans. Are they known for Rubbish Bin acts? Please tell me now. We were loud when we reach the Hotel and the concierge warned us that he is gonna call the police if we don't control our noise. The craziness didn't end there. Jack took photos of himself with my undies in his head. What a crazy night! Oh btw, Sherry doesn't give me allergies! :)





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